Hyacinth Feng Shui

What is Hyacinth Feng Shui?

Hyacinth Feng Shui is an ancient art and science that helps to bring balance and harmony to a space and its occupants. In Chinese culture, Feng Shui has been used for thousands of years to bring luck and prosperity to people’s homes and work places. Hyacinth Feng Shui specifically makes use of certain flowers, including hyacinths, to help amplify certain positive vibrations and create an ideal atmosphere.

Origins of Hyacinth Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that grew from Taoist philosophy and changes the way people arrange and decorate their homes. It is a belief that your surrounding environment can impact the wellbeing and fortune of you and your family.

The use of flowers and plants as part of Feng Shui has been around for thousands of years. In particular, the hyacinth is an especially popular flower used in Feng Shui because of its lush, vibrant colors. It is believed to bring lots of beauty, vibrancy, and positive energy into a space.

How To Use Hyacinth Feng Shui

To take advantage of the hyacinth’s power and maximize its effect in Feng Shui, it’s important to understand where and how to place the flowers in your home. Here are some of the most popular ways to use hyacinth Feng Shui:

  • Front door / entryway: Hyacinths can be placed in a pot or vase near the front door to welcome positive vibes and stimulate prosperity.
  • Entryway to the bedroom: Hyacinths placed in strategic spots near the entrance to the bedroom can create a peaceful and calming atmosphere for a good night’s sleep.
  • Family room: A bouquet of hyacinths can be used to create a light, refreshing, and relaxing atmosphere in the family room.
  • Office: Place a pot of hyacinths in the office to create an inviting and pleasant work environment.


Hyacinth Feng Shui is an excellent way to bring peace and prosperity into one’s home or work space. By understanding the origins and usage of hyacinth Feng Shui, it’s easy to use this ancient practice to channel positive energy and luck in one’s own space.

What colors are Feng Shui associated with hyacinth?

Feng Shui is associated with the colors blue, purple, and pink in relation to hyacinth. These colors are energetically associated with balance and tranquility. An arrangement of hyacinth featuring any combination of these colors can also be a powerful tool for bringing more harmony into a space.

What plants are associated with Feng Shui?

-Bamboo: Symbolizes prosperity, long life, and natural growth.

-Orchids: Symbolizes fertility, abundance and refinement

-Jade: Represents health, wealth and social status

-Peace Lily: Absorbs toxins and emits positive vibes

-Lucky Bamboo: Represent 8 elements: Earth, water, wood, fire, metal, air and yin-yang.

-Money Plant: Represent wealth and prosperity.

-Fig Tree: Symbolize stability and peace.

-Lemon Tree: Represent fresh energy and good luck.

-Lavender: Symbolize honor and inner peace.

-Chrysanthemums: Represent long life, joy and peace.

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