Feng Shui 2013 Forecast

Feng Shui 2013 Forecast: Overview

Feng Shui, or the ancient Chinese art of creating harmony within the home and environment, is still relevant today. With the beginning of a new year, it is important for practitioners of Feng Shui to be aware of the upcoming 2013 Feng Shui forecast. The forecast and practice of Feng Shui provides an in-depth look into the way energy or ‘qi’ interacts with the environment, providing direction and perspective.

Feng Shui 2013 Forecast: Positive and Negative Influences

According to the 2013 Feng Shui forecast, it is predicted to be a year of great positive and negative influences. On one hand, the positive influences will bring successful and prosperous results in the areas of finance, health, relationships, and career. This year the overall energy, or ‘qi’, is expected to increase and stimulating the flow of positive chi throughout the home, office, and other environment.

On the other hand, the 2013 forecast also includes potential negative influences as well. These may include challenges with finances, health, relationships, and work. To avoid any negative chi, practitioners of Feng Shui suggest using objects such as wind chimes, fountains, and plants to re-direct the negative energy. This can also be done by avoiding clutter, keeping walls and flooring free of cracks and dust, and displaying the Five Elements.

Feng Shui 2013 Forecast: Health and Wealth

The 2013 forecast predicts good health and wealth for the year, as long as certain requirements are met. In order to receive the greatest reward, Feng Shui practitioners suggest activating the Eastern and Southeast sectors. By activating these areas it is said that one can enhance good health, enjoy strong relationships, and especially gain wealth. To activate these sectors, it is suggested that practitioners place items such as the Treble Paired Koi Fish and Gold Mandarin Ducks.

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Feng Shui 2013 Forecast: Conclusion

Feng Shui 2013 forecast includes both positive and negative influences, and practitioners are urged to take the time to prepare their environment in accordance with the forecast. By following the forecast, Feng Shui artists can tap into the positive energy of qi, and successfully cultivate good health, strong relationships and gain wealth. Staying mindful of the 2013 forecast allows practitioners of Feng Shui to expect peaceful surroundings through the year.

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