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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to bring harmony and balance to living spaces. It has been used for centuries as a way of bringing good luck, health, and prosperity into the home. One of the most important areas of study in Feng Shui is the positioning and arrangement of furniture and other decor in relation to the building’s exterior orientation. In traditional Chinese beliefs, it was believed that each corner of one’s home had specific attributes that could enhance or detract from their well-being and success depending on their position. The Wealth Corner of House Feng Shui took this concept one step further by connecting this corner with that of prosperity and abundance.

The origin of Wealth Corner of House Feng Shui dates back over 4,000 years ago when it was believed by many cultures across Asia that certain spots within a house held power over certain aspects of life such as wealth, fortune, health, success and love. In this way they aimed to channel positive energy towards these particular spots in order to maximize their company’s prospects in life. This belief also extended beyond physical locations as it became a custom in many households to place items such as plants and crystals within these areas to increase their luck even further.

Today Wealth Corner of House Feng Shui is still widely practiced among believers around the world although there are different interpretations based on region and tradition. According to modern interpretations, Wealth Corner should be situated diagonally opposite from the main entrance door with items such as lucky coins, water fountains or paintings depicting wealth placed inside for maximum benefit. As its name implies, following these guidelines can help bring blessings for achieving greater financial stability for any household.

Defining Wealth

Wealth in Feng Shui is traditionally seen as an abundance of not only material goods, but a general sense of well-being, comfort and security. To cultivate this type of wealth, focus on the Energy of Abundance. This energy can be activated by placing symbols of prosperity throughout the Wealth Corner of your house. A simple way to start is to bring fresh flowers or plants into the Wealth Corner or put up affirmations that promote abundance and gratitude. You can also fill the space with items like goldfish in a bowl, coins stringed together, or lucky charms that represent money, prosperity and luck. Make sure to choose symbols wisely so they will help boost positive Chi throughout the home. Additionally, you can use this area of your home for other rituals such as creative projects where you visualize increasing wealth and surrounding yourself with positive thoughts about financial stability – these activities will help to spread more good fortune across all areas of your life.


The Wealth Corner of House Feng Shui is an important part of creating positive energy in the home. There are various methods homeowners use to determine where this corner should be located in their home.

One popular method is to look at the home’s external environment and map how it interacts with the five Chinese elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water). Homeowners then look for specific attribute combinations that help attract wealth. For example, a corner with predominant water, metal and wood elements means support from wealth-related areas including business opportunities and resources success.

Another common way to define the Wealth Corner is by looking into the Bagua map. This ancient Chinese system organizes each part of your home into a grid and assigns meanings to each section accordingly. The Kokua or West-Northwest zone on the Bagua Map is known as the Wealth Area of any house or business establishment because this section of your house effectively governs your money luck according to Feng Shui principles.

Finally, some people believe that homeowners can also find their Wealth Corner through a simple observation technique—when entering through the front door take a few steps forward and place your right foot ahead first. Look up towards the ceiling directly above you and mark down this energy spot as your Wealth Corner spot. This method is based on traditional Chinese beliefs that dictate that fortunes come in when one enters through a doorway, hence one’s right foot should always be chosen first during entry.

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If the Wealth Corner needs to be moved or its energies must be regulated, there are detailed instructions to follow. To start, first make sure that the area is always kept clean, with no clutter of any kind. Place yellow decorations and Feng Shui symbols (such as coins, figurines of wealthy people, or images of wealth) in the corner to attract more money and abundance. Place empty bowls and dishes filled with coins here as well. Hang pictures of landscapes depicting scenes of water and mountains on the walls in that corner. Make sure to face wind chimes toward this corner so they can bring chi energy into it. Hang a crystal sphere in a nearby window as it will help keep money coming in by capturing sunbeams which act like magical beams of wealth! Finally, to activate all these things properly and invite wealth into your life, burn incense every day in the Wealth Corner.

Symbols of Wealth

Various symbols of luck and prosperity are used in the practice of Feng Shui. These symbols have distinct meanings and it is believed that displaying them in certain areas of the house can bring more wealth and abundance into your life.

