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Feng Shui change jardates back thousands of years and is a practice that originated in ancient China. Often referred to as “a harmony of energy between the universe and humanity”, the purpose of feng shui change jars is to encourage positive energy, beauty and balance into a home or other special space. Much like crystals, this jar can be placed in an area that is most relevant to your spiritual practice.

Feng Shui change jars are believed to help bring luck, prosperity and fertility and may also be used as an aid in rituals or ceremonies around the house, such as cleansing and casting spells; whatever intention you wish for it holds. The idea is to fill the jar with coins from each currency you will use during your life journey ahead: copper, windfall silver coins, gold coins for major purchases, etc. This suggests a movement forward with abundance if done properly – by keeping the money flow easy comes having a sense of financial stability. It also provides opportunity for peaceful reflection when looking at what you have collected over time – much like collecting precious stones or items that signify moments worth reflecting on throughout one’s journey. Money has deep symbolic meaning within Chinese culture, and there are many folk stories associated with its use; attaching a beautiful red ribbon to this “treasure chest” brings in the symbolism of all kinds of good luck associated with Chinese culture.

The Benefits of Using a Feng Shui Change Jar

A Feng Shui Change Jar is an incredibly powerful tool to help harness the power of Feng Shui and transform the energy in your home. In the practice of Feng Shui, having a designated place to store money symbolizes maintaining good financial health. Having a beautiful jar to decorate your home with can remind you of this important concept.

The most significant benefit of using a Feng Shui Change Jar is that it encourages you to practice a positive spending mindset. Set aside some money each week and watch as your change jar slowly but surely grows. This will not only bring good luck, but also encourage you to be mindful of where and how you spend your money and manage your finances more responsibly.

Furthermore, keeping coins in your change jar is believed to attract wealth and prosperity because coins represent abundance and richness, especially when placed near traditional feng shui symbols such as Buddha or Chinese coins with success messages written on them. Furthermore, wrapping the coins in red paper reinforces their effect: red symbolizes fortune, status, vitality, and success in Chinese culture. Finally, having a Feng Shui Change Jar encourages you to save; when filled with coins it serves as a tangible reminder of how much wealth has been accumulated over time and serves as inspiration for staying disciplined with saving for the future.

Setting Up and Maintaining Your Change Jar

Step 1: Choose a Jar

Choosing the right jar is an important step in setting up your feng shui change jar. Ideally, this should be a recycled glass or ceramic jar with a lid that can be easily opened and closed. Avoid using plastic containers as they don’t have the same feng shui properties. The size of your jar will depend on your goal – you may want to start with a small one that can only hold a few coins, or get something bigger if you plan to save for an extended period of time.

Step 2: Set Your Goal

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Setting goals allows you to stay motivated and focused when putting money into your change jar. Decide on what it is you’d like to do with the savings in this jar – plan a vacation, buy something special, or just save up for emergencies. Having specific goals gives you an end-point which makes saving easier.

Step 3: Set Up Reminders

You won’t achieve much if you forget about your change jar! It’s important to set up reminders throughout the day so that whenever you come across some spare coins you remember that it should go into your change jar. Place reminders around the house – on the refrigerator door, next to the bed, in your wallet etc.. You could even design simple stickers if reminding yourself isn’t going great!

Step 4: Monitor Progress
Finally, make sure that once in awhile when opening up and counting your saved coins, take note of how much progress has been made and also enjoy watching it grow over time! Tracking progress provides powerful motivation for continuing to commit money towards achieving long term financial success through mindfully investing small amounts consistently over time.

How to Attract Good Financial Fortune with a Change Jar

A Feng Shui change jar can be a great tool for financial success. It is a magical way to attract bless and good fortune in your house. Basically, it is a physical representation of your goal for wealth accumulation. By systematically saving your coins every day, you are sending an unconscious message to the universe that you are determined to have an abundance of wealth flowing into your life.

