Feng Shui Multi Level Home

What is Feng Shui Multi Level Home?

Feng Shui Multi Level Home is a style of design that borrows heavily from the ancient Chinese practice of “Feng Shui,” the practice of creating a harmonious balance between the exterior environment and the interior environment of a single house. By creating levels of interior space, Feng Shui has been used to improve occupant’s physical and mental well-being.

Benefits of Feng Shui Multi Level Home

Feng Shui Multi Level Home has a number of benefits for homeowners, including:

  • Creates Balance – The concept of Feng Shui Multi Level Home is centered on balance and harmony of physical and mental energy. By using carefully placed multi-level living areas, homeowners can find peace and balance in the home’s interior.
  • Increased Privacy – With multiple levels of interior space, homeowners have more control over the amount of privacy they can have within the home. Multi-level living spaces allow homeowners to receive guests on a different level than they would in a traditional single-level home.
  • Decreased Clutter – By utilizing multiple levels of a home, homeowners are creating distinct sections of the home, which can help prevent clutter caused by placing too many items in one space.
  • Creating a Feeling of Home – The structure of a Feng Shui Multi Level Home creates a sense of home and comfort, as occupants can find more energy in the different sections of the home.

Design Principles for Feng Shui Multi Level Homes

When designing a Feng Shui Multi Level Home, there are a few general principles to follow:

  • Start at the Ground Floor – The ground floor should level the building slightly higher than the adjacent land. This prevents water from flowing into the foundation of the home.
  • Allow an Even Distribution of Light and Air – Allow sunlight to enter the higher levels by having windows that lead to the exterior of the home, while also allowing fresh air to circulate.
  • Create Open Spaces – Make sure there are open spaces throughout the home, so occupants can easily access the different levels and use the energy of each space.
  • Place Furniture to Represent the Elements – By placing furniture in the right area, occupants can bring balance to the four energy sources – fire, water, earth and wind.


Feng Shui Multi Level Home is a great way to create a harmonious and balanced home. With a carefully planned design, homeowners can achieve an optimal feeling of balance and comfort within their home, while also maintaining increased privacy and decreased clutter. With the right principles in mind, Feng Shui Multi Level Home can be a great way to improve the lives of those living within it.

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