Artwork For Southwest Corner Of House Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of rearranging furniture and placement of décor elements to promote harmony and balance in a living space. According to the practice, certain parts of a home require more specific elements to achieve the right flow of energy. When it comes to artwork for southwest corner of house Feng Shui, the guidelines recommend using natural objects such as flowers, birds, gems or crystal ornaments as the main décor piece.

Symbolism Behind Artwork for Southwest Corner of House Feng Shui In Feng Shui, it’s believed that the southwest corner is associated with metal energy which can provide good luck and health. This type of energy encourages self-refinement and spiritual growth when combined with various elements.

Therefore, artwork with symbols depicting fragile but noble images like birds or delicate floral shapes are often chosen when decorating this part of a home. The colors used should be light shades such as pink, cream, grey and silver as they align with metal’s soft qualities.

Benefits Of Artwork for Southwest Corner of House Feng Shui When placed in the southwest corner of a house according to Feng Shui principles, artwork has certain beneficial effects on its inhabitants. It’s believed that having an art piece present at that area will attract abundance and help improve relationships among family members by promoting mental clarity and harmony between individuals.

Furthermore, art can bring balance into a home while adding aesthetic value at the same time so it’s definitely worth considering when looking for ways to promote positive energy inside your dwelling place.

Overview of Southwest Corner Feng Shui Significance

Feng shui is an ancient tradition that places emphasis on the placement of particular items within a home to maximize the flow of energy. The southwest corner of a house is generally associated with love, relationships, and marriage in feng shui practice. Therefore, it is a beneficial location for artwork, especially pieces that are related to romance, friendship, or caring.

When selecting artwork for the southwest corner of a house in accordance with feng shui principles, many experts suggest choosing pieces that depict loving or nurturing images like couples in each other’s arms – paintings of families having meals together or nature landscapes. These can serve to enhance and attract the chi energies needed promote harmonious relationship dynamics and cultivate feelings of love in the home.

Additionally, it is also recommended to choose artwork with calming colors such as pastels and peaceful scenes such as gardens or sunsets. Figurines can also be used to bring positive chi into the area – for example; figurines depicting horses in galloping motion tend to symbolize self-sacrifice which represents true love when placed in this sector.

Additionally hanging bells in this corner may work to activate good fortune – preferably those featuring intricate carvings with symbols of harmony like dragons and phoenixes should be utilized.

Furthermore, displaying artwork depicting inspiring figures such as royalty may prove advantageous since these individuals are highly renowned for their “commanding presence” when displayed within this corner – likewise Godly religious figures represent holiness which adds a layer protective energy promoting balance-resulting in more happiness and serenity surrounding relationships. Thus making them all ideal items to place within this corner of any home fulfilling both aesthetic appeal & feng shui requirements.

Identifying Sources of Blockage in Energy in this Area

To determine the kind of artwork suitable for the southwest corner of a house according to Feng Shui, you must first identify which sources of blockage in energy exist in that area. The southwest direction is known as the “love and relationship” area in Chinese metaphysics, and energies focusing on this part of the home are believed to greatly influence relationships.

It is said that whatever shape, materials or images used there will reflect its occupant’s state of mind when it comes to their plans and ideas regarding romantic relationships.

It is important to note that a combination of factors like orientation, room usage and type can all contribute to an energy imbalance present in the southwest corner. Some principles behind these processes include having too much open space here – for example using wide-opened windows or placing furniture there – or pointing a bed towards this direction.

To counter the unwanted effects generated due to misalignments between such elements and their locations, which can lead to disharmony in people’s lives, finding proper art pieces is an effective tool for replenishing this sector with beneficial vibes.

Most importantly, artwork placed intentionally by tapping into Feng Shui should be chosen carefully). Artwork pertaining to universal themes such as representations of perpetual love or symbols inviting positive daily virtues can be suitable choices for this purpose. If possible, framed pieces with warm colors (e.g.

; pink tones) can also be very helpful to invigorate this location with harmonizing influences according to principles found within traditional Feng Shui philosophy. Above all else, it should make occupants feel connected and blissful spiritually when looked upon with contemplation and appreciation making sure it properly demonstrates intimacy associated with times shared together as well as harmony coinciding true love life experiences within its immediate surrounds.

Different Types of Artwork that Accentuate Good Chi Flow

1. Mirrors – Mirrors can be placed in a southwestern corner of the house to attract good chi energy and deflect bad energy away. When strategically placed in the southwest direction of the house, they will help to open up pathways for healing energy and promote inner balance.

2. Wind Chimes – Placing wind chimes anywhere inside or outside of the house will create soothing tones while adding a decorative touch. These are particularly beneficial when hung in windows or close to entranceways for protection from negative energy. This is highly favored in Feng Shui principles for adorning a home with beautiful instruments that sound positively uplifting chi vibrations as well as reflecting balanced energies through their shapes and usage of materials such as wood, metal, and glass.

3. Plants & Floral Arrangements – In traditional Chinese styles, vibrant colors are thought to bring good luck and ward off any kind of evil spirits that could enter your home environment.

