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The Art of Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese Feng Shui practice has been used for centuries as a way to bring harmony and balance to our lives and our physical surroundings. The practice is based on the idea that everything has an energy force, or qi (“chee”). By positioning specific items in particular places around the home and office, people believe they can attract positive qi and good luck. Bells are a common symbol of luck and prosperity, so many people are interested in learning more about where to place them in their home or office according to Feng Shui principles.

The Symbolism of Bells

In Feng Shui, bells are used to signify two very important symbols: abundance and protection. By ringing a bell, an individual can create positive energy vibrations that will cover the area with this energy and draw in positive qi.

The sound of the bells is thought to drive away negative energy and keep it from entering a space. Additionally, it is believed that certain bell sounds can act as a sort of spiritual amplifier and carry a person’s wishes to the heavens for fulfillment.

Where to Place Bells for Feng Shui

There are a few important principles to keep in mind when placing bells for Feng Shui.

  • Choose the right location. Bells should be placed in areas that will receive a lot of natural light and air circulation, such as a window and a doorway. Additionally, some cultures believe that bells should be placed in the east to receive the energy associated with sunrise and the south to receive the energy of the sun.
  • Pick the right material. The material of the bell should reflect the purpose of the bell. For example, bells made of brass are best for attracting abundance, while bells made of iron are best for protection.
  • Choose the right number of bells. Traditional beliefs advise that the number of bells used should be odd, not even, and should never be higher than nine.


Bells have been a symbol of abundance and protection in Feng Shui for centuries. By understanding where and how to place bells, individuals can bring more balance and harmony into their home or office through this ancient practice.

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