Feng Shui For Office Desk 2017

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of harmonizing individuals with their surroundings. It utilizes principles of energy and balance to create a peaceful environment within any given space. The practice has been recently gaining popularity, seeing its highest point in 2017 with more people beginning to understand how it can benefit their workspace, and particularly their office desk.

The general idea behind feng shui is that one’s surroundings affect the individual’s mental and physical health. With this in mind, it is then possible for an individual to make changes to their environment in order to better suit them and bring about stability. This could mean organizing items neatly on a desk, arranging furniture around the room strategically, or simply at introducing natural light to determine the atmosphere of the area.

When applying feng shui specifically to an office desk, there are certain guidelines for keeping a proper sense of balance within your workplace; such as facing away from walls whenever you are seated at your desk, leaving some empty spaces before displaying new items (so that they seem clearly visible), being aware of the colors which harmonize best with you personally (cool colors represent water or air whereas hot colors represent fire).

Additionally, placing several items such as an aquarium or plant-life will be useful for representing nourishment in our surroundings – creating a space of positivity and comfort – something which studies have shown leads towards increased productivity while working in most cases.

Aside from physical items which can be incorporated into your work environment, there are also spiritual aspects which should not go unsubsequently thought of – such as delegating important tasks only when feeling rested (as opposed to exhausted), taking regular breaks so that one’s mind may wander freely and reset itself before continuing work at hand; these pieces could lead towards success when proactively investing your time into learning the hows and whys behind Feng Shui – particularly for those individuals seeking out means for getting organized or inspired within by setting up a practical system that works best only for them.

Achieving Positive Energy

When setting up an office desk according to Feng Shui principles there are many considerations. However, the most important is its position in the room. A desk should be placed facing away from walls in a position which will allow a lot of natural light and air to flow around it.

It is also beneficial to have the desk in a commanding position where one can easily view all corners of the room without having to move or turn their head. This helps create an atmosphere of control and power.

Another important aspect of achieving positive energy through Feng Shui when setting up an office desk is that it should not be facing any closed doors or windows, as this will cut off the flowing energy in the space. Placing a mirror behind the desktop can help amplify incoming good vibes and help create balance within the room.

Colour Scheme

Another important consideration when creating a positive energy flow in an office desk area with Feng Shui is to consider what colours are used around the desk space. Reds, blues, greens, yellows and other similar shades can invoke feelings associated with success or relaxation whilst more muted hues like taupe, beige or grey can evoke feelings of calmness and serenity which may be optimal depending on one’s own needs and desires.

One technique often employed by those who practice Feng Shui is creating a colour scheme made up of a few complementary shades that will remind one of their goals every time they look at them – for example blue for success/prosperity and yellow for creativity/innovation may be incorporated into their overall decor scheme.

This could be done by having photos or art related to these goals hung on the wall surrounding their workspace while using accent colours such as cushions, throw rugs etc that compliment these tonal palettes throughout their space.

Accessorising The Desk

Achieving positive energy for your workspace goes beyond just how you place your furniture; accessories such as plants, lamps or even some inspiring artwork can add an extra touch of calming or energizing elements – whatever it is you want out of your environment – so choose items that reflect your current goals carefully.

Plants and greenery encourage replenishing oxygen cycles plus they bring life into any room so it’s worth investing in some pots if you have the space available – cacti make excellent additions too.

Lamps provide plenty of moody lighting plus they provide ample visual stimulation too. Lastly artwork – framed prints often work wonders – featuring iconic personalities whose achievements echo what you wish to achieve; making them acts as daily reminders that will invigorate your spirit when times get tough.

Desk Materials

The type of material used in constructing your office desk is an important factor when it comes to implementing the principles of Feng Shui. Each material has its own affinity with different energies, and selecting one that sends good energy can be helpful for your overall Feng Shui success.

It is much easier to bring in positive energy through furniture which has been built from organic materials like wood and stone as these have special vibrations that help amplify or secure the energy. Unnatural materials like plastic or metal don’t usually radiate good energy and having them around can negatively impact the office environment.

Ergonomic wooden desks are highly recommended as they combine the key elements strength, support, direction and stability – all necessary for achieving a harmonious atmosphere at work. These kinds of desks also connect with Earth element’s energy well, centering us into the present moment and deepening our understanding of what’s real.

Benefits of Wooden Desks

  • Organic wood grains promote a healthier & balanced home/office environment.
  • Resonates with earth energy to ground us & promote peace & calm.
  • Naturally absorbs negative energy while distributing positive vibes.
  • Provides easy access to plugging in multiple devices while keeping cords tightly controlled.
  • Durable build ensures years of support & service without any damage.
Practical Feng Shui for the Office

Desk Size

The size of a persons office desk is key when considering the effective use of feng shui in the home or workplace. Utilizing the principles of feng shui can help organize and create balance around desks, enabling them to be used in efficient and beneficial ways. It is essential to ensure your desk is large enough so your work can fit comfortably on it, without being cramped or cluttered.

