Feng Shui Office Mirror

Feng shui office mirrors are an essential tool for creating a positive and productive workspace as well as maintaining the energetic balance in your office. Mirrors can be used to reflect negative energy away from the workspace, promoting an environment that is healthy and inviting.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing to look at, these mirrors can aid in improving productivity, creativity, focus, and communication within the workplace. Moreover, mirrors have been found to reduce feelings of stress or anxiety which can ultimately lead to improved mental health in the long run.

The traditional purpose of incorporating mirrors into feng shui designs is to “bounce” or redirect “negative chi” energy away from the space (Chi being a universal life force located in everything). If Chi remains stagnant it can cause disruption which may lead to illness, so it is important that it flow properly throughout a room or workspace.

Mirrors can aid this by reflecting back any energy that enters the space. This allows for good Chi flows in order for workspaces to become balanced and prosperous.

Another benefit of using Feng Shui office mirrors is that they help open up the area by reflecting and multiplying any light sources present within a room. This allows for maximum natural light exposure into the workspace while also providing some shade if needed during certain times of day or when one wishes more privacy.

By having greater lighting options available in a space it has been associated with higher overall work productivity among employees as they will find it easier to concentrate due to their improved comfortability derived from better lighting sources provided by the use of Feng Shui office mirrors. Furthermore, having numerous light sources makes it easier for people who suffer from eye strain problems when working on computer screens as they can adjust their setup accordingly based on their individual needs.

Overall using feng shui office mirrors within your space is an excellent way to build a more productive work environment and promote mental well-being among your employees while promoting harmony within the workspace itself. Not only they will aesthetically enhance the space but also improve workflow among employees making it a great choice all around when creating workspaces with feng shui principles.

Different Types of Feng Shui Office Mirrors

Feng shui office mirrors provide focus, allow natural light to enter the office space and incidentally grant a feeling of openness, visibility, and overall comfort. Incorporating a mirror that fits properly with the room is essential for the overall harmony of a feng shui office.

There are three main types of Feng Shui Office Mirrors: square, rectangle, and round.

  • Square: A square-shaped mirror offers a balanced energy but tends to be more formal looking than other shapes. It’s important to remember to never suspend these in your bedroom as this will create chaos behavior.
  • Rectangle: The rectangular shaped mirrors offer an expanding energy while simultaneously creating a more modern home vibe. If you want more subtle images, this is the ideal shape for you.
  • Round: A round-style mirror carries with it an inner balance when compared to other shapes; this makes it better for homes or work areas that carry some type of weight or burden from the outside world.
  • The size of your mirror should also be considered – it needs to be appropriate for the size of the wall where it will be placed. Generally speaking, larger spaces can accommodate bigger pieces while smaller spaces should opt for something slightly smaller than the entire wall size (so that it doesn’t take away too much from from other furniture in the area).

    As for frame materials, there are numerous options that fit just about any color scheme imaginable such as gold tones accents mirror frames, wooden mirror frames, metal mirrors etc.

  • Gold tone accents frame – Gold tones accents bring comfort and symbolic connotations such as luck and prosperity.
  • Wooden frames – Wood frames tend to hold warmth near them which emits calmness during stressful situations.
  • Metal frames – Metal provides an almost industrial atmosphere; metals like copper or bronze can add a vintage touch appropriate for more advanced offices.
  • Mirror placement is important in Feng Shui considered most productive when placed on North-Facing walls whilst avoiding vital placement points such entrances and tables or near electronics Wall mirrors facing inside wards also not recommended because they will reflect negative energy back into the premises nullifying all good intentions evoked by online composition.

    Placement of Feng Shui Office Mirrors

    Feng Shui office mirrors have been used for centuries to bring balance and harmony to workplaces. Placing these mirrors correctly according to the principles of Feng Shui can help create an environment that is both conducive to productivity and pleasant to work in. Here are some guidelines for positioning your Feng Shui office mirror.

    Place Your Mirror Opposite the Entrance

    When positioning a Feng Shui office mirror, it should be placed opposite the entrance of the room. This creates an unobstructed view that enables people to enter the space feeling welcome, secure and energized. It also reinforces the welcoming energy throughout the entire space. This placement also ensures that no negative energy accumulates from external sources at the doorway and is instead reflected outwards by the mirror itself.

    Set It Away From Direct Sunlight

    In order for a Feng Shui office mirror to be effective, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight or bright light from any other source. Mirrors reflect these strong sources of light, which can affect their ability to reflect energy positively around a room or workspace. To avoid this, place your mirror away from direct sunlight or in an area with diffuse lighting such as near a window with curtains or blinds drawn over it.

    Is It Bad Feng Shui Office Arrangement

    Place It at Eye Level

    A Feng Shui office mirror should ideally be set at eye level when positioned in a room or workspace as this helps create harmony between those inside and outside the room. Placing it too high or too low can disrupt this balance and lead to a disruption in energy flow throughout the space which could result in decreased productivity and strained relationships between colleagues.

