Feng Shui Rubik’s Cube


Feng Shui Rubik’s Cube is a specialized version of the classic 3D cube puzzle game. The main difference between the traditional Rubik’s Cube and the Feng Shui version lies in the fact that, aside from bringing endless fun to its users, it also offers a way to enhance our home’s or office’s energy balance with an added benefit ” feng shui! By navigating through its various sides, users can unlock Chi or energy blocks which may be hindering their life progress and wellbeing.

In addition to being a fun way to access feng shui principles, the use of this cube also helps us in developing our logical reasoning skills as well as building on our spatial awareness. Dominating the Rubik’s cube’s structure can take some time so it therefore demands patience and determination for total mastery. Though mastering the moves of this feng shui variant could appear daunting at first, learning how to decipher its different sides and patterns eventually leads to great success and peace of mind no matter what your goals are. Plus, when used correctly, it has the potential to improve any area of your body, health wise or mental.

History of the Cube

The Rubik’s Cube has become an iconic symbol and well-known toy worldwide. It was invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, Ern’ Rubik. Initially called the “Magic Cube,” Rubik spent months playing with it before deciding to market it. This would later be popularized under the name The Rubik’s Cube when it launched in 1980 in Hungary. The cube went on to be a huge success within Europe, eventually ending up in toy stores throughout the United States in 1981, where it exploded in popularity across continents.

In recent year due to its popularity, the concept of feng shui Rubik’s Cubes have come into play with collectors interested in using the colourful toy to create works of art for their homes or just as a decorative piece. By rearranging and juxtaposing colors correctly balancing energies within rooms utilizing these cubes, collectors were able to help perk up their home décor; by creating unique pieces that served multiple purposes from educational toys to fun decorative gifts and Feng Shui tools alike. Feng shui enthusiasts discovered that the cube had many uses other than solving its mystery puzzle allowing them to enjoy its aesthetic beauty while having access to numerous decoration possibilities. These led people begin creating designs out of them, often resembling other products such as furniture and even small koi fish ponds! As more mastery was attained over the subject of source energy with home décor pieces like these cubes, more creative renditions began to appear inspired by patterns found on animals or various plants ” all are solutions of varying difficulty which can offer a fun way to brighten up your living space while at the same time challenging your mind!

Benefits of the Cube

Using a Feng Shui Rubik’s Cube can offer amazing benefits to your living space. Its unique design helps bring more harmony and balance to any room, while also creating a more inviting atmosphere. It encourages positive energy flow, and that positive energy will spread throughout the whole house! This can lead to better physical health, mental well-being, and financial abundance. Furthermore, each cube arrives with its own set of symbols that represent different aspects of life”such as relationships, love, and wealth”giving users an opportunity for personal growth and self-reflection. Plus, the cube has been used in meditation practices for centuries which help people achieve a deeper level of peace and relaxation. Ultimately, using a Feng Shui Rubik’s Cube helps create an intentional environment that can result in infinite kinds of good luck.

Types of Cubes on the Market

The Feng Shui Rubik’s Cube is a three-dimensional cube-based puzzle designed to promote a better understanding of the Chinese principles of feng shui. It can be used to balance the energy of a physical space and improve relationships, career prospects, and more.

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There are various types of cubes on the market, each with unique color schemes to foster different objectives. Examples include:

• The Feng Shui Flying Star Cube uses bright yellow and black colors in order to promote fame, attraction luck, and good fortune in certain directions.

• The Lucky Carried Wealth Coin Cube utilizes red and gold colors to draw abundance into one’s life through activating positive Chi energy.

• The Heaven Luck Blessing Cube has blues, greens, whites and yellows that act as symbols for relationships in both spiritual and practical settings.

• The Demon Slayer Guardian Protector Cube is purple and silver which signifies wealth accumulation and protection from negative external influences.

Set Up Tips

Feng Shui, or the ancient Chinese art of balancing energies, aims to bring harmony and balance to any space. Incorporating a Feng Shui Rubik’s Cube into your home can help to improve and enhance a number of aspects in life, such as luck, happiness, relationships, success and prosperity. To ensure that the full benefits of the Cube are realized, it is important to position the cube correctly. The following tips will help you properly place your cube for optimal results:

• Choose where you want to put your Feng Shui Rubik’s Cube carefully. It should be kept in an area prominent enough that it is seen by all. It can either stand in a room corner or against a wall but should not be placed in an area that has direct sunlight or too much airflow from windows or doors.

