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What is Kitchen Feng Shui?

Kitchen Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has become popular in the western world in recent years. It is based on the idea that by arranging kitchen furnishings and vessels according to specific rules, the energy in the space can be manipulated to create a harmonious environment. By incorporating Feng Shui principles into the kitchen, it becomes a place of balance and prosperity.

Benefits of Kitchen Feng Shui

Practicing Kitchen Feng Shui brings many benefits, including:

  • Harmony – Kitchen Feng Shui is all about creating an atmosphere of peace, warmth and balance.
  • Alignment with Nature – New arrangements will be more consistent with the ebb and flow of natural energy cycles.
  • Purification – Opening the kitchen to fresh air and clearing stale energy will open the space up to good fortune.

How to Incorporate Kitchen Feng Shui

If you are interested in incorporating Feng Shui into your kitchen, there are several steps to follow:

  1. Start by de-cluttering. Remove all clutter and unnecessary items from the kitchen. This will free up energy and allow for greater tranquility.
  2. Choose a focal point of the kitchen. Place an item of importance or beauty at this focal point. This could be a beautiful painting, a flowering plant or other natural item, or a special piece of furniture.
  3. Bring in elements of nature. Choose items that represent the Five Great Elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These symbolize balance and harmony in the kitchen.
  4. Incorporate movement into the kitchen. Wind chimes, hanging mobiles and moving water features create an movement and freshness of energy.
  5. Choose warm, inviting colors. Soft yellows, blues and greens are especially calming and inviting.


Kitchen Feng Shui is a great way to bring harmony and balance to your home. By implementing the few simple steps outlined above, you can create a peaceful, inviting atmosphere and may even bring prosperity and good luck to your kitchen!

What are the principles of Feng Shui in the kitchen?

1. Aim for good flow and circulation: The kitchen should be easy to get around in, open and spacious with a clear pathway from the entrance to the dining and living space.

2. Balance your kitchen: Balance it by arranging the cabinets, appliances and shelves in an orderly way so that everything is visible and accessible. It’s important to strike a balance between the elements and colours.

3. Choose the right colours: Red and yellow stimulate appetite, while white and blue can make the space look bigger.

4. Keep the kitchen clean and clear: Clutter in the kitchen can be a distraction and energy drainer. Make sure to keep the worktops and floors clean and clear of unnecessary objects.

5. Keep food flow in mind: Make sure the pathways in the kitchen are not constantly blocked. Keep items in drawers or cupboards that do not need to be seen on a daily basis.

6. Use mirrors and metal: By adding metal furniture and decorations, you can strengthen the water energy in your kitchen. Mirrors can also be useful in reflecting good energy around the room.

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