Comedor Feng Shui

## What is Comedor Feng Shui?
Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is focused on the ideal placement and arrangement of a dwelling or arrangement of objects. This wisdom has been applied to a variety of settings, from homes to workplaces, but it is also applicable to restaurants and eateries, known as comedor feng shui. Similarly to how people would go about decorating their homes and workplaces to bring in certain desired energy, restaurateurs can turn to comedor feng shui to cultivate a unique atmosphere to an eatery.

## What Does Comedor Feng Shui Involve?
Comedor feng shui typically involves the placement of key elements in an eatery like furniture, colors, and lighting to create an atmosphere that not only encourages customers to dine, but also creates an overall experience of relaxation, comfort and enjoyment. Through its principles, it not only maximizes the potential of any restaurant but also provides health benefits.

### How Does Comedor Feng Shui Maximize Potential?
The principles of comedor feng shui maximize the potential a restaurant has in many different ways. One way it encourages maximum potential is by creating a welcoming atmosphere. This is done by paying special attention to the orientation, colors, textures and placement of furniture. A positive atmosphere influences how customers perceive the restaurant, their hunger and ultimately the experience of dining.

### How Does Comedor Feng Shui Provide Health Benefits?
When positioning furniture and elements in a restaurateur’s eatery, feng shui principles take into account the flow of energy. The system not only strives to create a visually appealing atmosphere, but one that is filled with balanced energy. Because of this, customers that are exposed to this type of environment often have better morale and even health benefits like improved digestion!

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## Conclusion
Comedor feng shui is something that restaurateurs should seriously consider. Not only can it maximize potential by creating a more welcoming atmosphere and increasing customer visitations, but it can also provide additional health benefits to those that experience it. Through its principles, eateries can create an atmosphere that is visually stimulating as well as nurturing and supportive.

What type of furniture is used in a Feng Shui comedor?

A Feng Shui dining room should be furnished with a round or oval dining table (preferably made from natural materials like wood or glass) that promotes easy communication and the free flow of energy, comfortable chairs with curved lines, non-cluttered shelves, and bright lighting. Additionally, plants, bowls of fruit, and other natural elements can be used to increase the level of “chi” or life energy in the space.

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