Cures for Coffin Bed Feng Shui


When it comes to good feng shui, coffin beds can be a bit of an enigma. Also known as corner beds, coffin beds have become popular in recent years thanks to their classic and elegant design. While they certainly make for an attractive addition to any bedroom, they can be disruptive to the flow of the qi energy in your home if not properly addressed. Fortunately, there are several simple cures that you can take advantage of to ensure your bed is aligning with positive chi energy and helping you live better life.

What is Coffin Bed Feng Shui? Coffin bed feng shui is when a bed or other piece of furniture is placed diagonally in the corner of your room or along two adjoining walls at an acute angle rather than parallel to them. It’s important to remember that having a coffin bed may not always directly affect your qi, but it does change how the energy flows in your space and can create dull areas or even blockages in other parts of the room. You’ll want to identify these issues so that you can remedy them before moving forward with other aspects of feng shui for your home or office.

Cures for Coffin Bed Feng Shui: Luckily, there are several easy (and some more involved) cures available that will help fix any imbalances created by a coffin shaped bed. One common cure is simply adding elements like plants, lighting fixtures, and mirrors alongside your furniture pieces so they’re no longer positioned at such an angle. For example, placing a lamp beside a bed will soften its corners and re-direct any negative chi energy while also adding some decorative flair. Other smaller solutions include painting the wall color behind the headboard or using rugs to break up sharp edges — both remedies act as buffers which allow qi energy to move more freely around and within the room’s walls. Finally, for those looking for long-term effects on their living space’s harmony and balance, rearranging how major furniture pieces — including sofas — are arranged will prove most beneficial. By following these cures when dealing with coffin bed feng shui concerns you should see dramatic results in terms of balancing out the flow of energies in and around your home!

Causes of Coffin Bed Feng Shui

Coffin bed Feng Shui is a form of sleeping arrangement that has been popular in Chinese culture for centuries. It involves the use of coffin-shaped furniture such as beds or couches placed in a specific part of the house to attract positive energy and bring good luck. Unfortunately, this type of feng shui can be very damaging to a person’s wellbeing if it is not used properly.

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The problem with coffin bed Feng Shui arises when individuals do not understand the implications of this kind of sleeping arrangement. Placing a coffin-shaped object in your home can attract negative energy into it and make it difficult for residents to get restful sleep or feel relaxed in their own homes. Furthermore, Coffin bed Feng Shui encourages passivity and helplessness as well as feelings of being trapped and having no ways to get out which can lead to anxiety, fear, depression, frustration, and other mental health issues.

To avoid the potentially destructive consequences of Feng Shui, it is important to be mindful of how you are using it and make sure you follow all appropriate guidelines regarding how you place your furniture and other objects in your home so that they only bring positive energy rather then inviting negative energies into your space. Additionally, if you are still uneasy about having this kind of sleeping arrangement in your home, it would be wise to consult an expert who has experience dealing with Coffin bed Feng Shui for advice on the best way to arrange your furniture so that only positive energies infiltrate your living space.

Cures for Coffin Bed Feng Shui

Cures for Coffin Bed Feng Shui include changing the direction of the bed and avoiding having too many sharp angles in the bedroom. For example, if your bed is facing directly into a wall, try moving it to an angle that allows more movement of energy. Additionally, make sure that no sharp corners are pointing towards your bed and that the bed is easy to access from all four sides. You can also incorporate a few relaxing elements such as fresh flowers, plants, or artwork in order to promote positive energy. To further enhance feng shui in the bedroom, incorporate some yin-yang symbols along with crystals and mirrors to offer more balance. Lastly, avoid having cluttered surfaces or dark color palettes in favor of light and airy decorations to create an inviting atmosphere.

Moving the Bed

According to feng shui principles, coffin bed feng shui can be countered by adjusting the positioning of the bed. Ideally, this should be done in such a way that the bed is not facing directly into a wall or any other obstacle, but rather that it faces an open space and allows for the free flow of energy. When positioning the bed, it is important to make sure there are no sharp corners pointing at you as you sleep. The ideal angle for the headboard should be between 30 and 45 degrees when as seen from above. As far as measurements go, traditionally it is believed that a comfortable sleeping distance should be maintained from each side of the bed – typically no less than one foot from either side of the mattress. Ideally, 15-20 inches will help provide plenty of breathing room for restful sleep and good energy flow.

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Decorating the Room

Decorating the room can have a huge impact on the chi energy in a bedroom. Incorporating artwork, like paintings or sculpture, can create an energy “current” and help to bring positive chi energy into the space. Placing plants in the room is another great way to increase chi energy as this will help circulate air to keep things fresh and inviting. Lastly, adding some throw pillows or other decorative items like candles will give the bedroom’s energy a boost and create a welcoming environment that is enjoyable to be in. In summary, incorporating art, plants and other decorative pieces can do wonders for increasing positive chi energy and creating a better feng shui atmosphere in your coffin bed!


The central idea of Coffin Bed Feng Shui is positioning your bed in a way that is balanced and peaceful. When your bed is correctly placed, you will be able to fully reap the benefits of being in the bedroom. Here are some suggestions to cure Coffin Bed Feng Shui:

• Move the bed away from any pillars, columns or walls to create harmonious energy flow.
• Avoid placing your bed in a corner so the chi can pass freely around it.
• Place the headboard against a solid wall for support.
• Make sure there’s at least 12 inches of space between your mattress and wall/headboard.
• Be mindful of sharp angles pointing at you (e.g corners of furniture or mirrors).

To better comprehend these techniques and how they can affect your sleeping environment, pictures of crisply feng-shuied bedrooms displaying both good and bad practices should be available for visual learning purposes which include explanations on why poor practices should be avoided and what positive changes are possible with well-thought out arrangements. Examples might include illustrating the power of keeping a clear walkway from the doorway to ensure restorative sleep, opening windows frequently for air renewal and using plants for boosting oxygen levels during rest hours. Having said this, finally it is important to make sure that all aspects in your bedroom appealing to touch (e.g fabrics) make you feel relaxed and comfortable; we sleep more naturally when we feel safe and secure with our clothes, bedding, pillows etc…

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