Feng Shui Bamboo Plant Placement


Feng shui bamboo plant placement is an important aspect to consider when creating a space with good energy. In feng shui, the principles of balance and harmony are used to promote positivite energy flow in a space. Bamboo plants act as air purifiers that can help produce spiritual cleanliness and comfortable vibes. These plants absorb toxins from the air, which can dramatically affect our moods and comfort levels within a space. Placing the plant in specific areas of a room has even greater impact on the energy produced. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the right type of bamboo-plant placement in order to optimize energy output and functionality of living spaces.

Different Types of Bamboo Plants

•Natal Bamboo: This tough, sturdy bamboo can reach heights of up to 80 feet tall and is a great choice for privacy walls or living fences.

•Weaver’s Bamboo: This graceful bamboo species grows to 15 ft. tall and has thin delicate bamboo leaves. It’s perfect for a sheltered area since it’s slightly more cold-tolerant than other varieties, but it should be given ample protection during freezes.

•Golden Bamboo: Unlike other bamboos, Golden Bamboo doesn’t have an aggressive deep root system, making this an ideal choice for contained landscaping projects as it won’t expand into other areas of your yard. Grows to about 12 feet in height and is one of the few varities that does not spread like wildfire.

•Clumping Bamboo: Clumping bamboos are generally easier to control and take up less space than running varieties because they don’t produce lateral roots and runners as aggressively. Most clumpers top out at about 30 ft tall, making it ideal for smaller yards or tight spaces. Its bright colors also make a great focal point in any garden or patio area.

•Black Bamboo: With its striking jet-black culms (upright stems) accented by lush green foliage makes Black Bamboo a popular choice when creating elegant looking landscaping designs. Also referred to as Evergreen black bamboo, this fast growing plant can reach heights of up to 20 ft tall with ease if given ample water, fertilizer and sunlight exposure.

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•Timor Black Bamboo: This small variety of bamboo is perfect for screens or small patios where its maximum height is only 6-10ft tall at maturity with very little spreading habit or invasive roots compared with some other types of bamboo plants on the market today. The thick foliage gives you nice shade without blocking out all the light from your outdoor space so you can enjoy moderate filtered sunlight wherever needed throughout your yard year round!

Best Places to Place Bamboo Plants

In addition to living rooms, bedrooms, and office spaces, bamboo plants can be placed in many other areas of your home. Kitchens can benefit from balancing the energy by placing a larger bamboo planter near the stove or kitchen sink. Hallways and entryways may benefit from adding a small potted bamboo in each corner to create a welcoming atmosphere while also adding life to hallway walls. You can also place bamboo plants outside the front door of your home or in a balcony or patio area for greater luck and prosperity. Any bathroom can take advantage of good luck by placing an attractive container of green lucky bamboo in the corner on either side of the vanity. Lastly, placing small lucky bamboo arrangements in each window sill may bring an extra element of peace and balance throughout your home.

Benefits of Bamboo Plant Placement

Feng Shui bamboo plant placement can have many positive benefits. This traditional Asian art encourages arranging places in a way that brings harmony to the home and workplace, which helps with the overall flow of energy. Along with creating an aesthetically pleasing and positive environment, placing bamboo plants in certain locations can bring good fortune and prosperity. According to Feng Shui, the natural element and height of a bamboo plant make it able to absorb negative energy while radiating serene, soothing vibes throughout the area. Moreover, they are said to bring wealth luck and provide protection from incoming negativity as well as improve success in relationships. Further, bamboo plants are known to enhance health; their green color symbolizing healing and growth. Therefore, strategically placing this traditional Asian plant around your home is said to bring lasting bountifulness into your life!

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Decorating Tips

When selecting a bamboo plant for relationship success, choose an eight-stalk bunch. Eight is the number of prosperity in feng shui, and it works well to bring a bit of luck to relationships. Place them somewhere visible like in the living room or entrance area to invite good chi (energy) into your life.

For business success, go for robust healthy bamboos. Place them on the desk or in the north corner of the office – this is where the prosperous career corner lies according to traditional feng shui methods. Green plants always bring abundance and renewal, so opt for varieties with lush leaves rather than dry ones if you want to bring some positive energy into your work space.


In order to get the best feng shui results from your bamboo placement, it is important to remember that every bamboo plant is unique and has its own energy. Taking time to find the right location based on the type of energy and intentions that you want to bring into your home or space can help to create a harmonious environment for many years to come. Additionally, if caring for a live plant is not an option for you, artificial bamboo plants can also be used as long as they are free from defects and placed in a clean environment. By taking these tips into consideration and experimenting with different placements of feng shui bamboo, you will find the one that resonates with you and enhances your home’s unique energy dramatically.

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