Feng Shui for Wealth 2016

Feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of harmonizing energy in one’s environment, has long been used as a tool for attracting wealth and abundance. In this article, we will explore the principles and practices of feng shui specifically focused on enhancing wealth in the year 2016.

In order to achieve prosperity in our lives, it is important to understand and harness the power of feng shui. This ancient practice believes that by aligning our physical surroundings with positive energy flow, we can attract wealth and abundance into our lives. By creating a harmonious and balanced environment, we can clear any blocked energy that may be preventing financial success.

One key aspect of feng shui for wealth in 2016 is clearing blocked energy. This involves identifying and removing any negative or stagnant energy from our living spaces. By eliminating clutter, organizing our space, and creating a welcoming entrance, we unlock the path to abundance. It is believed that when the energy flows freely throughout our homes, it can bring about financial opportunities and prosperity.

By embracing the principles of feng shui for wealth in 2016, we can tap into the potential for financial success that lies within ourselves and our environments. Through proper decluttering techniques, choosing the right colors, activating money luck zones, placing prosperity symbols strategically, balancing yin and yang energies, fostering strong relationships, and boosting personal energy levels, we can create a harmonious space that attracts wealth effortlessly.

So let us delve into these practices further to discover how feng shui can help us embrace abundance in the year ahead.

Clearing Blocked Energy

Clearing blocked energy is a fundamental step in achieving abundance and prosperity in Feng Shui. When the energy, or chi, in your home or workspace becomes stagnant or blocked, it can create obstacles and hinder the flow of wealth. By understanding how to clear this energy and create a harmonious environment, you can unlock the path to abundance.

The Importance of Clearing Blocked Energy

Blocked energy can manifest in various ways, such as cluttered spaces, stagnant air, or negative emotions lingering in a room. These blockages prevent the positive flow of chi, which is vital for attracting wealth and prosperity. By addressing and clearing these blockages, you can create an environment that supports abundance and opens up opportunities for financial success.

Methods for Clearing Blocked Energy

There are several effective methods for clearing blocked energy in your space. One popular method is smudging, which involves burning herbs like sage or palo santo to purify the space and release any negative or stagnant energies. You can also use sound therapy techniques such as ringing bells or playing soothing music to cleanse the energy.

Another method is decluttering your space. Removing unnecessary items and organizing your belongings not only creates physical space but also allows for better flow of chi. Additionally, incorporating natural elements such as plants and crystals into your space can help clear blocked energy and promote positive vibes.

Remember that regular maintenance is essential to keep the energy flowing smoothly. By incorporating these practices into your daily routine, you can unlock the path to abundance and invite prosperity into your life.

Creating a Welcoming Entrance

The entrance to your home is the first impression that both you and your guests have of your living space. In Feng Shui, this area is considered to be one of the most important when it comes to attracting wealth and abundance. By creating a welcoming entrance, you are setting the stage for prosperity to flow into your life.

To invite prosperity into your home, start by making sure that your entrance is clean and clutter-free. Remove any items that are blocking the flow of energy, such as shoes or umbrellas left near the door. A clear and open entrance allows positive energy to easily enter your space.

Next, consider adding elements that symbolize abundance and wealth to your entrance. One popular choice is a wealth bowl filled with coins or crystals, which represents an overflowing abundance. Another option is to place a potted plant on either side of the entrance, as it symbolizes growth and vitality.

Finally, pay attention to the lighting in your entrance area. Bright and well-lit spaces create a positive energy flow and attract good fortune. Consider adding a beautiful lamp or installing brighter light bulbs to ensure that this area is well-lit.

Creating a welcoming entrance not only invites prosperity into your home but also sets the tone for positive energy throughout your living space. By paying attention to this important area of your home, you are taking an important step towards harnessing the power of Feng Shui for wealth in 2016.

  • Clear any clutter from the doorway
  • Add symbols of abundance such as a wealth bowl or potted plants
  • Ensure that the entrance area is well-lit

Decluttering for Prosperity

In the practice of Feng Shui, decluttering is a key step in creating a harmonious and abundant living environment. Clutter within our homes often represents stuck or stagnant energy, which can hinder the flow of wealth and prosperity. By clearing out unnecessary items and organizing our space, we can create a more inviting atmosphere for abundance to enter.

