How to Feng Shui My Office Desk


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which promotes balance, calmness, and respect within a space. It is applied in many professional and residential settings to influence a positive flow of energy throughout the area. When applied to office spaces, it can create a workspace that is both productive and calming. Feng Shui offers some general tips for how to organize and arrange office furniture in order to maximize its potential.

When applying Feng Shui to your office desk, consider the size of your work surface and the amount of available light. By allowing adequate room for movement, Feng Shui encourages positivity while reducing any blocks or obstacles in thought. Avoid placing too much clutter on top of your desk; instead, choose items with purpose or decoration that promote mental clarity and positive energy such as plants or fortune cat figurines. Also strive to keep all items below eye level so nothing obstructs your line of sight or vision – this includes computer monitors and telephones. Lastly, ensure that your workspace has enough lighting; natural sunlight promotes productivity while artificial light sources such as lamps offer soothing atmospheres great for brainstorming ideas.

Preparing Your Desk

The key to successfully feng shui-ing your office desk is to make sure that it’s organized, uncluttered, and inviting. Begin by decluttering the desk. Remove any extra paper, pens, notes, or other items that might seem unimportant or out of place. It can also help to rearrange your desk to maximize the flow of energy around the space – for example, try moving your printer away from your sitting area so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by its presence. Try not to keep too many items on the desk itself so as NOT to clutter it up – only items related to current tasks should be placed here. Once everything has been removed and the clutter is cleared out of the way, consider what needs upgrading in order to bring a more comfortable feeling into the room. Whether that means rearranging furniture such as chairs and lamps or adding some pleasant decorations such as house plants or art prints on the wall, focus on creating an enjoyable work space which brings peace of mind while working at your desk. Finally, make sure to prioritize your tasks – know what needs to be done right away versus what tasks can wait until later. By being organized and having a plan before beginning Feng Shui processes will ensure maximum efficiency during this important home improvement project.

Re-arranging Your Desk

The first step to feng shui your office desk is to determine the best placement for yourself and your equipment. Your desk should be both comfortable and spacious, providing you with open access to all items in and around it. Position yourself so that you can easily reach various pieces of equipment such as the computer, printer, fax machine, telephone and even any materials needed for projects or presentations. Place items close by that are used more often than others such as phones and writing utensils, keeping them within arm’s reach. If possible, position a natural light source facing you while you are sitting at your desk.

The color scheme in your office should also be carefully considered when applying feng shui principles to your space. Use colors that create a peaceful atmosphere, such as light blues or gentle yellows. Balanced colors also bring harmony – think warm reds in balance with cool greens. Eliminate bold colors which have intense energy associated with them and may be distracting during concentrated periods of work time.

Bringing nature into your office will add an element of tranquility to the space; try placing plants around your desk area or adding art featuring natural elements or scenes from nature itself. A crystal or water fountain placed strategically can have calming effects to energize positive chi. Hang objects on walls that promote success such as awards or certificates of accomplishments; this will draw successful energy into the room while simultaneously being motivational visual reminders of what is possible to achieve through dedication and hard work. Finally, take time periodically to organize everything on top of and in your desk; cluttered spaces can affect productivity significantly by holding onto negativity instead of allowing good chi to flow freely throughout the area.

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Assessing Your Environment

Before trying to Feng Shui your office desk, it is important to assess your environment and identify any objects that may be obstructing or disrupting the flow of energy. You should first locate the items that are considered “wealth corners” within your room. These are the areas in which prosperity, money, romance and abundance accumulate. This will affect how you wish to position your office furniture and accessories in order to enhance the positive energy within the workspace. Additionally, mark off which area of the bagua (an octagon split into nine sliding parts) each corner or wall of your office corresponds with as this will help when defining where different types of chi (energy) will enter and exit over time.

