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Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system that seeks to harmonize individuals with their environment. It has been used for thousands of years to create balance for human habitation and dwellings and is a practice heavily imbued with symbolism. One of the main elements used in Feng Shui practitioners’ tools are Cures Metal, which are objects made from metal that have special purpose. Metal brings clarity, focus, and structure to one’s life, making it easier to release patterns and negative environmental influences.

Metal is an enduring element that adds stability in our lives over time; it’s also associated with strength and progress, allowing us to take action. In Feng Shui culture, metal objects such as coins, bells, gongs or wind chimes create a sense of clarity through their sounds: removing obstacles, roadblocks and inspiring positive changes. Metal can direct energy as it amplifies its surroundings due to its reflective surface; it helps circulate new types of qi (energy) through an area, creating movement. With proper placement these cures have powerful effects on maintaining balance around spaces indoors or outside.

Benefits of Feng Shui Cures Metal

Feng Shui Cures Metal are powerful energy enhancers that can bring many positive benefits to your environment. Metal energy is believed to be deeply connected with wealth, protection, and strength – all of which can help you create balance in your life.

By harnessing the power of Metal energy through Feng Shui Cures, you can significantly improve the energetic flow in your home or workspace. This will allow yin and yang energies to work together in total harmony, creating an atmosphere of abundance and prosperity. In addition to promoting financial success, Metal energy can also provide much-needed protection from negative forces. Bring peace and joy into your life by hanging beautiful pieces of metal inside your home or using metal wind chimes outside near your entranceway. These items help ward off unwanted external energies while attracting strong Chi energies for protection and balance.

Metal cures also evoke feelings of spiritual connectivity and inner strength – important aspects for manifesting a greater purpose in life. Furthermore, this type of Feng Shui also helps to bring clarity on decisions related to finances, career goals, relationships, etc., as well as inspiring creative ideas for new projects. Overall, leveraging the power of Feng Shui Cures Metal can be a wonderful tool towards creating the life you have always dreamed of attracting!

Different Types of Cures Metal

Feng shui cures metal are all objects or items that represent the element of metal. Metal brings qualities of strength, clarity, and precision to a space, helping to direct qi and bring focus and determination.

Coins – Ancient coins can add a touch of history to any room and are believed to bring luck in the form of wealth and prosperity. You can hang three coins on a red string around your front door or hang near windows or pictures as a good luck charm.

Crystals – Crystals have been used for centuries in feng shui and they come in many shapes and sizes; they not only provide energetic support but also cleanse the environment from negative energy. Crystal clusters, clear quartz points, tumbled stones, and spheres are just some perfect examples of crystal cures for the home.

Bells – Bells are often used for Feng Shui purposes as this sound carries energy far away from its source. Place bells near doors or place one outside to create good vibes within the property line’s perimeter. This is especially important if there’s stagnant or negative qi in the area.

Mirrors – Mirrors not only act as amplifiers of light and focus it in towards certain areas but also help protect your home from negative energies from outside sources by reflecting them away from your house/space. Hanging a mirror near an entrance can protect against above mentioned negative energies while sending out positive ones intact into a space inside.

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Objects of Art- Hang artwork depicting scenery with flowing water such as rivers and mountain ranges as these help evoke a sense of serenity over chaos in any living area; you can also look for sculptures, vases or pottery that invoke metal-based elements like steel, bronze or silver to amplify their energies throughout your home/space.

Wind Chimes – Wind chimes are often used in many cultures as wards against evil forces thanks to their melodious nature which helps detract ill-will while they summon benevolent spirits into any area hence why they’re often hung near entrances to homes or spaces being blessed with positive energies. How strong of an effect wind chimes have depends on how well tuned each chime is along side type material used (e.g crystal based windchimes have different effects than wooden ones).

Best Locations For Cures Metal

Feng Shui Cures Metal objects can be placed in various areas of the home to ensure good energy flow. For those who wish to maximize the effectiveness of their Feng Shui, it is recommended to place metal objects in the northeast and southwest directions of the home. These areas are where the energy of metal elements should be concentrated for maximum benefit. Additionally, placing metal cures in these areas contributes to a stronger life path luck for success.

Metal objects should not be placed in any area of sickness or dispute – such as an ill family member’s room or a living area where there is tension present – as these metals will bring extra hostility and aggression with them, instead of peace and harmony that usually comes with metal cure decorations. As such, make sure to stay aware when placing metal feng shui cures; they should go only where they’ll bring health, wealth and wisdom!

How To Incorporate Metal Cures into Your Home

The incorporation of Metal element cures into your home can be done in many ways, based on the principles of Chinese and Western Feng Shui.

