Owl Feng Shui Meaning


Owl Feng Shui has been used for centuries as a way of creating positive and balanced energy in a home or workspace. This ancient Chinese practice is rooted in the belief that certain symbols, like owls, can be beneficial when placed in specific areas within a space. This can help bring abundance, good luck and protection from negative energy. People use owl Feng Shui to honor their ancestors, protect their family and business success, invite love into their lives and attract good luck. Owls are also believed to bring wisdom and insight into any area of life where an extra boost would be beneficial. Not only are these wise creatures soothing aesthetically but they also provide spiritual guidance and strength to whoever sees them. By integrating the symbolic meaning of owls into your home or office you can tap into the spiritual realms with ease while invigorating your surroundings with the vibration of positivity.

History and Mythology

The earliest known mentions of Owl Feng Shui can be traced back to ancient Chinese mythology, which reveals that the owl was associated with protection and longevity. They were believed to be highly wise creatures who could protect people from danger and evil spirits. This belief led to a custom in Chinese culture known as “the three-footed owl”; a small figurine of an owl, usually made from clay or ceramic, that was placed in the home as a form of protection.

These protective owls were also said to create a powerful aura when placed on mantels or furniture. In some parts of China, it was believed that placing an owl over an infant’s crib would ensure the child’s safety and ward off any misfortune or bad luck. In addition, tales of meditating under an owl have been told as far back as 1100 B.C., believed to help practitioners gain greater insights into their spiritual journey. Owls have remained a popular symbol of wisdom, innocence and protection throughout many generations, making them a perfect symbol for creating good fortune within your home through Feng Shui principles.

Cultural Significance

The owl is viewed differently by various cultures around the world. In some cultures, owls are associated with wisdom and knowledge; in others, they are seen as harbingers of death, bad luck, and even black magic. In many Native American cultures, owls are a symbol of protection, offering advice from a higher spiritual source. In Hawaii, owls represent striking insight and is said to bring good luck or mana. Some Celtic symbolism identifies the owl as a symbol of transition between life and death that allows the spirits to travel between the two planes safely. In folktales throughout Europe and Asia, the owl has been seen as a mostly neutral character providing warnings of danger but also often acting alongside other mystical creatures to help humans.

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Animal Meaning

Owls have long been mythologized as symbols of wisdom, although they’ve also been seen as harbingers of doom. For this reason, in feng shui, they are a symbol of protection from potential negative energies. When placed in the home or near the entrance to a property, an owl indicates that one is aware of the possible dangers that can lurk outside the home and take precautionary steps against them. In addition, the owl represents vigilance and is thought to protect those who keep it close by being always vigilant and watchful. Owls are also believed to bring prosperity and abundance into the house – provided they are placed at the correct location. Owls traditionally associated with other auspicious animals like dragons and tigers as symbols of power and strength, bringing good fortune along with it. Furthermore, due to its night vision capabilities, owls are sometimes seen as guides for navigating through dark times or difficult decisions in life.


In Feng Shui, it is believed that strategically placing an owl in your home will bring luck and protection. For example, you can place the owl near the entrance of your home to welcome good energy into your space. Placing the owl facing outward (toward the entryway) is said to attract positive energy and ward off potential negative entites or disturbances. Likewise, placing the owl on a bookshelf or high shelf will prevent bad luck from entering. A pair of matching owls on either side of a door also symbolizes strength and stability according to Feng Shui principles. Additionally, hanging a painting or image of an owl somewhere in each room will create a strong sense of balance and protection throughout the home.

Color and Material

The colors and materials used for the owl in Feng Shui should reflect the energy of wisdom, intuition, and intelligence. The owl’s representative colors to use are shades of earth such as brown, beige or tan, while blue, yellow and white can also symbolize vigilance. As for materials, stone or glass in the color choices mentioned above will bring added meaning to an owl that is placed strategically near a work desk or learning corner. Colorful owls in vibrant colors can be chosen and placed in areas where joy and playfulness are desired. In addition, metal owls can help to draw positive Chi because this type of material helps ward off the evil spirit according to the principles of Feng Shui.


The tangible benefits of using Owl Feng Shui include improving the look, feel, and energy of a space by having an owl figurine or statue strategically placed in the area. By adorning your home with an owl, it is said to bring protection and good luck.

The intangible benefits refer to the philosophical insights that can be gained through its symbolic representation. Symbolically, owls are considered wise and mysterious creatures with keen eyesight and a vast knowledge in the spiritual realm. Their presence is said to instill knowledge and wisdom into those who take notice—helping guide you on your path towards inner growth and understanding. Additionally, it has been said to bring inner peace and balance as well as attract positive energy which in turn can bring about positive changes for any room of your home or office.

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Tips and Tricks

1. Place a small owl figurine near the door of your home or business. This will bring protection against negative energy and ward off misfortune.

2. Display an owl on your desk when working in office spaces. This is thought to bring wisdom and insight into important decisions you may need to make at work.

3. To utilize the energy associated with owl Feng Shui, place pictures, figurines and other ornamentation around the home that feature owls or their symbols in various colors such as gold, gray or white for peace and harmony in different areas of life like relationships and health .

4. Hang images or drawings of owls on walls to serve as a gentle reminder to remain focused on your goals and stay alert for any changes that may be coming your way.

5. Bring in plants such as aloe vera or pothos to enhance the flow of positive energy throughout the space and help disperse bad chi (energy).

6. Use incense sticks around the house featuring chrysanthemum or jasmine to remove negative influences from entering your space while inviting prosperity and good luck into your life and home.


The Owl is a symbol of wisdom, protection and transformation, which makes the presence of an owl in Feng Shui more than just beneficial. Feng Shui is about positive energy and creating a space for that energy to flow freely and bring abundance into one’s life. The Owl carries this same spirit of open sides and liberation so its presence can be used to help create harmony and balance in people’s living spaces. It represents the spiritual connection between heaven and Earth as well as the truth within each person who has embraced it. Ultimately, having an owl in your home is a good sign, signifying something new, brilliant things to come or possibilities that wouldn’t have shown up without it. Its powerful symbolism creates a sense of peace and joy while encouraging growth and change — multiple aspects which make the owl the perfect master amongst Feng Shui items!

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