How to Feng Shui Mu Office Cube


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice, which emphasizes the flow of energy. This involves creating balance in a space and understanding how a person’s environment affects their well being and success. By understanding the principles of feng shui, we can create an office cube that allows us to take advantage of these positive energies and support our professional ambitions.

One way to use the principles of feng shui in our office cube is to pay attention to colors, shapes, and images. Colors like blue and green represent tranquility, harmony and healing; while yellow and red help create focus, motivation and ambition. Shapes like triangles represent guides for degrees of success; while circles indicate completeness. Images like pictures from nature can inspire creativity, serenity and relaxation. We can also choose plants like bamboo or cacti for good luck if we are Feng Shui followers.

Another important factor to consider when practicing feng shui in the office cube is clutter. Clutter represents unfinished tasks or blocks which need to be addressed first before new ones can come in. By clearing our desktops or floors of unneeded papers or files, we allow the necessary energy to flow freely into our work space so that it can support current progress instead of hinder it. Finally, it is important not to face any desk corners too as this invites negative energy that isn’t conducive towards achieving success in business endeavors.

By utilizing these few basic tips found within the principles of feng shui we can create a comfortable office cube that fosters productivity, achievement and personal growth – allowing us to take advantage of positive energy sources when pursuing our professional aspirations!

Crafting a Comforting Environment

Colors: When choosing colors for your cube, remember to pick colors that will bring about feelings of comfort and relaxation. Soft blues, greens, pinks and yellows can create a calming atmosphere in the office cube. Avoid bold, bright colors as they may be too stimulating.

Furniture: Think about adding furniture to your office cube to make it feel more like a room in a home than an office. Place a comfortable rug or large cushion on the floor for feet to rest upon and small plants within reach for emerging greenery. Egg-shaped chairs are great for relaxation – adjust the chair and table so that you’re always sitting comfortably when working behind the desk.

Wall Hangings: Hang photographs of family members, friends or inspiring places you have visited to remind yourself of those special times while you work. You could add colourful decorations like flags, mirrors or modern art pieces too bring colour into the space and make it unique to you. Choose frames that fit with the storey of your craft haven and consider using wall stickers with positive affirmations such as ‘believe in yourself’ or ‘you can do anything’ to encourage motivation and productivity throughout the day!

Letting the Flow of Positive Energy In

To Feng Shui your office cube, the first thing you should do is allow positive energy to flow freely within the space. Start by moving any unnecessary items out of sight and placing them in storage or a different location. This helps open up the room and allows the fresh energies to fully enter. After removing unnecessary clutter, arrange the furniture so that it creates an inviting layout for yourself and for anyone else who may visit your area. Place the desk facing out so that it can receive natural light, as this promotes growth and focus; alternatively, if possible, move plants into the space to create a vibrant atmosphere and clear air quality. Furthermore, making sure colors are soothing yet energizing can also add to this balancing of energies. Keeping decorations minimalistic and harmonically related to your work is vital in creating an effective workspace while allowing positive energy to nourish itself within the walls of your cube.

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Establishing a Healthy Atmosphere

Feng shui can help to create a healthy and balanced atmosphere in an office cube environment. Here are some tips for achieving an optimal Feng shui-friendly workspace:

Position your desk facing the door, allowing yourself to see who is entering and leaving the room. Make sure you also have good lighting, as well as a clear line of sight so you can be easily seen by those entering and leaving. Place your desk approximately one foot away from the wall with nothing leaning against it or obstructing it. This will help create a feeling of openness and clarity in the space.

In addition, using calming colors such as blues, greens, and earth tones on walls can help to balance the energy and optimize positive vibes in the surroundings. Use them either on accent walls or around windows to amplify these effects. Plants are also beneficial for providing another layer of serenity to your office cube, as well as a touch of lively beauty through bringing more life into your workspace. Other effective desk accessories include artwork that relates to your motivation or inspiration, personal photographs, essential oils for fragrance if appropriate, stress relieving items such as worry stones or therapeutic crystals; a book shelf; trinkets from past engagements, etc. Each unique item should work collectively with one another and promote tranquility in order to further allow efficiency at work – both mentally and spiritually!

Inspiring Moments

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of creating balance, harmony, and positive energy in a work space. To feng shui your office cube, start by decluttering the area—throw away newspapers and old coffee cups, fold clothing that’s lying around, and organize the desktop. Next, select inspiring items to incorporate into your space. Include artwork that you love, photographs of friends and family that generate fond memories, items with personal meaning such as souvenirs from vacations or accomplishments at work. Finally, ensure your furniture is properly aligned to promote peace and focus—the desk should sit directly opposite the doorway and position your computer monitor so it isn’t facing outwards.

Additional considerations for Feng Shui-ing your office cube include bringing in life force (chi) with plants or flowers, positioning decorations symmetrically like books or boxes on either side of the desk for a sense of balance. Place mirrors near desks to create uplifting chi energy by redirecting natural light in the room. Let nature indoors by incorporating earthy tones like greens or blues for a calming effect to help inspire creative thought and relaxation. Finally pay attention to color temperature as an important part of Feng Shui—soft colors are best for initiating creativity while bright colors bring focus and concentration as needed during demanding tasks or projects. With these few tips you can create an inspiring environment in which productivity blossoms!

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Bringing Balance to Your Office Space

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy that focuses on achieving balance in all aspects of life, can also be applied to a home or office workspace. By infusing your office cubicle with a bit of feng shui, you can create an environment filled with positive energy and productivity.

When using feng shui to create harmony in your cube, remember the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. These elements should be integrated into your design for maximum effect. For instance, plants can represent both wood and earth elements which symbolize growth and balance; artwork inspired by nature like mountainscapes or even photos of oceans will invoke feelings of peace; adding fan blades or candles that flicker can signify fire as representations of life energy; hanging wind chimes will bring in the sound of water and metal element with items such as frames or clocks rounded out the décor.

In addition to the five elements individually incorporated into the design scheme, aim for some sort of visual flow that allows you to look through your cube – right into the window or other attractive spot – at whatever object you choose. This naturally creates a pleasing view while giving you direction instead of getting lost in thought while staring off into space without any purpose.

Also keep in mind where possible sources of distraction are in relation to your workspace so they don’t bog down your chi or concentration too badly – this includes loud conversations nearby and other distractions like phone notifications or emails from coworkers that break up flow state focus time. Try adding plants around the edge of your cube’s walls to muffle sound pollution caused by surrounding colleagues and opt for blinds if light is a key factor as well! Finally keep all materials necessary for current tasks within reach so as not to spend too much time fishing through drawers and stacks of paper looking for what’s needed once a task has been started; this helps tremendously with maintaining productivity.


By incorporating Feng Shui principles into your office cube, you will experience the benefits of improved overall energy flow and balance. This can result in a calmer work environment, better air circulation, and sharper concentration when tackling projects or tasks. You will also enjoy greater joy in pursuing office themes for your cubicle décor such as improved color coordination or theme selection. Moreover, you’ll be able to take advantage of Feng Shui techniques such as placing items around your office cube to bring prosperity and good fortune. Ultimately, by following these simple tips and tricks, you can turn your office space into one that offers maximum comfort and productivity while bringing great harmony in harmony with nature.

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