Once these points have been identified, you should begin clearing away any clutter from your desk. Clutter can impede on productivity and focus; thus, it is important to maintain a clean desktop in order for positive energy to flow freely without obstruction. Additionally, choose carefully what type of artwork or decorations you want to place around the workspace – opt for items that bring a sense of harmony and subtle images that encourage creativity and productivity rather than intense imagery that can take focus away from tasks at hand. When organizing bookshelves, desk drawers and cabinets try creating empty space so that a gentle wind can blow through these open areas enabling essential elements such as metals, water, earths and woods associated with Feng Shui move freely throughout the room. Finally, situate plants in east-facing spots as they help bring oxygen into an interior while also serving as symbolical reminders of nature’s ever growing abundance in life – bringing more positivity into any given living space!

Utilizing Color

Feng shui is the practice of arranging your environment to achieve harmony and balance. In terms of organizing your office desk, feng shui can be used to help create a workspace that encourages productivity and well-being. One important element of this practice is color, which has a strong impact on mood and energy.

When considering color for your office desk, you may wish to explore the psychology behind different shades and tones. Depending on the atmosphere you’re aiming to create in your workspace, some colors might be more suitable than others – for instance, blues and greens often bring a sense of relaxation, whereas reds or oranges are energizing. By experimenting with different colors, you can create a pleasing color scheme that suits both your aesthetic preference as well as aiding in focus and productivity.

You should also take into account other items in the room when deciding on colors– furniture, wall hangings, plants and flooring all play a role in forming a comprehensive palette that works well together. For example, if you have light green walls but dark wood furniture, it could create an interesting contrast – perhaps mixing an earthy tone like burnt orange would compliment both hues nicely? Alternatively if you’d prefer an energetic feeling within the space then choose hues that belong to the same color family — bright pinks could mix with fuchsia shades while neutrals like white interspersed with pops of turquoise could keep things fresh yet calming.

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Balancing Chi

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of balancing energy, or chi. The goal is to foster positive life experiences by promoting harmony within your environment. To do this, the principles of feng shui focus on the arrangement of items within the space. This can range from your furniture to décor and even the positioning of items.

When it comes to offices, a desk should be placed in an inviting position – preferably near a window or door that allows natural light and easy access. Clear away any clutter as it can block energy and promote feelings of stress or chaos. Placing plants in your office space is said to increase productivity levels, create positive vibes and remove stagnant energy from the space. In terms of color schemes, using calming colors such as blues and greens will help bring balance and serenity into your workspace. Incorporating symbols for wealth and abundance are also deemed as important elements as they bring strength and success into the area. Lastly, activating the corners with items like crystals or statues will move “stuck” chi in these areas, allowing for better circulation around your desk area.

Enhancing the Overall Feel

Feng Shui can be used to create a thriving atmosphere around your office desk. Begin by taking inventory of the environment and thinking about what items in your space will bring positive energy and that you have a true emotional connection to. Incorporating plants, artwork, family photos or other meaningful objects are great ways to add an uplifting touch. Placing certain plants like Snake Plant and Bamboo in close proximity can help to bring harmony into the space and provide calming vibes.

In terms of Feng Shui elements, it is essential to consider color as well when assembling your office desk set up. Bringing in colors such as blues, yellows and greens will keep the energy balanced and inviting — while reds or blues will add intensity. Incorporating different textures like metal, wood or soft fabrics can also help to add depth and richness to the overall feel. Furthermore, having your seat facing the door creates an open flow of communication — while having pictures of lotus flowers on both sides brings a feeling of richness and renewal into the mix. Finally, make sure all clutter is kept off your desk as this may cause stagnant energy to build up which has damaging effects on productivity levels!

Final Thoughts

Reflection is an essential step in obtaining optimal tranquility in your workspace with Feng Shui. By reflecting on the environment and how it is affecting your energy flow, you can take control of the situation and adjust any features or items that may be distracting. Once the changes have been made to accommodate a positive flow of energy, it’s important to be proactive when wanting to maintain this sense of peace. Strategize ways such as regular desk cleaning, adding pictures/greenery to your surroundings, playing calming music and adjusting lighting; that will help keep you motivated while abiding by Feng Shui principles. It’s important to remember that observing one’s desired effect is not achieved overnight. Just like anything worth investing in, take time to get used to new changes. Give yourself permission to experiment, observe subtracting and adding different items until you find one that works best for you and your sense of wellbeing.

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