Feng Shui Prisma

Introduction to Feng Shui Prisma

Feng Shui Prisma is a tool used to enhance the positive energy flow and create good balance in a particular space. It is believed to bring harmony, protection, and wealth into any area of a person’s life. Symbolically, the feng shui prisma represents the trinity of Heaven, Earth and Man. By understanding how this special object works within the environment, it can bring good fortune to its user by allowing positive energy to enter and circulate throughout the space.

Traditionally, Feng Shui Prisma is placed in areas that need a quick boost of positive energy. Such spaces include bedrooms, living rooms, or office spaces where bad luck seems to be an issue. Placing Feng Shui Galaxy stones around the prism helps protects one easily redirects energy quickly while also attracting it from all directions. Strategic placement of objects like plants or crystals can further influence energetic patterns in any room. Other uses for the Feng Shui Prisma includes placing it near windows or entryways to deflect negative energies entering the home or office. This process essentially wraps your space with a shield-like layer of protection which guards against all sorts of ethereal danger. With these principles in mind and careful placement of items based on your own personal needs, you can use the power of feng shuim to shift vibrations for health, wealth and protection for yourself and those around you!

Fundamentals of Feng Shui Prisma

Feng Shui Prisma is a tool and system used to identify, arrange, and harmonize environments. It is rooted in ancient Chinese philosophical wisdom and works with the natural elements of wind (fēng) water (shuī), and energy (prisma). The purpose of using Feng Shui Prisma is to create an atmosphere that will benefit and support its occupants through balance, harmony, and good luck.

Feng Shui Prisma incorporates YinYang: that is, everything should be in balance between darkness and light. YinYang principles are intended to maintain equilibrium between the physical body, mental state, emotions, and environment.

Basic Feng Shui Prisma concepts include locating auspicious doorways and windows; controlling the flow of ‘chi’, or life-force energy; creating multilayered windows; respecting visible landforms such as mountains; utilizing mirrors to modify features or redirect energies; designing enjoyable overlooks or views; properly positioning beds, sofas, desks, chairs etc. ; placing objects associated with wealth on favorable parts of the property; incorporating various Feng Shui symbols into your home/office decor for positive nutrition of places as well as people’s biochemical needs.

Although each situation may differ based on specifics related to geography or cultures present in the locality, Feng Shui Prisma provides us with key elements that can help us construct a beautiful atmosphere which attract positive energy from outside sources like nature itself thereby improving our moods and overall luck.

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Benefits of Feng Shui Prisma

Feng Shui Prisma is an ancient Chinese energy-restoration and balance-enhancing practice, consisting of various techniques to rearrange the furniture, objects and artwork within your home. This allows for a better energy flow throughout the entire house by creating ‘chi’, which embraces health, prosperity and emotional stability among its own occupants. The practice has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its wide range of benefits – below are just some of those benefits:

1. Improved harmony and balance – Feng Shui Prisma can help bring harmony, balance and peace into the home and lives of those living within it. It creates a whole new atmosphere in your surroundings, allowing you to enjoy life in a more peaceful state.

2. Increased wealth – By using certain Feng Shui items such as coins or rocks to create proper heng shape patterns that target wealth feng shui locations, practitioners can improve the residents’ luck with money.

3. Attracting good relationships – Prisms are also used to attract harmonious relationships between family members, lovers, friends and coworkers by bringing balanced energy into these kinds of environments.

4 .Attract positive energy – Practitioners believe that incorporating various colors such as black for strength or blue for peace will help bring good chi into your surroundings whilst diffusing negative influences from outside sources.

5. Optimal health – The practice also focuses on arranging bedrooms optimally so that its occupants can experience deep sleep revived in vitality from relaxed energy levels during the night hours – leading to optimal health and wellbeing overall!

Step-by-Step Practices for Using Feng Shui Prisma

1. Identify which area of your space you wish to work on and determine a specific goal or purpose for doing so.

2. Using the Feng Shui map, divide this area into 9 equal boxes. Place the Feng Shui prism glass in the central box of the area being worked on. Tip: Using a colored square paper can help identify each box properly).

3. Fill the inner part of each Prisma with different waters that you prefer or feel are beneficial for your space suchs as Sea Water, Crystal Water, Holy Water etc.

4. Close off each Prisma ensuring it is sealed firmly to prevent water from leaking out and ruining your surrounding furniture or flooring (Note: If any water does leak out use absorbent materials like salt and/or cloths to clean and clear it up).

5. Light 20 candles and recite corresponding mantras &/or prayers that focus on inviting peace into your home while activating each Prisms using movements that symbolize protection and prosperity, such as drawing in circles with a white cloth around them and/or very slowly fanning them by hand etc.

6. Let the candles burn down completely while keeping an eye on the Prisms during this process (checking to make sure there is no spillage).

7. After all 8 Prisms have been activated take time to sit quietly meditate within this energetic space feeling its effects taking place around you as well as within your aura/heart center, allowing yourself five minutes (or more) of total silence before opening all four sides of each Prisms back open, releasing anything you may be holding onto from outside influences and returning it back to nature or source energy – visualizing positive changes starting to take place in both visible & unseen realms of our reality (creating balance & harmony for yourself in the process).

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Suggestions for Making the Most of the Feng Shui Prisma’s Energies

1. Place the Feng Shui Prismas in abundance areas of your home, as these are centers of positivity and possibility. Areas like the living room near seating to promote social interactions, or the dining area which is often a gathering place for family and friends.

2. Make sure that the Feng Shui Prismas have plenty of space free to expand its energy fields, such as away from obstructions and items that can disturb its positive energy flow.

3. Position the Feng Shui Prismas at an elevated level to allow maximum access of energy from all sides, as well as avoid any negative influences from certain directions that may disrupt its positive power.

4. If possible, mount several Feng Shui Prismas together in a configuration pattern and point them towards unified destinations on your property; this is said to create a powerful concentrated effect of the prisma’s beneficial energies throughout your entire house.

5. Always remember to keep it clean by regularly dusting it off with soft cloths do not use harsh detergents or abrasive tools, as this will damage its adhesive magnets within


Feng Shui Prismas are a powerful tool for transforming negative energy and incorporating positive luck into your life. By raising the frequency of an environment, be it home or work it allows for the flow of good fortune and protection from bad luck. For centuries, Feng Shui has been used to attract prosperity and reduce suffering in the lives of thousands of people. Incorporating the use of either a Feng Shui Crystal Ball or a standard Feng Shui Prisma is known to bring improved health, wealth, love, and luck into one’s life. Its importance reaches far beyond decorations and should not be underestimated as a spiritual practice that helps align one’s goals with positive universal energy. All in all, Feng Shui has proven itself to be a valuable tool for achieving inner balance as well as improving overall outlook on life and bringing greater peace, joy, success and good fortune into your life.

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