To use feng shui change jar correctly and get the best results out of it, there are few tips and tricks you should keep in mind:

1. Always place the jar on the ground in front or near any entrance or hallways. This is to represent accepting all incoming wealth opportunities;
2. Make sure the top opening of the jar is always facing north – this will guarantee that all fortunate changes that come into your home will stay with you for the longest time;
3. Make sure it’s kept neat and tidy so it will not clutter up any negative energy;
4. Ensure it’s stored in a stable environment such as using some red color object like balls, rice etc wherein it will serve as a reminder that money coming in should stay inside;
5. Before adding coins or notes make sure to be mindful of its energy – while doing so mentally make a wish that whatever goes inside will come back with more blessings multiplied;
6. Place Red symbol close by whenever possible – symbolism like red ribbons on door handle, figurines placed at its side or putting candles around them to balance out energies;
7. Add some rich color crystals by charged under moonlight or keeping them apart from other objects but place them nearby – this amplifies energy vibes of good fortune entering into the house regularly;
8.. Don’t worry if sometimes you can’t fill in some days – it’s important also to save up before spending too much on unneeded items for more money security during difficult times outside mindset making money instantly without hard work at one go only when needing then saving afterwards bit-by-bit never works!

Create a Personalized Feng Shui Change Jar

A Feng Shui Change Jar is a great way to bring positive energy into your home. Unlike other savings jars or banks, a Feng Shui Change Jar has intention and purpose behind it. You could see it as a physical symbol of prosperity and abundance, as you fill it with coins throughout the year to be used for special moments or emergency needs. Customizing the jar involves making it look both aesthetically pleasing and spiritually meaningful. Depending on what kind of energy you’re hoping to instill in your space, use mindfully chosen colors and symbols to give your jar purpose. Decorate the outside with paint, ribbon, stones, feathers, shells or henna patterns to make it something that’s uniquely meaningful to you. Additionally, adding an intention to each coin can help create a more powerful energetic connection when those coins are used later down the road. The power of our intentions cannot be underestimated!

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Five Essentials to Put in Your Feng Shui Change Jar

1. Trinkets: Trinkets such as a jade buddha, a crystal, or other items of sentimental value can bring balance and harmony to your home or office when placed in the Feng Shui Change Jar.

2. Coins: Coins are said to attract abundance in your life, so be sure to dedicate some coins to the change jar.

3. Lemon: Lemons help to purify and cleanse stale energy and attract positive luck into your space. Place a lemon in the Feng Shui Change Jar for prosperity.

4. Salt: Salt is known for its purifying properties and is thought to safeguard against negative energies. Add a pinch of salt to your Feng Shui Change Jar for added protection from harm.

5. Herbs: Herbs are believed to attract positive energy and good luck in Chinese Feng Shui culture, Try adding some herbs such as sage or cinnamon sticks as you fill up your jar for additional protection and prosperity benefits.

Wrapping Up

A Feng Shui Change Jar is a great way to start putting positive energy into your life and finances. This tool helps you focus on wealth, prosperity and abundance right away by taking small coins – money that you would otherwise spend – and turning it into something more. Your coins are a symbol of financial security. Even when times may be tight, the jar gives you something tangible to work towards: a sense of financial freedom. Placing it in a prominent spot in your home will also serve as reminder to practice money-saving habits every day, making it easier for you to achieve your goals.

The change jar can be used to save up for big purchases or even just for fun spending money, bringing good luck with each coin that’s added. Seeing how the coins build up over time can help increase motivation towards reducing spending and saving more. Coupled with positive affirmations and other Feng Shui principles, using this jar can have powerful long-term effects on finances as well as personal positivity.

By consciously making an effort to fill your Feng Shui Change Jar, you are sending an energizing message of hope and abundance out into the Universe. Small steps, like adding coins to this container every day or week, bring about big results in terms of achieving true financial stability – a goal that is within reach with someone who has determination and discipline. In addition to speaking affirming words out loud each day such as “I am abundant”, you could also add positive notes or thankful reminders inside the jar too – little things that will help keep you focused on your long-term prospects while simultaneously increasing current feelings of happiness and contentment associated with having all your basic needs met!

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