How Many Lemons for Good Feng Shui


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that emphasizes the impact of one’s environment on one’s wellbeing. The practice has been used for centuries to harmonize people with their surroundings and promote positive energy, or qi. Feng shui was born out of Taoist philosophy which views humans as interconnected with nature and aims to bring balance to all aspects of life. One popular practice within the art of feng shui is the use of lemons for good luck and prosperity.

In traditional feng shui, the use of lemons dates back thousands of years and has been seen both as symbols of wealth and good luck as well as an emblematic representation for new beginnings. Lemons were believed to cleanse energy surrounding a space and rid it of any negative energy blocking its flow. They also were thought to attract joy, success, clarity, protection, and encouragement into one’s environment when placed strategically within it.

In modern day applications, it is believed that having several bowls or baskets filled with lemons placed throughout the home will create more positive energy. Common areas around the house where lemons are often hung up or put on display include entrances in order to deter any unwanted guests or negative energy from entering; living rooms to carry a sense of happiness throughout; dining rooms to bring abundance; and bathrooms since lemons are thought to be effective air purifiers that eliminate foul smells in these tight spaces.

Moreover, placing a lemon over doorways may even provide an additional ‘shield’ between residents inside the home and potential outsiders who wish cause harm or disruption. Although there isn’t any solid scientific evidence validating ‘feng shui’, many have found comfort in placing lemons around their homes in hopes that its ancient holistic properties will follow them through life’s journey…or least bring some yummy treats!

What Do Lemons Symbolize in Feng Shui

Lemons are often used in feng shui practices to represent positivity, vitality and happiness. Lemons signify good energy, purification, and abundance. It is believed that placing lemons in various areas of your home will bring good luck and fortunes. Lemon trees are a popular choice for many gardens because they bring sweetness, brightness, clarity and joy into their environment. Lemons can be placed together in groupings to attract wealth or arranged in clusters with other citrus fruits such as limes or oranges to promote balance and harmony. According to feng shui principles, placing a bowl of lemons on the entrance table of your house brings prosperity and fortune to the household when placed facing south or east. The number of lemons used depends on the intention of the user and can be adjusted accordingly. Numbers like eight or nine are usually seen as helpful for business success while seven is said to symbolize health and long life. Feng shui practitioners also believe that putting up pictures of lemons or having lemon-related items such as candles, home decorations or essential oils can help boost positive energy within the house while absorbing negative energies at the same time.

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Benefits & Limitations of Using Lemons with Feng Shui Decoration

Benefits of using lemons with Feng Shui decoration are many. Lemons can bring good luck, wealth, and health to those who display them within their home. They represent fresh energy and life, according to Eastern philosophy, which is why they should be placed in a visible location. They help to bring balance and harmony to a room. Lemon decorations also attract positive energy into the environment, which can reduce stress and boost creativity. In addition, lemons are believed to have protective properties, which can keep negative energies away.

Limitations of using lemons with Feng Shui decoration include needing maintenance as they age and rot over time. The smell of old fruits can also decrease the area’s appeal unless the lemons are replaced regularly. Some experts suggest number of elements is important when it comes to feng shui; Overdoing it or combining too many elements can lead to imbalance. It is recommended that only a few lemons be used for décor at one time to avoid feeling overwhelmed or discordant energy in the space.

Different Kinds of Lemons & Their Impact on Feng Shui

The use of lemons can be a helpful ally in providing good Feng Shui because the sour fruit is believed to ward off negative energy. To receive its full benefits, it’s important to be aware of the various characteristics related to each kind of lemon.

True lemons are round with a thick outer skin and concentrated inner juice. This type has the most powerful effect on feng shui, since its acidity strengthens your energy field and enhances protection from debilitating energies around you. They are often placed near windows, doorways, or fireplaces as a way to actively repel spirit entities which can impede luck & happiness.

There is also the Meyer lemon which looks very similar to True Lemons yet is identified by its slightly thinner rinds and richer flavor profile. Being slightly weaker than their counterpart in mitigating negative energies, these are best used in areas not usually accessible such as bathrooms or storerooms that require a moderate level of protection against ill-will.
Maple lemons are smaller in size and usually tarter than true lemons as well – giving them an increased potency when placed at higher traffic areas like entrances or exits which need intense positive energy defense mechanisms. Lastly, finger limes, which resemble long skinny cylinders rather than conventional fruits, have surprisingly strong protective properties despite their small size – so they make great decorative pieces for shelves & cupboards that need subtle guards against unwanted disturbances.

Putting It All Together

When creating a proper feng shui environment for your home, it is important to know exactly how many lemons should be placed in order to achieve the desired effects. Generally, two or three lemons should be used to balance a room and bring in positive energy, but more in-depth research can needed if you want specific benefits.

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For example, adding more than three lemons can help boost creativity, while placing just one lemon in each corner of the home will aid those who want peace and clarity of thought. Additionally, it is believed that putting five yellow lemons downward facing on an altar improves wealth luck. In order to ensure optimal results when using lemons for feng shui, it is important to use fresh organic lemon fruit and replace them when they start to shrink or lose color. Also, keep them away from drafts as this may cause rapid deterioration. Finally, make sure also that any citrus fruits you place have been blessed with incense smoke or smudged with sage before you scatter them throughout your home – this will infuse the energies of protection into the environment and create an even more powerful atmosphere.

Tips & Tricks to Achieve an Optimal Balance of Lemons & Feng Shui

Although the exact number of lemons to use for good feng shui is not prescribed, there are several key tricks and tips that you can employ to ensure an optimal balance between lemons and feng shui. Firstly, it is suggested that the placement of lemons should follow the traditional bagua, meaning the inside corners of your home should always have lemons placed in them. Secondly, incorporating additional elements such as crystals or wind chimes into lemon arrangements can further enhance the energy of your home. Thirdly, adjusting the type of lemon used based on its color can give an extra boost to a particular area’s energy; for example, while yellow lemons enhance fame and reputation when placed in the south corner of a room, green lemons symbolize wealth when placed in the east corner. Lastly, ensuring that your placement of a lemon tree follow the rules of orientation (such as placing it in front a window facing east) will help bring harmony to surrounding spaces.


The practice of using lemons for Feng Shui has been around for centuries, and it is believed to bring good luck and abundance into your life. The key takeaway is that you should use lemons in the areas that need energy cleansing. This can be done in various ways, including bringing the citrus fruit itself into the home or using a lemon-scented oil or spray in an area that needs revitalizing. Additionally, it may help to keep a bowl of lemons on display on a countertop or table in order to draw more positive energy into the home. No matter which method you choose, incorporating lemons into your Feng Shui is believed to summon good fortune and joy in everyday life.

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