One of the main principles of decluttering in Feng Shui is to get rid of any items that are broken, unused, or no longer bring joy into your life. These objects can hold negative energy and block the flow of positive chi (energy). It is important to assess each item in your home and determine if it serves a purpose or brings you happiness.

If not, consider donating or discarding it. This process allows you to make space for new opportunities and wealth to come into your life.

In addition to getting rid of clutter, organizing your belongings in a thoughtful manner also plays a significant role in attracting financial success. Every item should have its designated place within your home. A well-organized space promotes clarity, efficiency, and productivity – all essential elements for financial prosperity.

Implement storage solutions that work best for you, such as shelves, bins, or drawer dividers. By keeping your surroundings tidy and organized, you invite positive energy into your daily life and open up opportunities for abundance to flourish.

Table 1: Benefits of Decluttering

Improved focusA clutter-free environment allows for better concentration on tasks related to financial success.
Increase in productivityA well-organized space leads to increased efficiency and effectiveness in achieving financial goals.
Reduced stressDecluttering can create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, reducing stress and promoting abundance mindset.

By applying the principles of decluttering and organization, you can create a space that supports your financial success and abundance. Remember that Feng Shui is a practice that constantly evolves, so regular maintenance of your environment is necessary to sustain its positive effects. With a clear and clutter-free home, you are setting the stage for prosperity to flow into your life.

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Harnessing the Power of Color

Colors play a significant role in Feng Shui, as they have the power to influence and enhance different aspects of our lives. When it comes to wealth and prosperity, choosing the right hues can help to activate positive energy and attract abundance into our homes and lives. Here are some tips for harnessing the power of color in Feng Shui for wealth.

Understanding the Five Elements

In Feng Shui, colors are associated with the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each element represents different qualities and energies that can be used to enhance specific areas of our lives. When it comes to attracting wealth, it is important to focus on the elements associated with abundance and prosperity.

Wood element colors such as green and brown symbolize growth, vitality, and abundance. They can be used in the Southeast or East areas of your home or workspace to promote financial success. Fire element colors like red, orange, and purple represent passion, energy, and transformation. These colors can be used in the South corner to enhance your wealth luck.

The Power of Gold

In Feng Shui, gold is considered a powerful color for attracting wealth and abundance. It represents prosperity, success, and good fortune. Incorporating gold accents or decorations into your home or office can help activate positive energy flow in relation to finances. You can use gold-colored objects or incorporate metallic finishes into your décor to harness this prosperous energy.

Avoiding Negative Color Energy

While certain colors can attract wealth energy, it is essential to avoid using colors that may create negative energy or hinder prosperity. Colors that should be avoided include black and white as they are associated with death and mourning respectively. Cool blue tones can also dampen the vibrancy of financial opportunities.

Optimizing the Wealth Corner

The wealth corner, also known as the money luck zone, is a key area in Feng Shui that can be activated to attract prosperity and abundance into your life. This section will provide guidance on how to optimize this wealth corner in your home or office.

To begin, it’s important to locate the wealth corner in your space. In traditional Feng Shui, the wealth corner is found in the southeast area of a room or building. Once you have identified this area, you can focus on enhancing the energy flow and activating it for maximum wealth luck.

One effective way to activate the wealth corner is by incorporating objects and symbols that are associated with abundance and prosperity. Popular choices include money plants, crystals such as citrine or pyrite, wealth vases, and coins. These items can be displayed prominently in the southeast area of your space to attract financial opportunities and good fortune.

In addition to physical objects, color plays an important role in activating the wealth corner. The element associated with this area is wood, so using shades of green and brown can enhance its energy. Paintings or artwork featuring lush landscapes or thriving trees can also be beneficial.

By optimizing your wealth corner through the use of symbols and colors, you are actively inviting positive energy into your space and aligning it with the flow of abundance. This practice can help to open up opportunities for financial success and create a harmonious environment that supports your goals.

