Dragon Facing The Mirrors Feng Shui

# Dragon Facing The Mirrors Feng Shui

Feng Shui, a traditional Chinese school of thought, has often been referred to as an art and science of ordering, environmental placement, and aesthetics to optimise health and prosperity of human habitats. One major element of Feng Shui is Dragon Facing The Mirrors.

## What is Dragon Facing The Mirrors Feng Shui?

Dragon Facing The Mirrors Feng Shui is the practice of hanging a mirror in an appropriate position to deflect negative energy away from the home. According to Chinese tradition, if the mirror hangs with the Dragon facing away from the home, negative energy will be directed away from the house, thus bringing balance and harmony to the occupants of the home.

## Benefits of Dragon Facing The Mirrors Feng Shui

There are many benefits to using this practice of Feng Shui in your home. Among the benefits are:

* Increased abundance and good luck
* Improved health and wellbeing
* Clearing of negative energy
* Improved clarity, focus, and confidence
* Enhanced relationships and communication

## How to Implement Dragon Facing The Mirrors Feng Shui

To see the most benefits from Dragon Facing The Mirrors Feng Shui, it is important to hang the mirror in the right place. Here are some tips for proper implementation:

* Place the mirror in an area of your home facing away from external energy sources such as other homes or streets.
* Hang the mirror at least half a metre away from the wall, and make sure that it is stable.
* Hang the mirror in a visible place, away from clutter and distractions.
* Hang the mirror at the right angle – 45 degrees facing the northern or south-western direction is suggested.

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## Conclusion

Dragon Facing The Mirrors Feng Shui can be an incredibly powerful practice for promoting wellbeing, balance, and harmony in the home. Implementing the proper steps for hanging a mirror and placing it in an appropriate position will bring the most benefit from this practice.

What are the benefits of using dragon facing the mirrors Feng Shui?

1. Improved Focus and Concentration: Placing a dragon facing the mirror is said to increase your ability to pay attention and stay alert.

2. Increased Happiness and Positive Energy: It is thought that the fear depicted in dragons can be transformed into an energy of protection and good luck when they are facing a mirror. This may result in improved feelings of happiness and positivity in the home.

3. Protection from Negative Energy: It is believed that placing a dragon facing a mirror helps protect its energy from negative influences from outside sources. It is also purported to ward off bad luck and negative influences.

4. Improved Luck and Success: Placing the dragon in front of a mirror brings about luck and success in both the spiritual and material realms. It is believed to increase your chances of success in all aspects of life, including money and career.

5. Enhanced Relationship Dynamics: It is also believed that enchanting your home with this mirror-dragon Feng Shui combination can bring immense benefits to your relationships with others, namely your spouse, family, and friends.

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