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Flower arrangements with bright colored roses, tulips, and dahlias can be placed in the southwest corner to continue positive deterring vibes meant to calm down any potential tension levels within the abode itself. Potted plants surrounded by stones carry natural elements associated with its potting soil which intensively absorb bad energies around it.

Ferns are excellent air cleaning varieties which naturally alleviate negative chi energies at home if kept out in this direction of the residence 4. Colorful Artwork – Art pieces which carry deep reds, blues, yellows (warm colors) have been used for centuries now to represent powerful aspects related to love, possession, desire, ambition and even spirit related protective elements much like in ancient religions explored throughout human history.

Besides furnishing walls with sensual visuals, it is believed these same colors act strong enough meditative stimulators too that invoke emotional contentment over all other living creatures occupying the space eventually setting up an aphrodisiac charm pleasantly circulated throughout the premises if hung upon mirrors according personal preferences. –

List Of Possibilities

  • Mirrors
  • Wind Chimes
  • Plants & Floral Arrangements
  • Colorful Artwork

Feng Shui Symbols to Include for Positive Vibes

The southwest corner of any house is an ideal position to place artwork that will empower good Feng Shui energy. This particular area is associated with the matriarchal relationship, and therefore, pictures of a mother or grandmother can be a powerful way to create positive vibes. Additionally, there are several symbols that can bring the desired balance to this part of the home. Here are some common artwork items that are often used for this purpose:

  • Images of the Godfather
  • Animals that represent strength, such as eagles
  • Images of Mountain Ranges
  • Pictures that symbolize affection
  • Flowers and plants associated with springtime

The colors used in artwork hung in the southwest corner should empower love and nurturance. Soft pinks, blues, greens, and yellows are often best. In addition to art pieces and color selections, certain materials can carry beneficial energies. Placing stones like jade or pieces made from copper or brass in this corner can help raise vibrational frequencies throughout the entire home.

When selecting objects for display in the southwest corner of your home or office keep them free from clutter and neutral in theme. An object may express a specific point of view but it shouldn’t be too one-sided or it will interfere with finding balance in this space energetically. Place only those items that offer an overall sense of harmony while avoiding anything overly strong or discordant at all costs.

Creating an Atmosphere of Growth and Prosperity with Colors

The southwest corner of a house is an ideal place to make use of artwork with the goal of enhancing feng shui. This makes sense, as nurturing our lives and activating this area in particular bodes well for many aspects of our wellbeing, from career to relationships. With that in mind, let’s delve into the role color can play in creating an inviting atmosphere conducive to reaching goals and enjoying life.

Choosing Colors

Different colors have different meanings associated with them that can help to improve our energy levels depending upon the desired outcome we are striving for. For example, bright and warm colors like yellow, red, or orange can add enthusiasm and stimulate output by activating movement within the area; while cool blues or greens provide strength and support throughout difficult times.

It is important to understand how each color resonates inside us so we get exactly the feeling we desire when gazing upon it.

Framing Artwork

Once we know which colors best suit our needs, it’s time to frame the artwork that speaks to us visually also. Metal frames are best when using vibrant reds and bright yellows as they give off a stronger energy that further enhances their effect on us; whereas wooden frames are perfect for earth tones such as greens or blues because they come across as more calming and gentle in nature.

Additionally, rounded edges generally look better than angular ones which create sharp corners that feel tense rather than relaxed when looking at them on walls throughout our home.


Groupings should be kept within 3-5 separate pieces all connected by a common theme or style so your overall display feels balanced but adventurous enough not be boring. It also helps Feng Shui if these pieces focus on one area such as family, travel, sports etc., at a time; especially if you want to energize specific areas connected with those same topics nearby.

You can always mix things up periodically with something new by swapping out individual artworks in order to keep things exciting but without going overboard with differing tastes at once.

Choosing an Artist Whose Work Resonates with Your Style

The southwest corner of the house is said to be connected with relationships, bonding and love. Therefore, when selecting artwork for this area of the house, it is important to choose a piece that resonates with your style and conveys the desired message.

Depending on your personal style, you may choose an abstract piece or a figurative one, either having neutral tones or vivid colors. If you prefer bolder pieces, it’s also possible to find art based on traditional Feng Shui symbols such as two mandarin ducks or ancient Chinese coins.

Getting Creative

When looking for artwork for this corner of the house, it is also possible to get creative and create something unique that has direct connection with your values and beliefs. For example, if you value family life above all else you can create an art piece that symbolizes this (e.g., an art installation showing a tree with different branches signifying the whole family).

It is also possible to opt for DIY items such as painting inspired by Feng Shui concepts or using geometric shapes to draw mandala-like circles on a canvas.

Purchasing Professional Artwork

Whilst taking a hands-on approach may be more meaningful in some cases, it is also possible to purchase artwork from galleries and artists specialized in Feng Shui-inspired art work. In fact, online galleries have increased their selection of ready-made pieces which makes it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for at affordable prices.

This provides people with access to high quality pieces such as sculptures and paintings created using eco-friendly materials and paints which can ensure the artwork enhances but does not interfere with their desired energy flow within their home space.

