Where To Place An Owl In Your Home Feng Shui

Where To Place An Owl In Your Home Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, an owl can bring protection, knowledge and luck to your home. But, where should you place it for the best effect? Here are some tips on the ideal spot for your owl in the home according to Feng Shui:


The Southeast area of your home is known for its potential for abundance and prosperity. Place an owl here to bring those energies into your living space.


The Northwest is known as the area of wise decisions and helpful people. Place an owl here to help bring clarity in making decisions and to bring new relationships into your life.

East or West

The East and West are both known as areas of knowledge and communication. Placing an owl here can help these aspects flourish in your home.

South or Southwest

The South and Southwest are the areas of fame and recognition and the areas of partnerships and relationships. Placing an owl here will help bring success, fame, and recognition as well as strong, healthy relationships.

You should also place the owl in a spot where it can be easily seen and gets plenty of natural light from the sun and/or moon. And be sure to also use other Feng Shui principles, such as good quality lighting, mirrors, and vibrant colors, to bring more balance and peace to your home.

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With these tips, your home will be filled with the positive energies brought by your owl and Feng Shui. Here is a quick checklist to keep in mind when placing your owl in your home.

  • Southeast: Potential for abundance and prosperity
  • Northwest : Wise decisions and helpful people
  • East or West: Knowledge and communication
  • South or Southwest: Fame, recognition and relationships
  • Visible and plenty of natural light
  • Additional Feng Shui principles

Whether your owl has just come into your life or has been with you for years, keep these tips in mind when placing your owl in your home for optimal Feng Shui.

“What colors should an owl be in feng shui?”

An owl should generally be white in feng shui. It is believed that the white of the owl symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, elevation of the soul, clarity of mind, and wisdom. In addition, the white of the owl is thought to be connected with the moon and the yin energy- the more passive and feminine element – which is associated with the idea of protection.

What elements of feng shui correspond to owls?

While owls are not directly tied to elements of feng shui, there are certain traits associated with owls that may be related to certain aspects of the energy practice. Owls are seen as wise and powerful animals associated with knowledge, truth, insight, and intuition. As such, they can be tied to elements of the Wood element, which is associated with growth, development, progress, and new ideas, as well as the Metal element, which is associated with wealth, protection, and clarity. Additionally, owls may be tied to the Wind element, which is associated with freedom and change.

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