    Benefits of Incorporating Feng Shui Office Mirrors

    Increase Natural Light

    Positioning a mirror within the office will increase the amount and dispersement of natural light within that space. This, in turn, will open up the room and make it appear much more spacious than it actually is. Natural lighting has huge benefits for employee morale and productivity, this makes it an ideal choice for any office environment.

    Cultivate Positive Energy or Chi

    Feng Shui mirrors specifically attract positive energy or ‘Chi’. Although science cannot definitively prove the existence of this concept, practitioners believe that good health and fortune can be found by arranging items in one’s living space to encourage smoother flow of energy within the body. When done correctly, feng shui can create harmonious balance between all objects in the office and this is believed to bring about an atmosphere of wellbeing.

    Create an Aesthetic Focus Point

    An aesthetically pleasing mirror can be used as a focal point in an office setting. It draws attention away from utilitarian qualities of a room and creates visual harmony which can have huge implications on the overall happiness within that environment. Feng Shui mirrors can help engage visual intensity in areas where it otherwise would not exist, bringing about feelings of joy and relaxation while producing a welcoming aesthetic for employees to work in every day.

    How to Properly Clean & Care for Feng Shui Office Mirrors

    Everyone should know how to properly clean and care for a Feng Shui office mirror. Not only will this extend its longevity, but it can also ensure that you maintain its positive energy design, which is essential for harnessing the benefits of Feng Shui. This article will outline the basic steps you need to take for optimal maintenance of your Feng Shui office mirrors.

    First, always dust your mirror often using a soft cloth and a mild detergent solution when necessary. Dust contains abrasive particles that can scratch the surface of some mirrors if it accumulates over time, so make sure to clean regularly and remove any dust buildup. Additionally, use a damp cloth to wipe away any smudges or marks on the mirror, being careful not to use too much pressure or water in the process.

    Second, always keep your Feng Shui office mirrors away from direct sunlight and heat sources such as vents or radiators. The extreme heat can cause some mirrors to discolor prematurely while intense sunlight can visibly fade the mirror’s finish over time. Be sure to check all lighting fixtures in your office space before hanging up the mirror as well; brighter lights may create a glare when facing a mirror head-on.

    Finally, check your Feng Shui office mirror regularly for signs of wear and tear – such as bubbles, sagging edges, or changes in color – and repair them immediately if noticed. This type of damage may be caused by moisture buildup underneath the frame that occurs due to negligence in cleaning or careless storage habits; thus regular inspection will help you identify problems early on so they don’t worsen and require costly repairs later down the line.

    Takeaways: How To Properly Clean & Care For Your Mirror

    • Dust with a soft cloth & mild detergent solution regularly.
    • Use a damp cloth for smudges & marks.
    • Keep away from direct sunlight & sources of extreme heat.
    • Check lighting fixtures; brighter lights may create glare.
    • Inspect for signs of wear & tear regularly.

    Applying Feng Shui Principles with Feng Shui Office Mirrors

    Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method to create harmony and serenity with our environment and bring us closer to success. Incorporating Feng Shui office mirrors into the workplace can help increase energy flow, reduce stress levels, and increase productivity. To do this, you need to consider whereMirror placement in the office matters as it will affect how chi moves through your office, enabling or hindering success.

    Mirrors placed correctly can help amplify positive energy, redirect negative energy, and increase overall happiness of employees within the space. Here are several techniques for achieving this:

    Placing a Large Mirror Near Your Desk

    A large mirror placed near your desk helps to monitor what’s happening behind you. This allows for security from surprise attacks while bringing calmer energy through light reflections and adds to the feelings of openness that come with larger spaces.

    Setting Up a Mirror Wall

    Adding mirrors along a single wall creates an illusion of a much bigger workspace than can be realistically achieved. Setting up a mirror wall also helps energize movement and encourages collaboration between colleagues who have desks facing one another. The added reflection via the mirror further broadens the space allowing more light in which inspires new ideas while dispersing stagnant chi throughout the space.

    Utilizing Corner Mirrors

    Office corners can sometimes be dark or have shapeless edges creating a low-energy atmosphere; however by tucking in tall or shaped corner mirrors it can open up lines of sight while radiating vibrant energy throughout the room from its many sharp angles. It also gives people glimpses of other rooms without having to leave their own workspace giving them a feeling of greater connectedness throughout the entire organization even when separated by walls.

    Finding the Perfect Office Mirror for Your Space

    Office Mirror Considerations

    Before purchasing a mirror for feng shui office purposes, it is important to consider factors such as location, size, budget and desired style. Placement of the mirror will be largely determined by where its natural reflective qualities are most beneficial. This may be in areas where natural light is lacking due to lack of windows or a direct view outside or where hallways create bustling foot traffic or become too overwhelming.

