Have Navy Blue Curtain in South Kitchen Window Feng Shui

Introduction to Navy Blue and Feng Shui

Navy blue is an incredibly calming and sophisticated color that is perfect for interior design. Since navy blue can bring a sense of harmony through its wealth of hues from dark navy to the lightest sapphire—it’s important to consider the Feng Shui placement of a certain window in the home. The south kitchen window, often referred to as the health position, is known for attracting positive energy and good luck. Navy blue curtains placed in this location will inspire energy that promotes good health and abundance.

Feng Shui, also know as Chinese Geomancy, is an ancient practice based on the observation of how energy moves through physical space and its anatomy. Placement of furniture or items that have meaning helps create meaningful relationships between people and their environment. By connecting with the surrounding atmosphere our sense of contentment further increases creating an intention filled atmosphere within our homes. So when considering having navy blue curtains in your south kitchen window you will be incorporating Feng Shui into your life which brings balance, clarity, ambition and security into your home hoping to manifest contentment within you and your family by activating different emotions allowing us all be better aligned with our surroundings!

Benefits of Navy Blue in South Kitchen Windows

Having Navy Blue curtains in the South-facing kitchen window is a great way to bring focus, balance, and positive energy into the space. The dark curtains prevent harsh sunlight from entering and provide a sense of security and calm. This helps create an atmosphere that is inviting yet peaceful.

The curtains will also allow warm sunlight in when necessary, while still providing privacy. They can help regulate temperatures, adding warmth to the room on colder days or providing some relief during hot summer afternoons.

Furthermore, Feng Shui practitioners believe that shades of blue evoke a feeling of peace and calmness. In addition to creating balance and harmony, navy blue curtains may therefore promote relaxation in the kitchen space and even invite positivity into our lives!

Types of Navy Blue Curtains

Navy blue curtains can give a kitchen a modern, airy, and bright feel. When used in the South-facing kitchen window, the curtains can help achieve a successful Feng shui energy balance. Some of the most popular navy blue curtains for south-facing windows are dark sheer panels or curves. Silk or linen materials add a luxurious touch to the window, while sheer fabrics allow light to flood through during the day and make an inviting evening spot for dinner guests.

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For full coverage, many people choose to pair two or more navy blue curtains together. Solid patterned panels blend well with blackout liners that can help screen solar reflections while also providing insulation from outside temperatures. Tudor stripes and contemporary abstract designs provide an easy way to lend updated style to a window without taking away from the natural beauty of surrounding landscape outside. Long floor length options are glamorous and attractive year round, while shorter drapes seem more appropriate for warmer months when patterns in lighter shades dominate living space decor trends. Size is important too: make sure not to crowd neighboring walls with large full-width curtains!

Styling Tips & Advice

When selecting furniture for a kitchen with navy blue curtains in the South-facing window, choose warm, earthy tones that will bring a feeling of warmth and coziness to the room. Neutral wood tones like oak or walnut are popular options as they help to bring harmony to the space. Consider adding natural linen furniture covers for added texture and comfort.

When it comes to artwork selection for this kitchen area, incorporating calming elements such as nature scenes or abstract watercolors can be an effective way to tie in the space. Additionally, hanging framed artworks alongside mirrors is known to be auspicious according to Feng Shui principles.

To ensure balance within the room, it’s important to keep in mind complementary colors when styling with navy blue curtains in a South-facing kitchen. Consider mild hues of yellow, green, and brown as they will serve as pleasant accent colors while still remaining subtle enough not to detract from the overall color palette of blues and neutrals. Warm copper and brass accents can also be used to lighten up this style and provide some shine if desired.

Additional Tips & Tricks

Adding navy blue curtains to a south kitchen window feng shui can help to create harmony and balance in a space filled with energy. Navy blue is a great shade for a south facing window as it will absorb excess warmth, while calming the fire energy associated with the direction, preventing conflict within your home. With navy blue curtains blocking out the sun’s glare, the bright light will no longer be an issue.

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To accentuate this energy, add fun accessories that either match or complement the chosen shade of navy blue; try adding a patterned rug in blues and whites or replace light fixtures with choices that have a subtle colorful hue. Additionally, opt for sheer blinds or white fabric shades underneath the curtains which will allow every bit of natural sunlight possible into your kitchen. Finally, if you want to draw further attention to the windows themselves, hang some interesting wall art around them that compliments their blue curtain base.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place to congregate, cook, and eat. Adding curtains to a South-facing kitchen window can be a great way to bring balance and style to the space. Navy blue curtains in particular are known for their calming energy and are believed to promote focus, concentration, and stability. Additionally, this hue is also said to create a strong connection between family members and nurture strong relationships within the home. Navy blue has also been known to enhance mental clarity when used in feng shui principles, making it an ideal choice for any kitchen looking for structural balance. Furthermore, navy blue is incredibly versatile as it pairs well with virtually any other color palette, allowing you to easily accessorize your kitchen while maintaining a consistent aesthetic – from rich jewel tones to cooler shades of pastel hues; navy blue is here to offer something special. Ultimately, navy blue curtains in the South-facing kitchen window makes sense both feng shui and aesthetic perspectives – adding personality and charm for all that enter your space.

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