• Place it at eye level since Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy that is associated with this Cube resides at about 5’2” from floor level. Depending on your preference, the Feng Shui Rubik’s Cube can be positioned with either the colored side up or bottom up (number side up).

• Make sure that it does not touch nor close to other objects for best results; if possible leave about 3-4 inches between them. This way there won’t be dampening of its energy emanations which are designed to bring a balanced energy flow into your environment.

• Before installing it permanently into its chosen location perform some specific rituals while handling it ” this will activate its special power and potentials! These rules include holding it with both hands while repeating mantras such as ‘Happiness and Prosperity’ aloud three times several days before placing it finally in its desired place.

Placement of the Cube

The placement of a Feng Shui Rubik’s Cube is an important step in achieving its full benefits. According to feng shui, different directions and parts of the home bring about different energy, so it’s important to choose the right spot for your cube.

Ideally, you should place the cube in North or East sections of your house. North represents self-cultivation and career success, whilst East brings health and family luck. Make sure to stay away from the West or South sides, which represent loss and misfortunes.

Some people may choose to place their cube in their workspace or study room, but it is best placed in an area that influences all aspects of life, like the living room, hallway or entrance. This will ensure positive energy reaches everywhere in the house as well as bringing wealth and prosperity for everyone living there.

It is also advised to keep the cube at eye level when placed on a shelf or desk; this ensures connectedness between yourself and the rubik’s cube. Additionally, keep your cube away from any strong air-conditioners, vents or heaters that may disturb its placements. Finally, make sure not to overstuff your houses with too many rubiks cubes! Too many pieces of red furniture can lead to problems with relationships within the family and bad luck at work ” leading one off track from perfect remedy that this cube can provided!

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Other Helpful Accessories

In addition to the cube itself, there are several different accessories that may be helpful when using a feng shui Rubik’s cube. One of these is a guide book or poster with instructions for how to properly use the cube and interpret the various symbols. A black cloth or bag can also be used to store the cube, as the color black has traditionally been associated positive energy and luck in this type of practice. Mirrors, bells or crystals could also be placed nearby to help manipulate energy flow in the area, depending on what type of results one wishes to obtain. Additionally, incense can help create a calming atmosphere for working with the cube – such as sandalwood or jasmine incense.

Maintenance and Care

In order to ensure a long life for your Feng Shui Rubik’s Cube, there are some maintenance and care tips you should keep in mind.

1. Keep the cube stored in its original box when it is not in use in order to avoid dust getting on it or physical damage causing the pieces to become loose.

2. If cleaning is needed, do so only with a dry cloth and mild soap solution, as using anything too abrasive could scratch the surface of the cubes and damage its design elements. Avoid using any type of chemical cleaning solutions.

3. If disassembling the Feng Shui Rubik’s Cube is needed, make sure that you follow the correct procedure for reassembly otherwise individual pieces may come loose and shifting of colors can occur when pulling pieces out of alignment.

4. To prevent tangles from occurring when moving the cubes around, make sure all pieces are properly aligned and fixed in place before transportation or relocation at home or other places like offices. Finally, it is preferable to keep the cube away from high temperatures or humidity that might affect its properties over time- thus it should be kept inside a closed container unless used daily. By following these tips and tricks, your Feng Shui Rubik’s Cube will remain intact for many years to come!

Creative Uses

The Feng Shui Rubik’s Cube has a lot of potential for creative uses. For example, the cube can be used to create three-dimensional works of art. Businesses may use it to create customized office decorations or furniture designs. It can also be used in video games to represent levels or spatial concepts. It can even be used as the central item in puzzles or riddles, with players working to unlock the cube’s hidden secrets by solving its puzzles. Other creative ideas include using the Feng Shui Rubik’s Cube in treasure hunts and other game formats, using it as an educational tool for teaching children spatial awareness, or experimenting with light and how different colors interact with each other when displaying the cube in different types of lighting.


Feng Shui Rubik’s Cube has the potential to be an incredibly beneficial tool for anyone looking for new ways to improve their physical and mental well-being. Using this unique cube, people can exercise both the sides of their brain – the logical and creative sides – while learning how to balance energy within their environment. By using Feng Shui techniques, such as placing symbolic shapes on the cube, visualization techniques, and even reaffirming positive affirmations while solving the puzzle, users can focus on achieving a positive mental attitude. Moreover, they will be rewarded with improved concentration levels which will further enhance their daily lives. In conclusion, it is clear that there are many potential benefits to be gained with this powerful ancient tool and we recommend giving it a try!

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