Animal Crossing Feng Shui Flowers

## Animal Crossing Feng Shui Flowers
Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of being mindful of your environment, has found its way into the world of gaming through the popular ‘Animal Crossing’ series. The basic principle of Feng Shui can be broadly outlined as creating an energy balance in the spaces we inhabit by using special objects, elements and colors. In Animal Crossing, the use of flowers, their placement and color, can be put to great effect when it comes to achieving the desired balance of energy.

### Placement of Flowers
In order to achieve the desired Feng Shui result, the placement of flowers should be given consideration. One tried and tested method is to line the outside of your house with flower beds, or hang pots of flowers on the outside of the house to create a harmonious balance of energy. Additionally, a flower garden should be placed at each of the four points of a compass in order to welcome positive energy.

### Types of Flower Color
When it comes to flowers, the colors used in Feng Shui are also incredibly important. The colors of each of the four cardinal points of the compass and the colors of the five Chinese elements should be taken into consideration when selecting the colors of your flowers.

| **Compass Points** | **Color** |
| :— | —: |
| North | White |
| South | Red |
| East | Blue/Green |
| West | Pink/Purple |

| **Chinese Elements** | **Color** |
| :— | —: |
| Earth | Yellow/Beige |
| Fire | Red/Orange |
| Metal | White/Gray |
| Water | Blue/Black |
| Wood | Green/Brown |

When adding colors to your Animal Crossing garden, try to incorporate the colors of each of these elements and the cardinal directions. This will help create a harmonious balance between the colors of your flowers, creating a sense of peace within your garden.

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### Combining Colors
When it comes to Chinese Feng Shui, combining colors is just as important as using the traditional colors. By combining colors to create what is known as a ‘color triad’, you can add even more balance and positive energy to your garden. Depending on the colors you want to use, there are several combinations of colors that you can use to create the desired atmosphere.

* White, red and green
* Blue, yellow and black
* Pink, blue and yellow
* Red, yellow and green

### Flower Shapes
In addition to colors, the shapes of the flowers should also be taken into consideration when creating a Feng Shui garden. Generally, round, open petals represent Yin, or the feminine energies, while sharp-petaled flowers represent Yang, or the masculine energies. The ideal Feng Shui garden will be a combination of both these energies in order to achieve a perfect balance.

### Conclusion
When it comes to using Feng Shui in Animal Crossing, the placement, color and shape of flowers must all be given careful consideration. By following the basic principles of Feng Shui and selecting the right colors and shapes for your flowers, you can create a beautiful, balanced garden in your Animal Crossing village.

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