    Feng Shui Bagua Office Cubicle

    Additionally, consideration needs to be given to the suitability of size with respect to height and width of space as well as actual room measurement. Pre-determined budgets are also an important factor when deciding what type of mirror is most appropriate. Lastly, choosing a style that fits with existing furnishing and decorations helps create a harmonious atmosphere.

    Mirror Placement Options

    When selecting mirror placement for an office, there are various viable options from which to choose depending on available space and other factors previously mentioned. For instance, if space adjacent to a window is limited, hanging a large vertical framed mirror opposite can increase the amount of natural light being dispersed throughout the space.

    Alternatively, positioning round standing mirrors behind chairs creates a subtle calming environment while also adding decorative detail which can enhance walls adorned with artwork. Particularly long hallways often benefit from wall mounted mirrors placed subsiding walls near door entrances at intervals along their length; this can help reduce feelings of overwhelm that mentalities created from excess foot traffic bring about.

    Multi-functional Mirrors

    Modern day mirrors come in many designs each enabling them to serve multiple functions ranging from essential necessities such as preparing oneself before meetings to serving aesthetic purposes like creating optical illusions & making spaces look larger without necessarily needing additional furniture pieces.

    Businesses in search of larger backdrops which will enable employee team meetings without impeding on entertaining clients may benefit strongly from rectangular leaning mirrors placed strategically across walls in client meeting rooms compared those who prefer smaller more intimate discussion settings offered by circular freestanding desktop examples held within arm’s reach for maximum interactivity & engagement during conversations between parties.

    Creative Ideas for Creating Feng Shui Office Mirrors

    Feng Shui Office Mirrors are an essential part of creating an environment that promotes productivity, positivity, and good energy. Mirrors can be used to amplify the power of feng shui in your office by redirecting both natural light and positive energy. Here are some creative ideas for crafting Feng Shui Office Mirrors:

    • Position the Mirror Strategically – Positioning your mirrors strategically will make a difference in Feng shui because they can work as mirrors of intention.
    • Create a Creative Display – Consider adding multiple photographs to the reflection in a playful way using mixed media to create a creative mirror display.
    • Choose Monochrome Palettes – Employ a monochromatic color scheme when selecting items for the mirror’s interior decoration. This will give the space maximum impact without overwhelming it with too many bright colors.
    • Choose A Statement Frame – Select frames that make an impact but don’t overpower the other items in the room. Choose unique frames that draw attention and match the décor of your office.

    As with any decorative element used when creating workshops, training areas or staff offices, it is important to be mindful about redecorating regularly. Mirrors should only be used once they have been wiped clean and checked carefully inside and out for chips, cracks or dirt. It is also important to remember that face-to-face interaction is essential within professional spaces so placing mirrors opposite each other would be counter-productive as this could lead people into avoiding eye contact.

    One of the most beneficial uses of a Feng Shui Office Mirror is doubling up on natural light coming in from windows or large glass doors. When positioned correctly, mirrors can magnify and increase light coming into windows making workspaces appear brighter during daylight hours while also helping save on electricity costs during night time hours by reflecting ambient lighting around the room more efficiently.

    For those conscious of their own space’s energy level another use for Feng Shui Office Mirrors is increasing forward movement into spaces where people work or collaborate periodically by adjusting them along pathways so energy does not become stagnant or shift unnecessarily through spiking or crashing emotions.

    Placing a mirror in high traffic areas, such as near hallways or doorways helps alleviate congestion by minimizing distractions while enabling staff to remain focused as they navigate entry paths within their workspace.


    The use of Feng Shui Office Mirrors is becoming an increasingly popular way to manage and transform workplace environments. A Feng Shui Office Mirror will bring an atmosphere of positive vibes, provide clarity, focus, reflection, and create balance. It is a great way to create a peaceful work space by bringing balance into the office.

    Beneficial to both employers and employees alike, Feng Shui Office Mirrors can help increase productivity in the workplace for both workers and employers. With its reflective quality, it can offer insight into the dynamics of groups or teams while also helping individuals gain greater self-awareness. This helps boost morale levels among coworkers which leads to improved team work and collaboration as well as enhanced communication between team members.

    Feng Shui Office Mirrors can also help boost concentration levels among employees by creating a more visually stimulating environment that helps spread energy more evenly throughout the room. The mirror’s gentle illumination can provide subtle lighting that provides enough light without being too intrusive or overwhelming. Additionally, mirrors symbolize success in many cultures which can be inspiring for those who need a visual representation of their goals to stay motivated throughout the workday.

    In conclusion, installing Feng Shui Mirrors in places such as offices or other workspaces has many potential benefits. Employers and employees alike may find that incorporating these elements into their workspace increases productivity levels while also providing improved outlooks on life through increased visualization techniques and symbolism associated with it. Therefore, overall this strategy offers a great solution for workplaces looking to improve general positivity and efficiency within their staff at both personal and professional levels.

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