How To Tie A Feng Shui Mystic Knot


The Mystic Knot in Feng Shui is a powerful symbol of strength, luck, and good fortune that has been employed for centuries. It is an intricately knotted pattern often seen on clothing and jewelry, which holds tremendous symbolic meaning. This knot symbolizes the interweaving of all aspects of life—yin/yang, positive/negative—and how these energies are intertwined in order to achieve harmony. In addition, it represents infinite possibilities and endless opportunities for betterment. Its presence can also help ward off negative energy brought about from stressful times or traumatic events in the past. Therefore, tying a Feng Shui Mystic Knot can be highly beneficial for achieving balance within oneself and promoting a greater sense of clarity and purpose.

What is a Mystic Knot?

A Mystic Knot is a decorative knot which is believed to have powerful protective and good luck qualities in the Buddhist and Tai Yin traditions. It is made up of three interlocking loops which together form an endless “Eight” symbolising infinite possibilities, harmony, luck and longevity. The Mystic Knot can be used as a decorative item or carried with you on your person for good luck and protection.

To tie a Feng Shui Mystic Knot for yourself, you will need four cords or ribbons about 1 foot long. Begin by making two false knots at each end of the four ribbons – this forms the center square that looks like a diamond shape in the middle. Once the square is created, take one pair of ribbons and pass it through the hole to create one half of an infinity sign (or “Eight”). Do the same with the other pair of ribbons. After forming this infinity loop on either side, tie both ends together tightly to complete the knot.

The Mystic Knot should then be hung up in your home or on your person as a symbol of good luck and protection. To further enhance its power you can also write wishes or goals on small notes or cards before tying them into your knot – these wishes will stay with you for eternity! Additionally, it can be presented as a gift for family and friends as it’s believed to bring positive energy wherever it hangs.

Materials Needed and Space Preparation

In order to tie a Feng Shui Mystic Knot, you will need some thin twine or silk thread, scissors or clippers, and the space in which to practice. You can practice the process of tying the knot in any comfortable setting; however, if you wish to harness the energy of Feng Shui then it is best to work outside and near natural elements like water or earth.


The instructions for tying a Feng Shui Mystic knot are quite simple. Begin by taking your twine/thread and creating an oval as many times as you would like, with each lap representing a wish or ambition. On the final lap, follow the same procedure but make sure that when you begin circling back around that both ends remain loose- do not secure them just yet. This open loop is meant to symbolize that wishes can be filled – they only require a little magic! Lastly, cross over each end over each other- careful that they don’t become too tangled! Then take one end and put it through each hoop until both ends are now intertwined like a traditional knot. Cut off any excess thread- ensuring your knot looks neat and uniform. Now your Feng Shui Mystic Knot is complete!

Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting the Mystic Knot

1. Begin by gathering the four strands of your Mystic Knot, with each strand being roughly twice the length of your arm. If possible, you should use a thin type of string or ribbon that is strong enough to hold its shape; however, some practitioners will use any kind of cord they have on hand to craft their knot.

2. Once you’ve gathered each strand, cross them in the middle so that you create an ‘X’ shape. Firmly hold this crossed-over section together as you proceed to tie your knots.

3. Gently twist and intertwine the left side over and behind the right side, creating two separate loops or circles; these circles should look similar to two letter Cs facing each other. You can grasp each loop between your thumb and index finger for better control as you progress further along with tying your knot.

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4. Gently pull up each loop until it meets the roughly 2-inches apart at the top in order to form your Mystic Knot’s distinctive bow shape with 8 ends, otherwise known as petals or lobes within Feng Shui belief systems. As you pull up each strand, be sure not to neglect tightening against its neighbor until they are close to touching yet still boasting a tight appearance overall that can neither be too loose nor too tight; continue maneuvering until you have acheived this secure tension level all along the body of your Mystic Knot before proceeding with further steps below:

5. Now tightly twist around one loop three times before moving on to complete three wraps around the adjacent loop next; doing so will give stability to parts of your Mystic Knot where there may be slight gaps at later stages when crafting this highly symbolic knot/amulet overall.

6. As in Step Four above, firmly but gently tighten throughout various points along both loops and at corners—paying particular attention towards successfully balancing out tension per lobe throughout entire surface area of knot evenly (loose sections must be tightened while tighter coil areas must be given slack).

7. Once all eight ends have been sufficiently twisted and tied together and all tension has been balanced out across entire knot’s surfaces by means of tightening each strand where needed—it is now time for a final general check for any unsightly bumps or gaps which need further adjustments or even entirely redoing previous work altogether if necessary (require further fine tuning next):
8. Hold Master Symbol near front surface of completed Master Knot—and double take view from various angles around sides (as well as one from backside) in order check for any strange protrusions or “spikes” which may unmanageably screw w/knot’s energetic power concentrations intended for therapeutic effects programming upon wearer’s wellness biofield —which might occur due overly haste work such as skimping on careful counting & placement twists + ties amongst individual strands ends belonging originated whole strands crossed center upward into shaped collar ete hereafter known MASTER KNOT~

Crafting Visual Aids for the Mystic Knot

The Mystic Knot is an ancient Eastern symbol of long life, unity, and infinity. In Feng Shui, it is believed that tying the knot can bring good luck and protection in one’s life. Though some view it as a complicated knot to tie, with the proper technique anyone can make their own!