Ideas for Appealing Artwork for the Southwest Corner

Feng Shui is all about energy. To create the perfect southwest corner space, it would be beneficial to hang artwork that complements the energy of this area. Here are some ideas for attractive pieces that will bring out the positive vibes in your home:

  • Mirrors – Hanging a mirror in the southwest corner can increase vibrant Yang energy and help brighten up a dull space.
  • Flowers – Decorate the wall with paintings of natural flower scenes. These depict growth and life, making them very auspicious symbols.
  • Photographs – Incorporating pictures of friends and family into the space is another great idea, as it reminds you of their lasting presence in your life.
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In addition to artwork, you can also include some décor items like vases or figurines. Make sure you pick pieces that are meaningful to you and that will help create a peaceful ambiance in the room. You want an overall look that is eye-catching yet calming enough to relax around so that positive chi can move throughout your living space unhindered.

For particularly dense energy blockages, adding metal works such as sculptures might do wonders for combating stagnancy. Metal objects will aid in stimulating correct circulation of ch’i and bring greater balance into our day-to-day lives. Popular general motifs such as birds or mythical dragons carved into metal serve this purpose well without being overwhelming visually.

Incorporating Feng Shui Rituals for Cleansing and Harmonization

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art form that works with the physical structure of a space, and the energy it holds, to create an atmosphere conducive to abundance and wellness. One important aspect of feng shui involves using artwork in harmony with the environment. This article will discuss specific strategies for improving or enhancing the energies in your southwest corner of your house through artwork based on feng shui principles.

Step 1: Performing a Ritual Cleansing

The first step to incorporating artwork into your southwest corner for feng shui energy purposes is to perform a cleansing ritual. Start by smudging the area with burning sage which helps rid of any negative energy present in or inside the house.

Light some incense sticks and repeat a blessing prayer throughout the house, paying attention especially to the corners and windows as this corresponds to air ventilation and healthy energy flow. If you have salt lamps, light them up in the same area so as to further enhance this ritualistic process.

Step 2: Choosing Symmetrical and Auspicious Artwork

The next step is to choose artwork that appeals both aesthetically and energetically. It should be symmetrical while also incooperating auspicious colors like gold/yellow which brings wealth luck, red that denotes success luck, blue & green symbolizing Youthfulness/Longevity luck and dark browns for protection luck according to chinese superstitutions concepts.

These colors bring nourishment from nature into our homespace energizing us with its uplifting effects. Choose pieces that expresspositivity attitudes such as courage, hope, fortune, love, abundance, joy etc Also try using abstract paintings or sculptures in metal elements like aluminum or iron etc as these represent strong masculine energies – perfect for stabilising southwest corner energies.

Step 3: Pay Attention To Traditional Feng Shui Symbols

Finally, when selecting artwork, pay attention traditional symbols used in feng shui such as plants/flowers, celestial bodies (stars, moons), waterfalls & mountains – all representing various elements related to tapping into universal energies You can incorporate all these symbols on your piece of art making it truly auspicious.

For example if you decide on a painting – try adding touches of innate spiritiual outlines depicting intricate river streams flowing downwards which carries Your home’s natural vibes Lastly when positioning such imagery – make sure it faces exactly towards Southwest direction.

Conclusion on Balancing the Southwest Corner of Your Home with Artwork

When applied properly, the concept of Feng Shui can help create a more peaceful and harmonious environment in any home. The Southwest corner in particular is said to bring blessings of relationship bonding, good luck, and prosperity when balance is properly achieved. Artwork is a great way to balance this area of your house as it can symbolize important things such as loyalty, trustworthiness, wisdom, and protection from harm.

When selecting artwork for the southwest corner it’s important to choose pieces that feature common elements like two animals who look like they are sharing the same space or even just facing each other. You may also want to focus on images that depict watery landscapes which can symbolize calmness and emotional stability.

Other suitable art pieces could include items featuring mountains with outcrops of rock or symbolizations of royalty like lions or dragons. These symbols evoke feelings of security, grandeur, and power which all have an overall positive impact on any home’s energy.

In addition, you should always take into account the placement of your artwork – if hung too low it can be a hindrance to incoming luck for this corner but if hung too high then it won’t receive proper attention either. Placing mirrors in this corner is another great option and works well because they often reflect images back accurately while helping open up the space at the same time.

Mirrors can also be used in pairs to symbolize relationships between partners or acquaintances and can act as powerful reminders for both parties that there is strength in unity. Lastly, hanging plants or wind chimes in the southwest corner has been known to bring about additional creative energies within one’s living environment so these might be options worth considering too.

Feng Shui has helped countless individuals around the world create healthier living environments within their homes by balancing out energy forces through essential objects such as artwork. Employing little symbols containing large amounts of meaning such as loyal animal duos or powerful mountainscapes over each window or door frame can bring immense calms within living spaces while protecting those within fromexternal harm and ill-fate vibrations alike.

Artwork hung well in the southwest corner will ultimately determine how successful one’s feng shui efforts end up being – Paying close attention when choosing appropriate materials specific to this region at home will always produce better results than settling for mediocre at best selections.

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