What Is 3 Killings In Feng Shui

What Is 3 Killings In Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of harmonizing the energy flow in one’s surroundings. It is believed to improve the balance, circulation and health of one’s environment. A core concept of Feng Shui is 3 Killings, which describes the “annual afflictions” that can have negative impact on the energy of a space.

What are the 3 Killings?

The 3 Killings, also known as San Sha, are three types of annual afflictions – a tai sui, a wu gu, and a fu hi – that are thought to bring negative energy to individuals or a space.

What is a Tai Sui?

A tai sui, or Grand Duke, is the spirit of the year that rules over any given area during a given year and changes annually. The tai sui of an area should be avoided, as it is thought to bring misfortune and conflict to anyone who has conflict with its power.

What is a Wu Gu?

A wu gu, or Five Ghosts, are five stars that, when in a certain combination, are thought to cause misfortune and tension within a space. The Five Ghosts should be avoided and their presence diminished wherever possible.

What is a Fu Hi?

A fu hi, or zodiac sign, is the zodiac sign of the year which may be either “positive” or “negative.” A positive Fu Hi will bring positive energy and good luck, but a negative Fu Hi will bring sickness, misfortune and negative energy.

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How can I Avoid the 3 Killings?

Avoiding the 3 Killings is an important part of Feng Shui and should be the priority if you want to benefit from the positive energy it provides. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

  • Use colors and symbols to appease the tai sui. Incorporating colors and symbols associated with the ruling spirit of the year will help to please tai sui and draw positive energy into your space.
  • Turn your doors and windows away from the Five Ghosts. Placing your doors and windows away from the Five Ghosts will diminish their negative influence and improve the energy flow of your space.
  • Use the right colors and symbols for your Fu Hi. Using colors and symbols that are associated with your Fu Hi will please it and bring positive energy and good luck.


Mastering Feng Shui is an art and takes some practice, but understanding the 3 Killings and how to avoid them is an important part of improving the energy of a space. Taking the time to research and avoid the 3 Killings will not only lead to better harmony and balance, but also reduce stress and improve health and well-being.

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