The Chinese symbol of prosperity is a coin wrapped in a red ribbon. This symbol is traditionally hung over the front door, or inside of an entrance, to invite money energy into your home. A golden-colored fish, usually displayed close to the entrance, is also thought to attract wealth due to its color and shape which resembles coins. The Buddha sitting on a bed of coins can be used for similar purposes as it conveys a message of success through hard work and dedication. Displaying images or statues of Laughing Buddha represents being able to accept everything with joy including money. Other wealthy symbols include cranes, dragons, sunflowers, peonies and pomegranates which all have different meanings associated with achieving financial abundance. Having multiple gold ornaments around your home signifies both wealth and luxury, especially if made from silver or bronze metals as these are both known for their connection with good fortune.

Colors of Wealth Corner

The color used in this particular corner of a house has a lot of significance in Feng Shui. Red, for example, is known as the “fire of wealth”. It is said to bring forth the element of luck, prosperity, and success. The color purple protects the owner from bad luck, while gold helps increase business practices’ profitability. Black represents stability which allows wealth to accumulate more easily over time.

Blue is believed to attract great investments and open up new opportunities in business activities. Yellow symbolizes nobility and intelligence while white implies both purity and productivity levels and also encourages strong networking capabilities within a business. Finally, green embodies optimism, balance and financial rewards — all important when considering progress in business endeavors.

Make Adjustments to Home Design

Wealth corners are important in Feng Shui for maximizing the potential for abundance. One of the first steps to take when preparing a home or business for wealth is to create a specific corner of the space that represents and encourages financial gain. As such, one must consider the design features of homes as well as apartment layouts when setting up these wealth corners.

For example, homes with open spaces may require different area allocation from those in traditional layouts. Whereas it can be easier to draw attention to a single corner for wealth in homes with multiple walls, this could be more challenging in an open layout where there isn’t anything defining the edges. In such cases, the use of furniture like shelves, statues and other objects to establish boundaries can be effective.

In addition, apartments often have limited space which can make it difficult to allocate separate areas dedicated to wealth and luck. To work around this obstacle, try utilizing natural items that bring good feng shui energy like artworks or decorations that feature animals like dragons and money frogs, decorative plants, water features or even crystals. This will help portray positive energy surrounding financial gain while saving on space requirements.

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When considering Feng Shui in the design of a home, balance is essential. Balance in the energy flow of a home can be achieved by incorporating various elements from vaastu, an architectural system found in India, which promotes balance and harmony between human beings, nature and the Universe. Vaastu incorporates certain shapes and materials that are said to bring comfortable energy into the space while also improving health, wealth and prosperity.

Balance can be maintained in the home by aligning furniture with the walls and making sure that spaces are properly organized and accessible so there is good proportion between objects in a room or structure. By maintaining symmetry when possible, it helps to create a balanced visual element that has comforting appeal. In addition, make sure your Wealth Corner is properly set up which is said to be located diagonally opposite from your front door. This corner should ideally boast something like a clock as well as something made out of metal such as coins from different countries or gold bars to represent wealth. For additional balance, it’s encouraged to place plants throughout the home for healthful living or trinkets on shelves for positive energy exchange.


Wealth Corner of House Feng Shui is an important part of bringing prosperity into your home and life. According to the Chinese, it is believed that the Wealth Corner of your House has a lot to do with how successful and prosperous you are. Hence, having the right Feng Shui alignment in this corner of your home can greatly impact your financial success and well-being.

To gain the financial benefits, there are some simple steps to take. The most important thing you can do is to place objects that symbolize wealth in the Wealth Corner. Examples include a fish tank, or even a picture or statue of a Quan Yin (the goddess of mercy and compassion). Other suggestions include placing a crystal or having plants in this area such as jade bamboo, money plants, lucky bamboo etc. It’s also recommended that you display items like coins and gemstones such as amethyst and aquamarine stones in this area.

In addition to these decorating tips, keep clutter to a minimum around this area as giving proper space helps maximize its overall effects. Make sure all windows stay open regularly to let positive Chi energy circulate throughout your house so money can constantly flow in too. Ensure that this particular corner feels clean, vibrant and free from negative energies by lighting candles or incense occasionally; both steps will help bring more harmony into the house while making tangible changes also.

Enlisting the help of professional Feng Shui consultant will provide additional advice on how best to make use of wealth corner of your house for optimal results. You may wish to consult their services if needed for further insights about specific ways it may benefit you personally for wealth attraction power within your home environment. Reading up on books or web resources about Wealth Corner Feng Shui can also offer extensive information from various aspect perspectives which offers further supplementation into those deep secrets behind its usage theory ahead too. Ultimately with correct knowledge obtained and consistency practices taken action upon; then one is surely optimally reaping great benefits via their activated wealth corner setup property wise at their own premises later on too!

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