How To Solve Coffin Bed Feng Shui

How to Solve Coffin Bed Feng Shui

Feng shui is a complex and complete system of energy management that has been around for centuries. In modern day living, understanding and implementing the principles of feng shui can be very beneficial in creating harmony, balance, and internal well being.

When it comes to the home and bedroom in particular, the use of feng shui can be very helpful in creating the most comfortable and relaxed sleeping environment. The craft of feng shui applies to all types of beds, including the traditional coffin bed.

Understanding Coffin Bed Feng Shui Principles

The most important feng shui principle is to know your personal energy requirements in the space you’re occupying. All bedrooms need restful, peaceful energy, and with the coffin bed, this sacred energy must be implemented with extra caution. Placement of the coffin bed should be in such a way that you don’t feel restricted, cramped, or boxed in while sleeping.

Creating an Ideal Environment

Creating an ideal coffin bed sleeping environment is simple if you understand and employ the principles of feng shui:

  • Position the Coffin Bed Carefully:The orientation and placement of the coffin bed should be where it will not receive direct energy from the elements. The ideal placement for the coffin bed is in a corner of the room. This allows for a sense of protection and a sense of support from the two walls.
  • Minimize Clutter: Any objects or pieces of furniture near the coffin bed should be kept to a bare minimum to reduce energy blockage. This includes removing any objects stored beneath or behind the coffin bed.
  • Add A Soft Touch: Soften the coffin bed with plenty of pillows and covers. To bring in a sense of warmth and comfort, utilize natural, organic, and softer textiles such as cotton and linen.
  • Designate a Clean-Up Zone: Any items not specifically related to relaxation should be placed in a designated area away from the coffin bed. This includes clothing, shoes, and any other objects that can interrupt your sleeping cycle.
  • Create a Relaxation Area: Simply adding a reading chair or small couch can give the coffin bed a relaxation area feel. Add in a book, a journal, and some candles to relax both mind and body before going to sleep.

Using these five feng shui tips along with your own creativity, you can create the ultimate coffin bed sleeping environment and become one with the energies of the space.

Feng Shui Alternatives

If you can’t seem to make your coffin bed work with the principles of feng shui, there are alternatives. Consider replacing the coffin bed with different shapes of beds such as round beds or rectangular beds. You can take advantage of the various shapes available in modern furniture stores or create your own arrangement with multiple pieces of furniture.

Feng shui is the craft of using energy. Understanding and applying the principles to your living space will bring balance and peaceful energy to your day-to-day life.


In today’s world, understanding and implementing the principles of feng shui is essential in creating harmony and balance in a living space. In particular, creating the ideal sleeping environment with a coffin bed requires being conscious of the energy that is being brought into the room. Through following the five tips listed in this blog and understanding the mechanics of feng shui, you can design a coffin bed living space that is both relaxing and comforting.

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