Money Fish Feng Shui

Money Fish Feng Shui

What is it?

Money Fish Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese technique used to promote prosperity and abundance in one’s home or workspace. This practice involves placing certain objects in strategic places around your living space to bring in the flow of positive energy and draw in money and material wealth.

What are the basic principles?

According to traditional Chinese beliefs, the flow of chi, or the energy that circulates in our environment, affects us in many ways. By shifting this chi slightly and strategically, it is thought to draw in wealth and that’s where the use of money fish comes in. Money fish are said to gather the energy of abundance and circulate it, creating prosperity and luck.

What is the history of Money Fish Feng Shui?

Money Fish Feng Shui has been practiced in ancient China as far back as several thousand years ago. It is believed that the practice was derived from the Tan Family, who were influential in the development of Chinese culture. As its popularity spread, the practice was taught to wealthy families and merchants so that they could use the principles to their advantage and increase their prosperity.

What are the benefits?

Money Fish Feng Shui is believed to provide a number of benefits:

  • Bringing financial abundance
  • Creating a good energy flow in the home or workplace
  • Attracting luck and luck with business transactions and dealings
  • Promoting the growth of business

How is Money Fish Feng Shui Done?

There are a few different techniques to practicing Money Fish Feng Shui. Some of the most common techniques involve:

  • Placing a fish in a bowl and filling it with coins
  • Hanging a fish symbol on the wall
  • Drawing a fish on a piece of paper or in the sand
  • Using coins with the image of a fish printed on them (these coins are known as “Feng Shui coins”)
  • Carrying a small fish charm in your wallet or purse

The main goal of Money Fish Feng Shui is to attract the positive energy of abundance and luck into one’s home or workspace. When practicing the technique it is important to ensure that the money fish is placed in the right spot and surrounded by objects that symbolize wealth and prosperity.


Money Fish Feng Shui is an ancient practice believed to attract abundance and luck into one’s home or workspace. Though there is no scientific evidence to back up the claims, many people believe that the energy of the fish symbol can draw in wealth and promote financial prosperity. Whether you’re a believer or not, it certainly can’t hurt to give it a try!

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