Feng Shui 8 Trigrams

Introduction to Feng Shui 8 Trigrams

Feng Shui 8 Trigrams are an ancient Chinese mathematical system that is still used today. The system is based on the I Ching, which is an ancient Chinese text written more than two thousand years ago. The 8 Trigrams consist of three lines arranged in various combinations to create eight uniquely named symbols, each with its own unique meaning.

The individual trigrams are each associated with a particular element: Heaven (Qian), Lake (Dui), Fire (Li), Thunder (Zhen), Wind (Xun), Water (Kan) and Mountain (Gen). They represent different aspects of life such as good luck, health, wealth and success. Each trigram stands for a concept or situation in life and it is said that by looking at your surroundings or home according to these elements you can bring balance into your life.

These 8 Trigrams also have spiritual importance and represent the dynamic and changing cycles of life and nature as well as spiritual guidance for living one’s life harmoniously. When used properly in positioning objects in accordance with Feng Shui practices this tool can be used to create balance and harmony within an environment by bringing together different energies and influences within one’s living space. Many believe that applying Feng Shui principles through the use of these symbols has been essential in helping people achieve happiness, health, prosperity, relationships, career and spiritual growth as well as creating energy flows in one’s environment to facilitate any desired goal.

The 8 Trigrams Symbolism

The 8 Trigrams are an integral part of the ancient spiritual system known as Feng Shui. These symbols are made up of three lines arranged in different configurations, with each one representing a specific combination of yin and yang energy. The 8 Trigrams provide insight into the interconnectedness between our emotional and physical existence, by symbolizing eight distinct yet related energies that span the entire spectrum of life experiences.

Yin and Yang represent two kinds of opposing energies, both contributing to balance and harmony within Nature. Yin represents qualities like passivity, receptivity, introspection, intimacy and stillness, while Yang stands for action, courage, assertiveness and outward expression. When balanced correctly these two energies create a powerful flow capable of producing great things.

Each Trigram is associated with an element (Earth, Metal, Water Fire or Wood), an emotion (joyful open heartedness or sad grief) and one of the four cardinal directions (North South East West). This gives us a meaningful connection between each trigram and its corresponding practical application in our lives. In summary, each trigram is built upon two basic concepts: 1) Yin-Yang balance; 2) Five Elements Theory In addition to representing different aspects of life experiences; the 8 trategrams contain messages about how we can use this knowledge in constructive ways.

BaGua or Feng Shui Octagon

The Bagua or Feng Shui Octagon is an essential concept in the Chinese philosophical system of Feng Shui. The octagon features 8 trigrams that represent different aspects of our lives and are used to guide in the placement of various items, symbols, and colors throughout your home or office.

The 8 trigrams signify important elements like health and family, wealth and prosperity, fame and recognition, relationships, creativity and children, career or knowledge, helpful people and travel, and lastly, spiritual growth. Used alongside other strong elements found in Feng Shui, such as Qi lines, directions and colors; the trigrams help provide a powerful tool to create a balance within any environment.

Each trigram is associated with its own particular direction on the compass and a unique set of symbolism believed to affect our lives. Health/Family represents north; Wealth/Prosperity symbolizes east; Fame/Recognition is located in the south; Relationship is positioned in the southwest; Creativity/Children points to southeast; Career/Knowledge reflects west; People/Travel guides us to northwest; and Spiritual Growth resides in northeast.

Different colors can be brought into each corresponding area along with symbols to draw out more successful energy from each corner. Combining this visual language with physical objects such as water features or crystals can create additional potency for those energies – all coming together to bring harmony between the environment within our home and our lives outside.

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Health & Wellbeing Trigram

The Health and Wellbeing Trigram of Feng Shui uses the energy forces of each of the 8 trigrams to create a harmonious bedroom environment that can help improve physical health and mental wellbeing. To use this approach, begin by placing one Trigram in each corner of the room, with one in the center representing your goals for better health.

To further energize the space, hang crystals or wind chimes tied with red ribbon over where each trigram is placed to help activate their power. Place fresh flowers or living plants on your bedside table and in between your bed and window that hold symbolism for healing like daisies or lavender. Surround yourself with calming colors like blue, green, violet or white which can be found in artwork, furniture, and other decorative elements. Open blinds and curtains to bring natural light into your space as this helps promote positive energy while reducing stress levels. Lastly place a salt lamp in your bedroom to purify the air you breathe and promote positive sleep habits. With these tips you’ll be well on your way to utilizing Feng Shui powers of health & wellness to create a harmonious environment!

Wealth & Prosperity Trigram

The Wealth & Prosperity Trigram (also known as the 8 Trigrams) is a powerful Feng Shui tool that can be used to create a prosperous environment in the living room and attract abundance and good luck. This involves placing certain items in specific areas of the room associated with particular elements. In general, favorable directions are south-east, east, or seeing a door when entering.

