Frog Feng Shui Meaning

What is Frog Feng Shui Meaning?

Frog Feng Shui meaning is an ancient practice that promotes balance and well-being in the home. The use of a frog symbol to represent the practice has been around since the Song dynasty (960-1279) in China. The practice has been linked to positive energy, wealth, fertility, and good luck for centuries.

What Does the Frog Symbol Mean in Feng Shui?

The symbol of the frog represents a resourceful, hard-working and adaptable animal that is able to survive in any environment. It is said that if a frog is placed in the proper area of your home, it will help to bring luck, prosperity and good health.

Where Should I Place a Frog in My Home?

There are a few different locations where you can place a frog in your home.

  • The North – The North area of your home correlates to the career aspect of your life and a frog placed there is said to promote success in your professional life.
  • The East – Placing the frog in the East of your home brings luck, health and safety.
  • The South – This is the area of your home associated with relationships and a frog here is said to promote strong and lasting relationships.
  • The West – This area can help to bring wealth and abundance, and a frog placed there is said to bring financial prosperity.
  • The Center of the House – This is the most auspicious spot to put the frog and it is said that this will bring harmony and balance to the home.

What Type of Frog Is Best Used in Feng Shui?

The type of frog that is best suited to Feng Shui is one made of copper or brass. It is also important that the frog have its eyes open, as this is said to ensure the success the frog will bring.

Final Thoughts

Although it may seem like a strange practice, the use of Frog Feng Shui meaning has been used for centuries to bring good luck and positive energy into homes. As long as the frog is made of the correct material in the correct location of your home, it can help to bring about good health, wealth and luck.

What animals are associated with Frog Feng Shui?

Frog Feng Shui often involves the use of various images of frogs, such as symbolic figurines, images of frog-shaped decor, or frog-themed decorations. Common animals associated with Frog Feng Shui include frogs, dragonflies, koi fish, tortoises, and cranes. These symbols are believed to bring luck, wealth, and good health to a home.

What colors are associated with Frog Feng Shui?

Frog Feng Shui typically involves incorporating blues, greens and yellows into the home. This can be accomplished through the use of wall art, furniture and accessories. Additionally, shades of gold, brown and bronze are often incorporated to further enforce the presence of the symbolic frog.

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