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Metal Cures Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy of balancing energy forces that affects one’s environment. It is said that by applying certain Metal Cures to the home or office, the negative Chi (supposed to be a destructive force) can be neutralized and instead bring good luck, health, wealth and happiness. Metal Cures Feng Shui is based on the Five Elements Theory, where ‘metal’ is associated with wealth and closure.

Metal Cures are divided into categories such as coins, bells, chimes and figurines which each have their own specific purpose. Coins are believed to attract wealth luck due to the Water Element they possess; wind chimes disperse negative Chi; bells disperse ill-wishing energies; figurines offer protection from disasters like fire and floods; while gongs bring both fame and success. Particular shapes, colours, textures and information on how these items should be placed are taken into consideration when selecting these Metal Cures.

In order to promote Metal Cure Feng Shui practice in one’s home or office, regular housekeeping should be done as much as possible to ensure that accumulated dust does not prevent the effectiveness of Metal Cures and their ability to generate positive energy flow in one’s space. Furthermore, once a year it is recommended for either spring cleaning or burning incense sticks inside the house or office to help eliminate stagnant energies left over from previous months or years.

Historical Relationship Between Metal Cures & Feng Shui

The relationship between metal cures and Feng Shui can be traced back to ancient Chinese practices. Feng shui, the art of charting energy patterns in environmental design and lifestyle placements, is believed to have originated in China more than 6,000 years ago. It was developed as a way to better align with nature’s energy for greater health, happiness and prosperity. As part of this practice, practitioners recommended using metal objects like coins, bells, stars and turtles to redirect “yang” energies from corners of a home or office (or even up in trees) in order to help stabilize and harmonize them. This practice created balance, which enabled practitioners to enjoy an overall sense of well-being through the entire space or room.

Today these same practices are still at work in many homes and businesses around the world. Modern day practitioners are thankful that metal cures are still available because they understand how they can improve one’s life by manipulating Yang energies with such items as wind chimes, handcrafted metal fish shapes, coins hung in windows or doorways, crystal sun catchers attached inside or outside a building or star mobiles hung on walls or doorways. Other popular metal cures among Feng Shui experts include metallic animals such as dragons and birds; hanging bronze mirrors; various sizes of coins tied on red ribbons; pictures of dragons painted on wood slices; jade eggs symbolizing fertility and six ring pendants representing health and protection from harm.

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Applying Metal Cures in Feng Shui to Optimize Positive Energy Flow

Metal Cures are tools that can be used to optimize positive energy flow in one’s space according to the principles of Feng Shui. In terms of application, there are a few common elements and objects used as Metal Cures including coins, mirrors, bells, and wind chimes. Coins serve as symbols of wealth and offer protection against negative energies by ensuring an uninterrupted free-flow of Chi. Mirrors can be used to deflect bad energy or possibly even repel it away from a certain area. Bells act as an alarm system for any negative energy entering your home; their sound is believed to purify stagnant air within a space. Lastly, wind chimes will alert you to any change in energy in an environment that may require attention – either good or bad. Implementing any of these Metal Cures creates a healthy balance between yin and yang forces, encouraging good fortune and prosperity throughout your life. Additionally, they make wonderful housewarming gifts!

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Metal Cures in Feng Shui


• Metal cures in Feng Shui are believed to bring clarity, focus, and protection against negative influences.
• They can help to create a calm and serene atmosphere in the home.
• Metal cures can be used to energize a particular area of your home that feels dull or lifeless.
• By adding certain types of metal objects, it is possible to redirect energy flow throughout the house.

• If used incorrectly or in excess, metal cures can become overwhelming and cause disruption of the chi energy.
• Overuse of metal objects may also lead to stagnant chi energy which can have detrimental effects on luck and prosperity.
• Metal cures should not be placed in areas with strong energetic influences such as bedrooms or bathrooms as this could create disharmony within the home.

Different Types of Metal Cures & Their Uses for Feng Shui

Metal cures are commonly used to Feng Shui a person’s home or office due to their ability to harness and enhance the energy of surroundings. Metal remedies can bring a sense of clarity, protection, focus and balance. Different types of metal cures used in Feng Shui include coins, bells, wind chimes, mirrors, statues, amulets and fish tanks with goldfish.

Coins are thought to attract wealth and fortune as well as protect against negative energy. Coins should be placed at the entrance of a house or behind an object that serves as metal element of your home’s decor such as a metal shelf or picture frame. Bells on the other hand produce soundwaves which helps to draw positive chi into a space and repel negative forces away. Wind chimes are another popular metal cure that utilizes sound waves to improve energy in different rooms depending on the number and size of bells used. Mirrors can be used both inside and outside spaces because they reflect light producing more positive chi while also serving as protective wards against malicious intent. Statues symbolizing prosperity can also be used to welcome money luck coming into your home while amulets often depict animals that fight off negative forces like the dragon or phoenix which can be hung near the entrance of your house. Finally fish tanks filled with goldfish offer clarity; represents flowing wealth; health because it produces beneficial ions; stability because its water is still; good fortune for when its changes color over time; as well it play music when tapped creating harmony in any space.

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Suggestions on Planning Your Space With Metal Cures for Feng Shui

When planning your space with metal cures for Feng Shui, it is important to take into account the Chinese Five Element Theory. This teaches us that Metal is associated with the element of Autumn, symbolizing wisdom and organization. It can be used to influence a room’s energy in various ways.

To maximize the positive energy of Metal, you might use metallic accents like statues, mirrors, pictures in silver frames or furniture with a modern look that reflects the intensity of Metal. Additionally, hanging wind chimes made from metal creates lightness and encourages good fortune to fill your home. These items will deflect negative energies out of your home while encouraging your own personal clarity and peace.

To give an even bigger boost to the area, you may also choose to add some crystals and natural stones like quartz or citrine. Place them strategically throughout your home; especially on shelves or around corners where energy may become stagnant. Lighting fixtures with handheld candles in Gold or Silver are another effective way to increase the power of Metal Cures for Feng Shui in your space. Finally, add some more sparkle with decorations such as geometric shapes made from metal pieces or metal trinkets like bells and candles holders near windows to attract abundance and drive away negative energies.

Final Thoughts

Metal cures Feng Shui can be used to bring healing and positivity into any space. Regardless of your level of experience with the practice, it is important that you take the time to research and consider the various metal cures in order to make the most out of them. Symbolic objects such as wind chimes, coins, fortune cats, or bell charms can all be incorporated into a well-rounded Feng Shui practice. Additionally, arranging furniture and other items in the room according to specific principles will further encourage positive energy flow. Finally, tapping into positive emotion by bringing meaningful images or symbols that hold personal value into the space is a great way to create an uplifting environment. With thoughtful intention and consideration, you can use metal cures Feng Shui to make meaningful changes in your life.

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