Good Feng Shui Plants for Front Door


Feng Shui plants are used to bring balance and good energy into a room or home. By incorporating Feng Shui plants at the front door, you can create an inviting space that helps bring about harmony and abundance. Plants make for a great way to energize and refresh your environment as they serve as natural air purifiers, reduce stress, and help protect against electromagnetic radiation from nearby electronics. Additionally, plants can make even the most mundane of spaces seem more inviting and cheerful. Good Feng Shui plants can be selected based on the desired characteristics they hold such as auspicious colors, sizes, shapes, etc., depending on whether you are aiming to cultivate health, wealth or both in your home. In summary, Feng Shui plants are a great way to add an element of beauty and positive energy to your front door without consuming extra space!

Types of Plants with Positive Feng Shui Properties

When interested in adding to your home’s overall positive energy, good feng shui plants to add to your front door should be considered. Traditional Chinese Feng Shui recommends adding one of the following types of plants to the entrance way of your home in order to bring prosperity and abundance into the space:

-Lucky Bamboo: This plant symbolizes strength, longevity and resilience. It is often arranged with five or seven stalks representing wealth, luck and health. Placing Lucky Bamboo near the front door brings good fortune into your life.

-Birds of Paradise: This vibrant flower represents joy and magnificence, which creates an inviting atmosphere for visitors.

-Crane or Toad Figurines: These adorable figurines are said to attract financial success. Display them at a slight diagonal angle facing the front door.

-Red Geraniums: When placed on either side of the front door, these flowers signify passion and courage—perfect for bringing a steady stream of energy into a home.

-Peace Lilies: A popular houseplant known for its white blooms is believed to encourage peace and harmony throughout the household. Place it in pots clearly visible when entering your home’s entryway

Other plants that are thought to provide positive energy when placed near a front door include Rosemary (for remembrance) Orchids (for beauty), Violets (for compassion), Chrysanthemums (for joy) , Irises (for hope), Ivy (for loyalty), Jasmine (for eternal love), Juniper berries (to prevent bad fortune). You may also want to consider hanging wind chimes over your doorway or keeping some crystals nearby for additional protection from negative energy entering your home.

Benefits of Having Feng Shui Plants at the Entryway

Feng Shui plants at the entryway are known to bring positive energy into a home. They are believed to facilitate harmonious energy flow in the area, protecting against negative forces, and encouraging good luck and prosperity. Good Feng Shui plants for the front door can include lucky bamboo, potted palms and/or orchids. Having these plants at your entryway will welcome visitors with an elegant atmosphere full of vibrant beauty and Chinese symbolism. Place pots of them on either side of the doorway or just inside, so that when people enter they get a sense of harmony as they walk past these graceful plants. Additionally, these plants are known to clear negative energy while deflecting evil intent away from the threshold of your door. The addition of lucky Bamboo in particular is said to play an important role in protecting against evil influences entering into one’s life, and can be used to invite good health, fortune, luck and wealth for the occupants within a home or office space.

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Essential Tips for Selecting the Right Front Door Plants

When choosing a good Feng Shui plant to place in front of your door, there are several important elements to consider. First, it is best to find the right size and shape for the color of your home or main entrance. A large potted plant will be most effective if placed directly in front of a door or inside the home’s entranceway. For smaller homes, smaller plants can be used simply as accents around the door frame or walkway. Furthermore, when selecting a Feng Shui plant, you should consider its symbolism — some plants may represent luck while others symbolize prosperity and abundance. Finally, try to select plants which will complement the overall energy surrounding your entrance; for example, it’s best to choose calming outdoor plants over those that produce strong scents or loads of pollen. With these basic tips in mind, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect front door plant that suits both your aesthetic and Feng Shui needs!

Another important aspect to think about when selecting a good Feng Shui plant is how resilient it is towards any environmental factors like sunlight exposure, climate changes, and water retention levels. Make sure that the plant can withstand harsh temperatures and hot summer days so they do not wilt quickly. Avoid using delicate indoor plants outdoors since they will likely not survive drastic weather changes and conditions without proper attention. Additionally, it is best to select drought-tolerant species as this will save effort on maintenance needed for daily watering. Finally, opt for non-invasive species such as succulents and ferns that do not spread very quickly through their surroundings but continue providing plentiful beauty!

Arranging the Plants for Optimized Feng Shui

The front door to a home is said to be the mouth of one’s chi, or life energy. As such, it is important to practice positive Feng Shui when placing plants in this area. Some good Feng Shui plants for the front door are ones that have round leaves and bright colors. These include evergreen shrubs, such as boxwood; broad-leafed trees like magnolia; tropical plants like croton and bougainvillea; and flowers, such as rose bushes and hydrangeas.

In addition to selecting the right plants, arranging them for maximum Feng Shui benefits is important. Ideally, the arrangement should consist of three plants and provide a natural sense of balance and growth surrounding the entranceway to the home. Together, these three plants should symbolize physical stability and growth both internally and externally. The center plant should be placed higher than the other two on either side, as this further emphasizes an upward pattern of growth emitted by all three of them together. Additionally, choose soil with rich nutrients and compost mixed in in order to help ensure that the plants receive optimum nutrition from their environment. Lastly, use organic fertilizers or pesticide solutions if needed so that any negative impact on air quality can be minimized or eliminated altogether.

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Common Do’s and Don’ts for Feng Shui Plants at Your Front Door


1. Place feng shui plants at the entrance to encourage good energy flow. The entrance should be open and clean, without any obstructions.

2. Choose plants that are easy to maintain since they will greet every visitor. Consider a jade plant, peace lilies, lucky bamboo or palms for their easy-care qualities. Keep them well-maintained with regular watering and wiping of foliage to prevent pest infestation.

3. Use arrangement in odd numbers for the best feng shui effect; aim for three, five or seven plants altogether outside your front door.

4. Keep the potted flowers and plants outside in varying sizes and colors from small to big and bright colors such as pink, red and yellow for greater effect.


1. Don’t block your front door with bushes or high grass or place too many large potted plants at the entrance because it will obstruct the positive chi flow through positive Feng Shui Plant Energy in your home or commercial entryway area.

2. Avoid traditional Chinese plants like bonsai trees which symbolize imprisonment of life and energy, or cactus which represent negative energy bypassing your home’s entrance according to Feng Shui beliefs and rules.

3. Don’t use dead or wilted plants as this might send out an off-putting aura for visitors upon entering your space! Keeping them watered, healthy and attractive is key so you do not unknowingly promote undesirable energy flow in your living environment according to Feng Shui principles


Having good Feng Shui plants at the front door can have a strong positive impact on your home. By placing these plants strategically, you can create a welcoming entrance to your home and bring in positive energy. This essentially helps to create a peaceful and harmonious environment in which people feel comfortable and relaxed. Furthermore, adding potential plants to the entryway helps you create strong curb appeal, improve air quality and make your home look more attractive from outside. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to enhance the sense of well-being in your home and increase its aesthetic value, then consider introducing some good Feng Shui plants to your front door.

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