South West Door Feng Shui

South-West Door Feng Shui

What is South-West Door Feng Shui?

South-West Door Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese form of interior design and the ideology behind it is that a careful alignment of one’s home can bring in positive energy and good luck. A special attention is paid to the placement and orientation of the entrance, as well as the decorations and furnishings within the home. This art of organizing and arranging the elements of a house and its surroundings is known as “Feng Shui” of the South-West.

What Are the Benefits of Using South-West Door Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is rooted in Chinese culture and traditions that have been around for centuries. However, modern interpretations of the practice are gaining enormous popularity all the world over. The use of the South-West Door Feng Shui has grown particularly popular today due to the numerous benefits it has to offer, some of which are tailored especially for this side of the house.

◦ Harmonious Living:

Using South-West Door Feng Shui brings in positive energy which leads to greater harmony and balance within the home. This type of Feng Shui encourages clear communication and the flow of positive energy between the various family members.

◦ Wealth and Abundance:

Since South-West Door Feng Shui is associated with the element earth and financial stability, it has proved to be a very effective method of attracting wealth and abundance and overall financial stability. It helps in the proper circulation of energy and prevents any stagnation of energy flow.

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◦ Improved Health:

Applying South-West Door Feng Shui helps in maintaining a calm and peaceful atmosphere at home. This often leads to an enhanced sense of wellbeing and improved physical health due to the removal of any stagnant or negative energy.

Elements of South-West Door Feng Shui

For the South-West Door Feng Shui to be effective and harness the desired results, certain elements need to be taken into account:

  • Colors: Using colors such as beige, yellow and light brown, which symbolize earth, abundance, and stability.
  • Lighting: Using earth-tone light fixtures and lamps to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Décor: Decorating with items such as stones, rocks, and crystals that represent earth, abundance and stability.
  • Layout: Placing furniture in a way that encourages the flow of energy and prevent stagnation.


South-West Door Feng Shui is a powerful decorating method that can transform your home’s energy and attract positive vibes. By considering the elements mentioned above, you will be able to create an environment of peace, relaxation, and abundance in your home, resulting in improved overall health, wealth and harmony.

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