For instance, you may choose to place a wooden fountain or lucky bamboo plant in the Southeast part of the living room which will help bring in abundance and wealth. You could also put Chinese coins at the corner of your desk for monetary success and prosperity. Other suggestions may include symbolic art pieces around abundant and flowing imagery such as landscapes, dragons or tigers. Additional ideas include continually burning incense for improved energy flow, displaying an old map featuring non-living creatures higher on your wall which will protect from turmoil and misfortune. Furthermore, try to keep an uncluttered living room space, situate your furniture in ways that are conducive to conversation as this can symbolize healthy relationships, turn on some soft music or light some candles during special occasions like holidays to signify celebration or even hang calligraphy scrolls expressing positive concepts like wealth or love near your entrance. Employing these Feng Shui tools should create an inviting environment where good fortune resides!

Family & Relationship Trigram

The Trigram associated with ‘Family and Relationship’ is Kan (Water) and it is best used in the dining room. Here, using Feng Shui can help to create a peaceful environment conducive to fostering positive relationships between family members.

One way of doing this is by placing Yang items in the dining room, such as warmth inducing mirrors or light fixtures, or art pieces with soft colors, as Yang energy helps foster openness and conciliatory conversations. Try adding a blue colored artwork for the Water Trigram of Family and Relationship as blue symbolizes trust, energy and communion.

Meanwhile, it is also important to use Kan (Water) energy appropriately; try to avoid placing too much busy artwork or items that make cooking in the kitchen difficult as these could block any good energy from coming in. It would also be beneficial to keep the lighting low where possible but make sure there is enough light for cooked food not to go cold quickly which will create more harmony on the dinner table! Also try not to have too many clutter as it can lead to quarrels if neglected.

Overall having an inviting dining space where individuals feel comfortable speaking honestly and openly will ensure that everyone can enjoy meals together without criticism or judgement , leading ultimately to a much better overall family atmosphere.

Creativity & Wisdom Trigram

The Creativity and Wisdom Trigrams of the ancient Chinese tradition of Feng Shui involve the placement of certain items with symbolic meaning to enhance creative energy and promote growth in wisdom. To use Trigrams for a home office, start by positioning your desk in a corner that is aligned with either Heaven or Earth. Decorate around this area with items such as crystals, pearls, jades, dragons, phoenixes, flowers and plants to create an uplifting atmosphere. Place sculptures on both sides of the desk that represent heavenly and earthly elements to build harmony between them. These could include mountains or water features like fountains or ponds. Hang pictures or placards on the wall featuring images that symbolize creativity or wisdom such as figures of scholars, birds, dragons or koi fish pondering in gardens. Incorporate colors into your home office design that represent moods desired for creativity and understanding such as shades from blue to purple representing focus, magenta stimulating brilliance and red capturing courage. Use plants like lucky bamboo to bring the outdoors inside, adding more atmosphere to boost creativity and aid with mind clarity so you can reach new conclusions more easily. Finally use soothing music in background during work hours if it helps enhance mental vibrancy – something that resonates knowledge yet also encourages ideation simultaneously.

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How to Create a Balance with Trigrams

1. Cleanse the energy of each room. Start by removing old decorations, items no longer used, and any clutter that creates a stagnant energy in each space.

2. Increase air circulation. This can be done by opening the curtains, windows or doors to allow for fresh air to enter the space, promoting a positive flow of energy through the home.

3. Maximize natural lighting in each space where possible by either adding mirrors or additional light sources such as lamps to bring brightness into darker spaces and reduce negativities in lighter areas.

4. Add plants and water elements to promote growth and renewal of energies while preventing negative influences from penetrating your home.

5. Place Feng Shui symbols including specific 8 Trigrams objects like mirrors and crystals strategically throughout the house in order to attract good luck and prosperity while neutralizing bad energies in each area of the home body zone system where appropriate (northwest corner for wealth, southwest corner for relationships).

6. Remember to honor the five elements (fire, earth, metal, wood, water) and try to bring them together harmoniously within your home by integrating each element accordingly throughout its various rooms whilst avoiding an overabundance or deficiency of any single one where possible .

7. Add pleasant fragrances such as incense sticks or essential oils that give off calming vibrations – these scents help clear out stagnant energies and invite auspicious energies into your living environment instead!

8. Utilize color therapy wisely depending on which space you’re trying to alter – by introducing different colors into each room this will help foster feelings of happiness & security or energy & vitality depending on which hue used


The use of the 8 Trigrams in Feng Shui can help us to bring about balance, harmony, and spiritual as well as practical improvements in our lives. Applying the principles of the Trigrams and drawing on the properties associated with each direction can help to create an environment that is more conducive to productive energy and positive outcomes. On a spiritual level, it can provide us with guidance in our decision-making process and help us to understand ourselves better. On an emotional side, it can help us to heal and release any negative patterns or behaviors that are holding us back from achieving our highest potential. Finally, on a physical level it can positively affect interpersonal relationships as well as aiding with career or financial success. By understanding how all 8 trigrams interact, we are able to use their properties to lead a rewarding life.

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