Money plantsGreen
PyriteGold/Brassy Yellow
Wealth vasesGold/Black/Red

Enhancing Money Flow

Placing prosperity symbols in the right places within your home can greatly enhance the flow of wealth and abundance into your life. Feng Shui teaches us that certain objects and symbols have the power to attract and manifest financial success. By strategically positioning these items in specific areas of your home, you can activate the energy of prosperity and invite abundance into your life.

The Power of the Wealth Corner

One important area to focus on when it comes to enhancing money flow is the wealth corner, also known as the money luck zone. In Feng Shui, this is the southeastern area of your home or office.

To activate this powerful space, place wealth-enhancing symbols such as a bowl of coins, a golden laughing Buddha, or a wealth ship in this corner. These objects not only serve as reminders of prosperity but also help to attract positive energy and opportunities for financial growth.

The Significance of Water Features

In addition to placing symbolic objects, incorporating water features into your space can also enhance money flow. Water is believed to be a powerful symbol of abundance and prosperity in Feng Shui. Consider adding a small fountain or an aquarium with vibrant fish to your wealth corner or near the entrance of your home. The sound and movement of water create a sense of flow and activity, which can stimulate the energy of wealth and invite financial opportunities.

Using Crystals for Prosperity

Crystals are another popular tool used in Feng Shui to attract wealth and amplify positive energies. Select crystals such as citrine, pyrite, or green jade, which are known for their association with abundance and prosperity. Place them strategically in different areas throughout your home or office to enhance money flow. You can display them on desks, mantles, or even carry them with you in a pocket or purse for a constant reminder of your prosperity intentions.

By placing prosperity symbols in the right places and activating your wealth corner, you can create an environment that supports the flow of abundance and financial success. Remember to regularly cleanse and energize these objects, as their effectiveness can diminish over time if they become stagnant. With the power of Feng Shui on your side, you can enhance money flow and attract the wealth and prosperity you desire in 2016 and beyond.

Balancing Yin and Yang

In order to create a harmonious and prosperous home, it is important to understand and balance the concepts of Yin and Yang within your space. Feng Shui teaches us that Yin and Yang are opposing forces that need to be balanced in order to achieve harmony and attract abundance.

Yin represents a more passive energy, while Yang represents a more active energy. It is important to have a good balance of both energies in your home. Too much Yin can create stagnancy and lack of motivation, while too much Yang can result in restlessness and an overwhelming environment.

To create a balance between Yin and Yang in your home, start by assessing the different areas or rooms within your space. Look for signs of excessive Yin or excessive Yang energy. For example, if a room feels dark and heavy, it may be experiencing an excess of Yin energy. On the other hand, if a room feels overly bright and stimulating, it may have an excess of Yang energy.

Once you have identified areas with imbalanced energies, you can make adjustments to bring them back into balance. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Introduce gentle curves: Yin energy is represented by curved shapes, so incorporating furniture or artwork with rounded edges can help soften an overly Yang space.
  2. Use color strategically: Colors can also influence the balance between Yin and Yang energies. Cool colors like blue and green tend to have a calming effect (Yin), while warm colors like red and orange can add vibrancy (Yang) to a space.
  3. Create designated relaxation areas: Set aside specific areas within your home where you can unwind, such as a cozy reading nook or a meditation corner. This allows for intentional moments of restful Yin energy amidst the daily busyness.
Feng Shui Art For Wealth

By creating harmony between Yin and Yang energies in your home, you will not only promote a sense of balance but also attract prosperity into your life. Remember that every change you make to your space should feel intuitive and aligned with your personal preferences. Embrace the principles of Feng Shui to create a home that nourishes and supports your prosperity goals.

Tips for Balancing Yin and Yang Energies in Your Home
Introduce gentle curves
Use color strategically
Create designated relaxation areas

Fostering Prosperous Relationships

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of arranging and organizing spaces to optimize energy flow, can also play a significant role in fostering prosperous relationships. In 2016, as individuals seek to improve their personal connections and enhance their overall happiness and well-being, understanding the principles of Feng Shui can be beneficial.