A good guideline for selecting a desk size in accordance with feng shui principles is to measure out how much space within the room you need for both turning around freely and working positively. Desk sizes that are larger than this space requirement indicate an excess of energy, while smaller desks leave too little energy which leads to a lack of creativity.

Placement Of Furniture: Using the nearby furniture to initiate a flow Feng shui also emphasizes on desk placement within a room. When placed correctly, this flow creates low stress levels during work periods that offer refreshing clarity as well as increased productivity.

Desks should always face away from doors into plain walls which create less distraction-focus immediately shifts towards work without any impediments interfering with concentration levels.

Placing surrounding furniture carefully can also assist in creating this flow; near by couches and/or chairs are best positioned alongside desks at a diagonal angle which symbolizes expanding energy rather than stagnant sitting positions facing each other head-on To further enhance productivity, try hanging wall shelves against opposite walls which creates an even flow of prosperity and stimulation throughout the workspace.

Lighting: Placing lighting fixtures around the desk for balance Having proper lighting fixtures installed around your office should be done in accordance to both personal preference as well as feng shui principles; placing these fixtures above desks works best when establishing much needed illumination that eliminates eye strain while not shadowing important documents or items laid out before you.

Desk lamps are excellent sources of light which bring extra attentiveness and auspicious chi within viewing range; decide upon placements carefully so that they do not drag down energy due to unbalanced angles nor generate an overall sense of drowsiness and lethargy within rooms.

Opting for natural lighting options such as skylights are especially great due to their ability reflect vitality into homes, but make sure these spaces provide adequate shade during peak hours when blinds or shades cannot be utilized effectively.

Desk Accessories

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese way of balancing the energy of your workspace. Following some of its teachings can help create a conducive atmosphere for improved productivity and success in any office environment. Here are some tips on how to implement Feng Shui in 2017:

Desk Accessories

Investing in desk accessories that promote balance and calmness can have a great impact on overall performance. Some good desk accessories that help to improve peace and harmony include:

  • Gemstones: Placing gemstones like fluorite, jade or amethyst nearby can bring emotional balance.
  • Crystals: Put crystals such as obsidian, quartz or rose quartz around your desk area can reduce stress.
  • Aromatherapy oils: Use essential oils such as lavender, frankincense or sandalwood to infuse a calming vibration throughout the office space.
  • Plants: Place plants like the Money Tree or Jade plant at your office desk encourages positive chi flow.

Desk Placement & Orientation

It is also important when using Feng Shui that you consider the orientation and placement location of your desk with regards to where you sit. A good place to position yourself would be facing outwards towards an expansive view – this promotes goal-orientated behaviour and boosts drive and passion – while avoiding having your back directly facing the door.

An open floor plan with plenty natural light can also help generate a welcoming atmosphere by allowing fresh air to circulate within the room.

Colour Theme

Office interiors should use colours that evoke feelings of serenity and calmness; blues, greens and whites are particularly effective for this purpose. Additionally, utilising accents such as rugs, artwork, vases, etc., with details featuring earthy tones will increase the overall sense harmony throughout the office space; A compact water feature may also work wonders provided it is ideally placed within the room.

Desk Colors

With offices, the goal is to make sure that the space is conducive to productivity and relaxation. Feng Shui for office desk focuses on choosing colors that produce a sense of harmony and balance. According to this ancient Chinese practice, blue and green are excellent colors for desks, as they create a peaceful atmosphere. In particular, blue encourages creativity by helping to clear away distractions while green inspires focus, efficiency and productivity.

Beyond promoting tranquility, colors can also provide energy or help define a purpose or mood of an area. Pops of red, for example, bring in energizing vibes that boost enthusiasm in the workplace and encourages lively conversation with colleagues. Additionally, yellow promotes concentration whilst lightening up any workspace – perfect for those who are looking to balance serious worktime with moments of creativity.

Colors also have a subtle influence over feelings which is why certain colors should be avoided when furnishing an office desk such as grey and black which will trigger feelings associated with fatigue and sluggishness. On top of picking the right color scheme for your office desk it equally important to ensure your space is free from clutter as piles of paperwork stuck all around will not only create stress but also disrupt positive qi energies flowing throughout your workspace.

Having just what you need in arm’s reach allows ample room for organization while allowing energy flows throughout freely. Claiming your personal workspace by adding meaningful objects and accessories such family photographs can also help you feel at peace making it easier to concentrate on tasks ahead thus improving your overall effectiveness at workas well as boosting job satisfaction levels in general.

