Flying Stars 2016 Feng Shui

**Flying Stars 2016 Feng Shui**

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of placement and energy flow. It can help us make better use of our environment and bring peace and prosperity into our lives. Flying Stars 2016 Feng Shui is a powerful tool to integrate the energies of heaven, earth and humans.

When trying to create balance in our lives and home, understanding Flying Stars 2016 Feng Shui is the first step in increasing the positive energies that circulate in our home.

## What are Flying Stars?
Flying Stars are the nine stars within the BaZi system. Each star carries different energies and brings in specific influences on us and our environment. The position of the stars in relation to our home determines how we can use the feng shui principles to bring in more harmony and prosperity.

## The Nine Star Combinations

The stars can be visualized in 3 sets of a trinity. The sets are known as the Heaven, Earth and Man Trines:

**Heaven Trine**
1. Heaven star
2. Utility star
3. Futurity star

**Earth Trine**
1. Wealth star
2. Destiny star
3. Virtue star

**Man Trine**
1. Creative star
2. Parent star
3. Child star

The positions of these stars shifts every year, and this is what determines what kind of energy is in each sector, and how we can harness it to bring harmony and prosperity into our homes.

## 2016 Sectors
In 2016, the Flying Stars represent the following sectors:

**Heaven Trine**
1. Heavenly Grand Duke – Northwest
2. Illness Star – West
3. Military Star – Southwest

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**Earth Trine**
1. Wealth Star – North
2. Destiny Star – Northeast
3. Virtue Star – Southeast

**Man Trine**
1. Yin House – East
2. Taiyi – South
3. Direct Officer – Center

## Flying Stars Effect
The effect of the Flying Stars will be quite different for everyone. Your own personal BaZi will determine how much influence each Star has within your home.

Understanding the balance of Yin and Yang will help us determine how to use the right amount and type of energy in order to bring greater harmony and prosperity into the lives of our family. We can use the Flying Stars to locate the negative energies and work to reduce them, while increasing the positive energies.

By making subtle shifts in our environment and incorporating more feng shui symbols and colors, we can increase the positive flow of energies and create a more balanced home.

## Last Word
Feng shui can be a powerful tool to increase harmony and balance in our lives. Understanding the influence of the Flying Stars in 2016 is a great way to harness their energies and create more peace, health and prosperity.

Once we are familiar with the Nine Stars, we can adjust our environment to maximize the energy flow and create a more harmonious and prosperous home.

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