How to Feng Shui a 3 Level Home

Introducing symbolic/additional décor

When it comes to introducing symbolic or additional décor into a 3 level home, there are many items that can be used to bring luck and prosperity throughout each floor. Some traditional ideas include artwork with auspicious images like dragons, water fountains, strings of bells, natural objects like stones and crystals, and lucky plants such as bamboo or money trees. Wind chimes can also bring a calming energy to the area. Feng Shui symbols such as the infinity symbol or Chinese characters for luck and fortune should ideally be placed where they can be seen from all levels of the house. Colors like red, purple, yellow and green should be used strategically in any decorating plan to bring a certain element of energy each corresponding color represents. For example–purple is associated with wealth and abundance so adding touches of purple throughout your 3-level home is thought to welcome more prosperity into your life. Additionally, incense sticks or scent with sandalwood has long been linked in terms of its ability to create an uplifting atmosphere throughout the house.

Researching Feng Shui energy sources

To Feng Shui a 3 level home, it is important to first understand the energy sources of each space based on the Feng Shui bagua. This bagua consists of specific energy points that relate to certain aspects in our lives. By familiarizing yourself with these points and their related qualities you can determine the focus for each area and identify which source to balance or maximize for each space on each level. Once identified, consider items such as mirrors, furniture placement, lighting, colours, artwork and all other elements in order to bring about the desired energy levels. Mirrors can help amplify energy flow according to Feng Shui principles while careful placement of furniture and belongings will bring balance between the Yin and Yang energies within a room. Also be sure to declutter your rooms by introducing some open space so Chi – or life force – can move more freely throughout all three levels of your home. Artwork should also be chosen wisely because they should activate positive emotions and resonate with positive memories of past experiences. Lastly, think about how the five elements can be used in each space i.e., fire – candles; water – aquariums; earth – seashells; wood – plants; metal – sculptures or tools as this will help promote harmony across all levels of your home.

Achieving Balance with Artwork

When arranging artwork in a 3 level home for Feng Shui, it is important to use the five elements. Water should be used on the ground floor, as water is associated with not only calming energy but also career success and wealth. Metal ornaments can be placed on the first floor, as metal helps drive ambitions and aids motivation. Fire should be introduced onto the second floor; this element is associated with courage and passion. Earth images can be added in any room to bring stability, while wood accents can help promote growth and new opportunities. Additionally, artwork that reflects each occupier’s life path element (wood, fire, earth, metal, or water) can be used between each of these floors to enhance the positive balance of energies within the house. It may also be helpful to include images of nature like landscapes and flowers since nature brings abundance of possibilities.

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Creating Wind and Water Paths

When dividing a 3 level home into its different sections and zones, it is important to create optimal wind and water paths in order to allow energy to flow properly. The wind and water paths are integral to the feng shui of any space, as they bring oneness with nature and promote harmony.

The best way to begin is by understanding the ancient Chinese practice of West-East orientation: make sure that the main door of your home faces east; this will directly channel essential energy (chi) into the space. Once you’ve established the positioning of each room relative to one another, the creation of wind and water paths comes next.

The best way to visualize it is through natural elements like plants or trees – use them as markers for pathways. They can be placed near specific furniture pieces so that chi can be directed gently towards certain spaces. For example, an indoor bamboo tree or leafy plants arranged in corners strategically direct positive energy throughout the space. Additionally, place mirrors opposite doors or windows as a way for chi to access these areas easier; this facilitates positive circulation within all three levels of your home.

Make sure all furniture pieces are separated from one another at least two feet apart; this encourages unexploited chi instead of having it accumulate in certain sections where movement is limited due to cramped spaces. Finally, once all elements have been decided upon make sure they remain consistent across each floor – consistency helps maintain symmetry within your home which channels more effective energy flow.

Lighting & Aromatherapy

Lighting and aromatherapy play a major role in the practice of Feng Shui. To promote positive energy flow throughout your three-level home, it is essential to implement the right lighting and aromatherapy options. Soft, ambient lights can be used on each floor to create an inviting atmosphere. Opt for natural sources of light, such as skylights, or use lamps that have soothing tones like yellow or pastel colors. Additionally, numerous types of fragrant plants such as jasmine, lavender, and gardenia can be strategically placed around the entire property to help purify and energize the air. Strategically placed aromatherapy oils in key areas may also help temper and enhance any given room’s energy. Placing tealights or candles with calming scents can likewise aid in creating a peaceful environment by naturally reducing stress and promoting relaxation across multiple levels of your home.

Applying Specific Feng Shui Cures

Chi Lin is a legendary Chinese creature that wards off bad luck. People generally place them on their bathroom windows to bring blessings, peace and good health into the house. As each level of a three-story home has its own Feng Shui Bagua map, the placement of these Chi Lins should be adjusted accordingly. For example, if it’s placed in the master bedroom on the second floor, then it’s best to position it facing northeast; if the kitchen is located in the basement, then face it southwest. Depending on what your goals are with Feng Shui, other specific cures that can be used include: setting up a room layout geared towards wealth and abundance or installing wind chimes near entrance doors that open to the east; using green plants and other items associated with life force energies like bamboo or water fountains; utilizing essential oils and incense sticks to add positive energy; etc. Additionally, crystals like amethyst or jade can help reduce negative energy and draw in positive vibrations. Following these steps carefully can aid in creating an energy flow that promotes balance and peacefulness throughout each level of your 3-story home!

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Fixing Imbalances

When it comes to balancing a 3-level home with Feng Shui, the first step is to diagnose any issue or imbalance. Common problems include an improper entrance, blocked entryways and windows, excessive clutter, too many colors on walls or floors, and rooms not well organized. Once these imbalances are identified, it’s time to find remedies for them. Some practical solutions include establishing a good flow of energy for the spaces by adding fountains or streams of running water, placing mirrors in strategic locations that bring light and reflection into dark areas which attract positive energy as well as direct Chi (Chinese for “energy”) in productive directions. Alternatively, you can repaint certain colors that might not be energized correctly and substitute them with colors that stimulate fortune such as purple or yellow. Placing plants and flowers at existing energy points also helps create a healthier environment and can limit the impact of bad luck lingering inside-rooms. Lastly, keeping furniture neatly organized will help ensure some balance is established so energies enter without getting clogged up or becoming stagnant.

Use of Positive Affirmations and Visualizations

Positive affirmations and visualizations are excellent ways to infuse positivity and energy into a 3-level home. Speak positive affirmations for each room in the house, such as “I am surrounded by joy and abundance” or “My home is filled with love, peace, harmony and abundance.” This can be done out loud or in your head. Visualizing each room of your home filled with happy memories and positive energies can also help create an incredibly pleasant atmosphere. You may choose to visualize colors such as blue and green to encourage balance, contentment, and healing energies; yellow and orange to promote creativity; or red for passion, courage and fire. Additionally, you can place symbols of wealth around the house such as coins or money plants as well as Chinese symbols of luck for prosperity.

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