Desk Organization

When it comes to Feng Shui office desk organization, the key is understanding how to arrange your workspace in order to maximize both productivity and comfort. Properly organizing an office desk will not only help you stay focused and organized, but it can also create a more positive energy in your work area. The following list provides several tips on how to set up a Feng Shui-friendly office desk:

  • Declutter – Make sure your desk is free of clutter, as this will prevent feelings of being overwhelmed by unfinished tasks.
  • Designate a Work Space – Determine which areas of your workspace are for working and separate these areas from other non-work related activities.
  • Organize the Staples – Utilize organizers such as file folders, pens/pencils, paper clips etc. in order to make sure everything has its own place.
  • Prioritize All Projects – Assign priority levels for each task so you know what needs to get done first.
  • Make Room for Inspiration – Keep inspiring items around you such as plants, art or photos that makes you feel calm and creative.
Feng Shui Desk Office

Arranging the furniture in a feng shui manner will also improve vibes around the workspace. When setting up furniture keep a few things in mind; make sure there is enough room to move around comfortably while still having enough space to accommodate any visitors that may come into the office.

Ideally the chair should be facing away from the door, creating an atmosphere of protection and safety. In addition, avoid placing mirrors at your desk since this could create distraction or feelings of anxiety and stress.

Creating an atmosphere conducive to productivity begins with making sure all of technology is functioning correctly. This includes finding ways minimize background noise while still providing necessary natural light sources throughout the day.

Utilizing windows whenever possible can aid in providing essential sunshine while also incorporating fresh air into work spaces when possible. Consider utilizing light fixtures or lamps close by if windows are unavailable; however using bright fluorescent lights should generally be avoided during times when concentration is needed most.

Finally ergonomics must also be taken into consideration when arranging an office space since this will determine comfortability during long hours spent working at one’s desk. Utilizing posture friendly chairs along with adjustable monitors enhance voice recognition capabilities along with preventing physical discomfort over time when running multiple applications at once on multiple devices.

Incorporating anti-glare screen protects combined with wrist rests help reduce chances of developing any long term medical problems due to repetitive typing associated with many jobs today.

Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui is all about the way energy flows through a space, and there are certain administrative tasks that should be done to encourage positive energy in the office. When it comes to a desk, many of the same principles of Feng Shui apply. Applying some of these tips and tricks to our workspace can help us feel more productive and relaxed.

Positioning your Desk

The most important aspect of Feng Shui when it comes to our desks is the position we place them in. Ideally, you want to sit facing either south or east for maximum positive energy flow. However, this may not always be possible or ideal depending on how big your office space is or where windows are placed. In such cases, facing north may also prove beneficial as it fosters ambition and success.

Organizing The Desk Surface

As with any workspace, de-cluttering is an essential task. Before beginning with any Feng Shui details such as plants and crystals, take the time to ensure that your desk surface is clutter free and everything has been organized into drawers if necessary.

Remember that too much clutter will create negative energy as well as mental distractions which will make it hard for us to focus on our work effectively. Items like piles of paperwork should be sorted through accordingly and stored away if unneeded (properly filing away documents in folders will do wonders).

Adding Natural Elements

Once our desk is clean size up what we can add that will bring in positive chi energy – think elements like plants, artworks and crystals. Having a plant or two surely adds life if spread out on a shelf near the desk; tree shaped ones such as bonsai trees offer even more luck across all areas of life.

Something like a crystal might also come in handy if placed near the corner of our workspace where energies mix best; a citrine brings about harmony within the home/ office space whilst an amethyst provides protection from negative vibrations. Last but not least having a symbolic painting or artwork hung behind your chair adds colour and grace – motivational quotes hung next to it surely pump one’s spirit up.


Feng Shui has many profound benefits when used for office desk arrangements. Incorporating Feng Shui into an office desk set up is an efficient way to create a pleasant and successful work environment. With thoughtfully arranged desks, employees can feel more comfortable, focused, and creative which leads to enhanced productivity. Not only will the workplace look nicer, but overall job satisfaction and morale can be improved as well.

Moreover, using Feng Shui techniques around the office contribute to a more balanced energy flow that positively impacts the working atmosphere. A helpful tip is to avoid having too many personal items around the desk; this creates clutter which leads to feelings of overwhelm or lack of motivation. Additionally, it’s important to add plants to your work area which provide life force energy in addition to potential health benefits such as better air quality and improved stress-reduction capabilities.

Finally, incorporating Feng Shui principles allows intrinsic wealth abilities such as creativity or positive thoughts to manifest in a space – no matter its size – creating success and development in business endeavors by opening doors leading toward greater career growth opportunities. Allowing these positive energies into a setting instantly promotes balance throughout the office space releasing stale stagnancy from activities related with daily work life allowing businesses to thrive without any extra effort on the part of its occupants.

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