1. If you want to use Metal elements to increase your wealth luck, one of the best spots for placement would be in the South-West sector of your room or house. This is known as the Wealth Corner in Feng Shui. Place a metal wind chime or faceted crystals here, as these are believed to attract good fortune and abundance. Mirrors with metal frames will also work, as they can help bring more money luck into the home.

2. Placing a Metal element object near the entrance door will help protect against theft or negative energy entering into your home. Any metallic objects could be used here such as an ornamental turtle statue made out of brass or bronze, coins, a small sculpture made of bronze, etc. Simply having them near this entrance will create an unseen protective shield on your door.

3. To create balance and peaceful energy throughout your house, you may want to place two Metal element symbols (either two wind chimes or decorative pieces) at opposite corners of each room diagonally facing one another so that their chi energy creates harmony (known as balancing yin and yang).

4. Having a Water feature in the North part of your home is believed to be very lucky if it has some kind of metal accents added onto it such as a small dragon statue on top or some coins placed within it that can capture and store positive chi energy that is generated by running water.

5. Hang up decorations made from any type of shiny metal onto low hanging areas like walls and doors for protection against negative influences since reflections from these objects have powerful defensive properties according to both Chinese and Western Feng Shui traditions

Symbolic Representations of Metal

Metal elements found in the travel of Feng Shui are believed to symbolize qualities such as strength, durability, protection and prosperity. Moreover, metal influences innovation and success as it is also associated with clarity, precision and organization.

In terms of its physical representation, metal can take many forms such as wind chimes, coins, jewelry, figurines made of bronze or brass and more. These objects are scattered in homes that practice Feng Shui to attract positive energy but also ward off negative energy from entering a home. The ringing sound from wind chimes created by air currents is believed to activate the energy flow in a room emitting good luck into the space. Coins are placed within doorways or near entrance areas for prosperity. Various forms of jewelry represent wealth or a person’s status as these pieces often embody precious metal material such as gold or silver. Lastly for figurines made of metal associated with Chinese gods or deities like Ku History which excites good fortunes suppressing any possible misfortune.

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Incorporating Metal Cures in Different Settings

Office: Metal Cures are excellent for offices because they create a sense of balance and order. When decorating an office space, adding some metallic accents can bring peace and serenity. Metal items such as wind chimes, coins, bells, and other metal-based decorative items are a great way to attract positive energy and remove blockages in the flow of chi energy. A piece of artwork with strong geometric shapes, or a mirror placed diagonally will also help anchor energy in the space.

Shop: Metal is great for shops because of its ability to attract money. Placing metal objects such as coins or statues as decorations, along with 9 Chinese coins tied together on red ribbon near entrances or cash registers will help draw in abundance and good fortune. Hanging chime bells near the entrance can create positive energy from outside forces entering the space. Finally placing some metal bowls filled with water around the shop will invite wealth luck into the environment.

Restaurant: Metal cures can be very helpful for restaurants too. As guests enter the restaurant they could be welcomed by bells hanging above entryway to increase shopping luck. Decorate dining areas with black mirrors to absorb any negative energy while still reflecting back positive vibrations throughout the whole space. Place Chinese coins on red ribbons near menu stands to attract wealth luck and prosperity; this will also serve as an interesting decoration in a modern ambience.

Final Tips for Incorporating Metal Cures into Your Home

When using metal decor it is important to maintain balance. Metal is a very powerful element and can become overwhelming if used incorrectly or in excess. It is essential to incorporate other elements into a space, such as wood, water, earth and fire, in order to create a harmonious environment and enhance the positive energy of the home.

In terms of utilizing metal cures for your Feng Shui home, some final tips for achieving the perfect balance are: start small by adding metal pieces sparingly around the house and keep the design simple; balance yin and yang by incorporating both light reflective surfaces like mirrors or polished metals with dark or dull metals; use metal accents throughout the entire living space rather than just one specific area; add metal objects that could be beneficial to your wellbeing such as artwork or statues that symbolize wealth and prosperity; and aim to bring harmony within different rooms by creating visual balance with metal Feng Shui cures.


Feng Shui Cures Metal is an effective way to get balance in your home. Metal energy helps you to focus on your goals, create clarity and enhance productivity. To use metal energy to its fullest potential, ensure that any metallic decor items used for Feng Shui cures are placed strategically around your home in order to bring a sense of stability and order. Additionally, lighting and colors can be utilized alongside the metal energy created by these Feng Shui cures to maximize their effectiveness. By carefully choosing the right metal accents and placement, you’ll be able to reap the full benefits of this powerful element.

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