North South Facing House Feng Shui

Introduction to North South Facing House Feng Shui

Feng Shui, which literally translates to “wind and water” in Chinese, is a traditional practice that has been around since ancient times. The main purpose of Feng Shui is to promote the harmonious flow of energy throughout a given space. When it comes to homes, Feng Shui basically ensures that the energy within the house will be balanced. A key element of this balance is the orientation of the house with regards to two directions: north and south.

For centuries, North South Facing House Feng Shui has been one of the most important aspects of home design in China. This stems from the belief that facing north or south brings good fortune for those who live inside it. NorthSouthorienta1tion provides people with direct access to both Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) energies because it allocates sun exposure evenly on both sides of the home throughout different seasons. Moreover, facing north-south also ensures more uniform temperature regulation indoors as sunlight can easily enter for natural warmth in wintertime and sufficiently exit during hotter periods.

North-south orientation also provides optimal access for air circulation through open windows as well as flooding natural light levels into all corners of inhabited rooms—the end result being an overall improved livability experience. As evidenced throughout its long history, North South Facing House Feng Shui remains vital when considering the environmental influence on occupants in any given space.

Advantages of Building a North South Facing House

• A north-south facing house allows for balanced energy and fresh air. Many believe that in a north-south orientation, all the five elements – water, fire, earth, metal and wood – can be well balanced with no negative chi which is beneficial to its inhabitants.

• Having a south-facing entrance is believed to bring abundance and luck into the home, as the sun’s rays can enter through this direction. This makes it ideal for areas where lots of sunshine are present, encouraging positive energy to flow freely throughout the home.

• North-south houses enjoy better cross ventilation and less direct sunlight. This means rooms will remain cooler during summer as breezes coming from both directions can cool off each room. In winter time, plenty of warmth and light evenly fill up all rooms in the house.

• People living in north south facing homes have access to views and scenery from different directions while still being sheltered from strong winds that tend to blow from the same direction all year round

The Benefits of Implementing Feng Shui in a North South Facing House

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of understanding the energy flow within one’s living environment. When it comes to a North South facing house, various components are important to maximize positive energy, and ensure success in life. Here are some of the benefits of implementing Feng Shui in a North South facing house:

1. Wealth and luck: Implementing Feng Shui will create a harmonious energy flow that facilitates wealth and luck. Symbols such as coins and gold frogs can be placed around the home to magnify this effect.

2. Improved communication: By using correct shapes, locations, and colors you can improve communication between the inhabitants within the home; promoting peace and happiness.

3. Good Health: Following correct Feng Shui principles helps to attract more positive chi into your home which can help promote good health among those who live there. Simple acts such as having plants in certain areas can help achieve this goal.

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4. Increased Concentration Levels: Balance is essential for effective concentration levels when working or studying therefore having generated elements like mirrors in some locations, will ensure adequate concentration levels to stay motivated for work or studies at home.

5. Harmonious relationships with others: Proper installations of various objects in the house will attract helpful people into your lives; creating healthy relationships all around you.

Feng Shui Strategies for North South Facing Houses

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which seeks to harmonize living spaces with the physical and metaphysical environment. Understanding the principles of Feng Shui is essential when considering designs for North South facing houses. In particular, North South facing homes are said to be prone to a lack of good fortune as they represent a ‘conflicting’ orientation. However, there are simple strategies which can be implemented to help invigorate energy flow and mix Yin and Yang in a positive balance.

One key strategy for designing a feng shui-friendly house is to incorporate the element of water somewhere on the property. This could either be through installing visually stimulating water features like ponds and fountains, or providing financial support to community initiatives that involve water projects like beach cleans or stream restoration. Moreover, ensuring that entrances are well lit, inviting and unobstructed can help invite abundance into the home space. Additionally, including open views from each room in your house can help promote openness and clarity in relation to possible future decisions – since it symbolizes being able to quickly see opportunities which could come your way in life. Finally, paying attention to wall colors can also have an energizing impact on North South facing houses: cool colors like whites, blues and greens should ideally be used throughout the home; whereas hot colors like oranges, reds and purples should generally be avoided. Through using these strategies as part of your overall design process you will be able to ensure that your feng shui style North South facing house is balanced in both its physical form and energetic potential!

Commonly Overlooked Factors When Building a North South Facing House

When building a north south facing house, there are some important Feng Shui considerations that people overlook. First, the number of levels in the house should be an odd number. This will allow for ample chi energy to be able to flow through the property. Second, the main entrance should not face north as this can bring bad luck according to Feng Shui principles. Third, if there is space in front of the entrance, it should be symmetrical. This will create harmony and balance within the property. Fourth, avoid having the bedroom near any stairs or elevator shafts as these are considered negative energy sources. Fifth, place items such as mirrors in areas where they will harmoniously reflect positive chi energy such as light and plants instead of reflecting objects that bring negative energies such as garbage cans and air vents. Finally, create a good balance between yin and yang with colors, shapes and elements like water features or plants to promote a sense of peace within the home.

Final Thoughts

A North-South facing house is considered very auspicious according to Feng Shui. It is believed that the qi, or energy, flows in a straight line on its path of least resistance without any obstructions. Many people living in a North-South house believe it brings forth positive energy, good health and overall luck. They have faith in their home’s ability to enhance their wellbeing, whether it be through education, career success, personal relationships, financial gain or just feeling overall contentment and peace in life. The success of the house may depend on the renovation work done before move-in day as well as how committed the homeowners are to following traditional Feng Shui rules for structuring and enhancing the home regularly through specific decorations and activities. A balanced combination of traditional Feng Shui rules plus modern architecture solutions can prove extremely beneficial to those who live in a North-South facing house. Indeed a great effort should be undertaken by the homeowner to appease natural forces and ultimately enjoy life without any disruptions arising out of “bad feng shui”.

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In summary, a North-South facing house is believed to bring forth positive energy and prosperity when cared for using both tradition Feng Shui rules as well as modern architecture solutions. Homeowners should pay close attention to structure renovations, proper interior design and decorations, keeping these up with yearly maintenance if possible. By doing this, they are creating an environment that encourages positive flow of qi within the house which will prove beneficial throughout life with improved happiness levels, financial gains or opportunities arising from better relationships which make life easier as they move forward towards their goals!

How to Get Professional Help with North South Facing House Feng Shui

If you’re interested in understanding and improving your North South Facing House Feng Shui, then getting professional help may be a great way to go. Professional Feng Shui consultants and masters can evaluate the structure of your home and help you make small changes to unlock powerful energy. Positive changes can be achieved by expertly placing certain objects around the house or even making alterations to existing structures. Feng shui masters are trained to understand how the environment is balanced by qi – Prana in Hinduism, which is an incorporeal force that runs through all living things – and how it affects people’s lives.

When looking for a professional feng shui consultant or master, ensure that they have experience with working on north south facing houses specifically as this type of home presents its own unique issues related to the particular cardinal directions. Ask around friends and family who might have experience with obtaining North South Facing House Feng Shui consultations; alternatively search online for reputable professionals who specialize in residential feng shui services. When deciding on one, check their credentials and read customer reviews, quality scores or ratings system from watchdogs such as BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Once you’ve decided on a consultant or master, define what issues need addressing before the consultation occurs: explain what problems exist in your home and communicate any desired outcomes from the improvements made as result of their services. Then discuss what each step requires prior to commencing: ask if there’s anything special required from your end beforehand such as taking measurements or photographs for record keeping purposes; expect long-term goals outlined by them during these discussions along with short-term action plans that needs undertaking right away. Finally negotiate prices and fees associated with their service before a contract is established between both parties.

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