Where To Put A Dragon Feng Shui


Dragon Feng Shui, a popular style of the ancient Chinese philosophy of the same name, is based on harnessing the power of dragons to bring specific qualities and energies into your home. It is believed that when dragons are placed in specific parts of your house they can bring with them a package of good luck, harmony and peace. To get these benefits, it’s important to know where to properly place dragons in order to maximize their potential.

Feng Shui Basics: To understand where to place dragons best, it’s important to first understand the basics of feng shui. In general, feng shui involves creating good energy flow within a room by placing certain items in particular places: For example, according to traditional beliefs, try placing water features like waterfalls or fountains near entryways for prosperity and abundance; keep plants near windows for “wood” energy; hang mirrors strategically based on their direction; or if possible choose furniture with earthy fabrics and colors for stability.

Dragon Placement: When it comes to dragon placement there are some important factors to consider: First off, it is advised never to put dragons facing each other head-on ” this may cause negative tensions between them. Secondly, make sure you position them according to their element: An east wall would be ideal for wood dragons since east symbolizes growth; fire dragons should be placed in the south corner of your home since south stands for expansion; keep metal dragons on the west side as west represents organization; while earth dragons can be energized on the north side which stands for stability and grounding. Finally, take extra care with powerful medicine bags or “dragon crystals” ” they usually contain everything from gemstones and incense sticks that must never touch each other or even face opposite directions because their “combined energies” have far greater potential than what one would expect.

Analyzing the Different Directions for Placement

When it comes to creating a space that is lucky and full of good auspicious energy, the importance of proper placement of a dragon feng shui cannot be underestimated. Dragons are powerful symbols of luck and prosperity, which is why they need to be placed in just the right spot in order to maximize their effects. Generally speaking, dragons should be placed in the north, east or southeast directions as these represent prosperity and success.

North: The north direction symbolizes career and purpose, so choosing to place your dragon here helps you manifest what you want in terms of drive and ambition.

East: The east direction symbolizes health, family, wisdom and spiritual guidance. Placing your dragon here can help you overcome obstacles and achieve wealth by achieving your goals.

Southeast: This direction is known for attracting wealth as it symbolizes money luck, abundance in all forms, financial security and even good luck with investments. Placing your dragon here is an excellent choice for those looking for extra financial support or assistance with managing their finances.

Choosing the Room

When it comes to finding the ideal space for a dragon in your home, you want to make sure the energy is right. A few things to take into account when choosing a room:

House Facing North East Feng Shui

1. Consider the overall energy of the room”avoid spots that already have a feeling of heaviness or anger and favor brighter, more uplifting spaces.

2. Think about the entrance of each space. For example, having a dragon placed near the front entry is symbolic of guarding and protecting your home from potential bad influences or negative vibes entering into the living space.

3. If possible, keep dragons away from bedrooms as they can inhibit sleep patterns due to their importance and symbolism in bringing actions, power, authority and influence into one’s life and home which might be disruptive at bedtime!

4. Make sure it’s in an area without too much direct sunlight as this could harm their bright colors over time or lead to discoloration on some artwork pieces.

5. Placing a dragon in common areas such as entryways, hallways, or main living rooms are optimal choices for its energy as guests will feel welcomed by its presence when they enter your home .

The Different Dragon Styles and Their Significance

When it comes to placing dragons in your home according to feng shui principles, there are several different styles of dragon sculpture that can be utilized. The most common of these include the celestial dragon which typically contains a double headed representation of a long and slender form, the fanned wing dragon which has curved wings, and the talon clutching dragon which appears to have scaled talons reaching out from its back. While each type has distinct characteristics and unique significance, they all share a common mythology and are thought to be symbolic of power, strength and protection within the world of Chinese beliefs.

Analyzing the myths and legends associated with each style can add another dimension to your understanding of why certain designs work best in different parts of your home. The celestial dragon is believed to be spiritually related to ancestors and bring good luck when placed in an area that honors family remembrance such as a living room or near an ancestral altar. Fanned wing dragons are thought to provide protection against misfortune and bad luck by watching over you from atop bookshelves and before entryways. The talon clutching dragon with its fierce claws echoing upward symbolizes strength and virility, making it ideal for bedrooms or man caves.

Selecting Color and Material for Your Dragon

When it comes to dragons in Feng Shui, one of the most important aspects is to choose a color and material that best suits its environment. Knowing what color and material to use can be a challenge but there are some general guidelines.

First, you should research which colors and materials are considered most auspicious in Feng Shui. In Chinese culture, dragons are seen as strong symbols of abundance, prosperity, good luck, power, and longevity. Therefore, the most favored colors for dragons are reds and greens. For example, gold for wealth and fame; black for protection; blue for wisdom and healing; white for peace; yellow for justness; silver for knowledge and insight; purple for magic.

Brazalete Feng Shui

In terms of materials, a physical dragon statue is often made of wood, bronze or stone. Wood symbolizes creativity and fertility while bronze has associations with power and strength. Jade is also common as it is regarded as a protective stone against bad chi energy (negative energy). Other materials can play an important role by further accentuating the natal qualities especially when they’re arranged in specific formations or combined with other elements such as water or wind sculptures.

Ultimate Tips for Placing a Dragon Feng Shui

Analyzing the different types of dragons and their meanings is an important step when looking to place a dragon Feng Shui in your home. Chinese dragons symbolize power and strength, while Korean dragons represent protection and spiritual energy. Japanese dragons bring luck and wealth, while European dragons represent wisdom. All of these symbols are highly beneficial to incorporate in any space as they can provide balance, good energy, and prosperity.

When deciding where to place a dragon for Feng Shui purposes, it should be placed where the main source of energy enters your home. This could be near the entry way or entrance of your front door – facing outward symbolizes protection and courage for all who enter; pointing inward promotes safety within the current occupants of the space. Placing a Dragon Feng Shui at the corner point within a room will create a sense of groundedness and also help to magnify positive energy even more. Additionally, hang or place a Dragon Feng Shui near or above desks which you commonly use as this encourages creativity and focus on important projects or tasks. Lastly, placing Dragons on either side of your bed will help support financial stability with getting restful sleep – one dragon representing prosperity while the other represents protection against negative influences such as illness or bad dreams.


When it comes to placing a Dragon Feng Shui, many people are unsure of where to put it and the potential benefits of doing so. The most ideal spot is in the north or northwest corner of the house, as this area is where Dragon energy resides according to Chinese Astrology. The dragon symbolizes good fortune, success and protection. By placing a Dragon Feng Shui statue in that special corner, one may receive all these blessings over time!

In order to increase the power of this Feng Shui solution, there are several activities and visualizations one can do. Visualize yourself surrounded by golden dragon energy coming from the statue and manifesting itself throughout your space. Feel its power and protective nature making your home a more positive environment for you and loved ones. Another activity one can do, is write out goals for themselves; whether they be career-based, prosperity-related or something else, and place them near the statue ” have faith that the dragon’s energy will help bring those outcomes into fruition!

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