One important aspect of Feng Shui that relates to relationships is the concept of balance. Balancing the energies in your home can help establish a harmonious environment that supports positive interactions with others. This can be achieved by incorporating both Yin and Yang elements into your living space.

Yin represents more passive and receptive aspects, such as soft lighting or calming colors, while Yang represents active and energetic elements like bright lights or vibrant colors. By finding a balance between these two energies, you create an environment that supports healthy relationships.

Another key principle of Feng Shui when it comes to fostering prosperous relationships is the concept of the Bagua map. The Bagua map divides your home into nine zones or areas that correspond to different aspects of life, including relationships. To enhance your personal connections, focus on activating the relationship zone within your home.

This area is typically located in the back right corner from where you enter your home or in the far right corner of individual rooms. You can activate this zone by placing objects or decor that symbolize love and partnership in these areas.

Lastly, be mindful of clutter in your living space as it can negatively impact personal connections. Clutter not only creates physical obstacles but also blocks the flow of energy which can lead to strained relationships. Take time to declutter regularly and create a clean and organized space for harmonious interaction with others.

Strengthening Your Personal Energy

One key aspect of Feng Shui for wealth is the importance of personal energy and how it can affect your financial success. By focusing on boosting your personal prosperity energy, you can enhance your ability to attract wealth and abundance into your life. Here are some tips to help you strengthen your personal energy:

  1. Practice positive affirmations: Positive affirmations are powerful statements that can help shift your mindset and attract positive energy. Choose affirmations that focus on abundance and prosperity, such as “I am open to receiving wealth and opportunities” or “Money flows effortlessly into my life.” Repeat these affirmations daily to reinforce positive thoughts and beliefs.
  2. Clear negative emotions: Negative emotions such as fear, doubt, or jealousy can block the flow of prosperity energy. Take time to identify any negative emotions you may be holding onto and work on releasing them through techniques like meditation, journaling, or seeking professional help if needed. By clearing these negative emotions, you create space for positive energy to enter.
  3. Surround yourself with abundance symbols: Choose objects or symbols that represent wealth and abundance to place in your home or workspace. Examples include a money tree plant, a statue of a laughing Buddha, or a wealth bowl filled with coins. These symbols act as reminders of your desire for prosperity and can help attract positive energy into your life.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that boosting personal prosperity energy goes beyond just material wealth. It also involves nurturing your overall well-being and happiness. Taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally will contribute to an increased sense of personal energy and vitality which will radiate outwards towards attracting more positivity in all areas of your life.

By strengthening your personal energy and focusing on boosting your personal prosperity energy through these techniques, you align yourself with the principles of Feng Shui for wealth in 2016.


In conclusion, embracing the wealth-boosting principles of Feng Shui in 2016 can have a significant impact on your financial success and overall prosperity. By understanding the power of Feng Shui for wealth and implementing its principles, you can unlock the path to abundance and invite prosperity into your home.

Clearing blocked energy is a crucial first step in achieving financial success. By removing clutter and negative energy from your space, you create a welcoming environment for abundance and allow the flow of positive energy to enter. Decluttering for prosperity not only helps to organize your space, but also clears the mind and allows for greater focus on your financial goals.

Choosing the right colors for wealth is another important aspect of Feng Shui. By harnessing the power of color, you can create a harmonious atmosphere that promotes financial success. The color red, for example, is believed to symbolize luck and abundance in Feng Shui. Incorporating this color into your decor or wardrobe can help activate your money luck zone.

Enhancing money flow and balancing yin and yang are also key elements in attracting wealth through Feng Shui. By placing prosperity symbols in strategic locations and creating a harmonious balance between feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) energies in your home, you can optimize your environment for financial growth.

Finally, fostering prosperous relationships is essential for personal connections that support your financial goals. Understanding how Feng Shui influences relationships can help you create a harmonious atmosphere that nurtures supportive connections with others.

In summary, by incorporating these wealth-boosting principles of Feng Shui into your life in 2016, you have the opportunity to attract more abundance and prosperity into your life. Implementing these practices not only creates a harmonious living environment but also enhances personal energy levels, boosting your overall prosperity energy. Embrace the power of Feng Shui and unlock the path to financial success this year.

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