To start your journey into crafting this beautiful visual aid of protection, you will need fabric or thread. Depending on what type you choose, the size may differ. For fabric-based ties, cut two pieces into desired lengths before starting. For thread-based ties, begin by looping a few feet (closer to four feet) length of thread around your index finger twice and then secure it firmly so that it stays in place with either an elastic band or clip.

Once your fabric has been cut or your thread has been positioned correctly around your finger, you will want to identify three points at the center of the them which allows for you to make an even octagon shape when completed. Then begin the knotting process by starting at the top and slowly working around point by point until all eight points have been securely connected together. If you have chosen a threaded version, slowly begin weaving— making sure each weave overlay another one as a way of locking them together as you go— if done correctly this should create multiple loops or strands along its length which also aids in keeping everything secure from slipping apart once finished folding over itself at either end like a palm frond pattern or fan shape . As you finish up , ensure that both ends are separated equally giving symmetry and balance completing The Mystic Knot for the perfect Feng Shui visual aid charm .

Placing the Mystic Knot

The Mystic Knot is a unique symbol in Feng Shui that conveys much more than physical tying of a knot. It draws its meaning and symbolism from Buddhism, where it symbolizes uninterrupted harmony, eternal good luck, and long life. Its 8 interconnected loops, with no beginning nor end, represent the infinity of time as well as lifelong dedication to any commitment of love and loyalty. This makes it ideal for representing relationships. Traditionally, the Mystic Knot is displayed in places of prominence around the home to bring harmony and abundance and to uplift the overall energy in a space.

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The Mystic Knot can be physically tied with a red ribbon or any other suitable material with the right intentions and dedication. The ritual begins by looping one end of the ribbon 3 times to form an eternity symbol – without cutting off excess material – representing endless completeness. Then tie 5 knots within each loop of the eternity symbol, leading from each side back into itself. The entire process should be done gently but firmly as one continuous movement & with great intention. This final knot mirrors perfect interconnection and binds naturally within itself – just like true harmony or friendship should function in our lives; while also maintaining its original structure – signifying resilience even under duress or pressure. After tying the Mystic Knot, it can be placed facing outward in prominent locations as a reminder to seek contentment & connection in all aspects & relationships around us.

Using the Mystic Knot for Feng Shui Benefits

The mystic knot is a popular symbol used in Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement. It represents endless success and good luck, as it is an intricately entwined knot with no beginning or end. It shows us three values: The infinity of love, faithfulness and sincerity in relationships amongst family, friends, colleagues and loved ones.

When tying a Mystic Knot for Feng Shui benefits, the process should first begin with a proper intention setting. Intention setting should involve visualizing the desired outcome of your effort – be it happiness, prosperity or positive change – to be achieved through the functioning of the Mystic Knot. This step helps to focus on desired goals and intensity feeling them. Similarly, having gratitude for what you have while preparing to receive what you seek can amplify the energy that follows this activity further.

Once your intention has been set, gather seven pieces of red thread of equal length. When binding the threads together into a rope make sure not to cross them over or backtrack as this will reverse the power of its positive intention and reduce its effectiveness overall. Start by positioning 3 threads horizontally against another 4 vertically so it resembles an ‘X’ shape then intertwine them accordingly to create plaited knots- afterwards join all 7 threads together at one end to secure it from unravelling. Once finished place your finished Mystic Knot in a visible place where its energy may continuously flow throughout your home for greater benefits such as increasing vibrations of abundance and protection from bad luck or negative forces. Embrace and enjoy in the powerful force you’ve created in activating this Feng Shui Amulet! Affordable and non-time consuming yet highly beneficial when correctly implemented into our lives!


The beauty of tying a Feng Shui Mystic Knot is that the symbolic knot represents infinite energy and prosperity. By taking the time to learn this ancient practice, you can reap the rewards of greater abundance, enriching relationships, improved communication, protection from negativity and gaining success in all areas of your life. In addition to manifesting good fortune and manifesting dreams, a Feng Shui Mystic Knot brings balance and stability to your life. Once tied correctly, the knot is meant to remain for as long as possible; however you should update your knot whenever major breakthroughs or life events occur in order to formalize these successes with traditional symbolism. All in all, dedicating yourself to learn how to properly tie a Feng Shui Mystic Knot will be beneficial for many years to come, providing those who utilize it with peace of mind and contentment.

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