Feng Shui 9 Flying Stars


Feng Shui 9 Flying stars is an ancient Chinese practice that has been used to determine the auspicious locations for activities and objects within a given space. This practice uses mathematics, astrology, geomancy, metaphysics, and astronomy to understand the spiritual energy of a room or building.

The 9 Flying Stars technique has evolved over the centuries. It initially included fortune telling and numerology in order to identify favorable sites for activities such as palaces, homes, tombs, and temples. Later on, there were further refinements to the system that allowed it to better take into consideration its cultural context. For example, it was thought that favorable cosmic energy could be used in order to create peace and harmony for society. Along with this evolution came changes in how positioning furniture and biophilic improvements could affect people’s overall well-being.

Today, Feng Shui 9 Flying Stars is still widely practiced across many cultures throughout the world. It is most commonly used to analyze current environments and create harmonious spaces by recommending positive changes such as selecting certain items of furniture that are believed to bring good luck or rearranging certain elements such as mirrors or dividers within a space in order to attract more positive energy flow. People have also come up with detailed tools so they can more accurately interpret the numbers associated with each element along with specific steps they can take in order to activate various advantages within their own living or working environment.


The nine flying stars in Feng Shui combine the yearly and monthly energy to form a picture of what is taking place for us in any given moment. This energy can affect our everyday lives in several ways. Firstly, the individual energies influence our well-being, career prospects, relationships and finances. In essence, they help us determine which areas need more attention when creating an environment that is balanced and supportive of harmony.

In addition to this, the combined overall energy of these 9 flying stars depicts a larger landscape that suggests potential patterns of interaction between certain aspects of our lives. These patterns give insight into how we may be impacting one another by manifesting events or opportunities through combining certain energies together. For example, if two stars representing relationships meet in a particular sector for one year, it could signify a period of building strong bonds with others. Alternatively, if three stars representing wealth were located together in one area for the same period of time, it could mean that money may become more plentiful during this time frame.

In general, understanding the nine flying stars can give us invaluable insight into our current situation and how its impact can shape life’s opportunities moving forward. With this knowledge at hand, we can adjust our behavior accordingly as well as create environments which nurture positive action while preventing potential harm from occurring.


The 9 Flying Stars are an important part of the ancient Chinese system of Feng Shui. These stars represent nine energy sectors on your property, each with unique qualities and characteristics. Each star holds a different vibration that affects our lives in a variety of ways.

Several factors can play into the manner in which various Flying Stars interact with one another in relation to an individual’s environment, including the following:

1. Situational Factors – These take into account what is happening in someone’s current life. Events like moving residences or offices, taking up a new job or hobby, marriage or death in the family, etc., can all influence the swirling energies at work within one’s immediate environment.

2. Annual Index – The number associated with each year has its own distinct characteristics that can affect how specific energies interact with each other and within your home or office space.

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3. Changes in Time- This refers to changes directly related to time and season changes, such as changing sunset times, moon cycles and seasonal weather patterns — all of which can affect the flux of energy flowing through your area/environment throughout any given day, week or month etc.

4. Building Structure – Physical components like walls, windows, doors and openings to outside areas have an effect on where energy can go — both good and bad — as well as bringing certain elements in from outside forces (which could bring luck).

Reversed Flying Stars

Feng Shui 9 Flying Stars is a powerful form of feng shui based on the Lo Shu grid (an ancient Chinese talisman) that reveals the energy vibrations in different directions and locations. The stars act as guides to illuminate challenges and opportunities associated with the location. This particularly refers to the home, office, or other space where it may be important to harness positive, healthy energies.

While most Flying Stars are considered positive or neutral energies, negative reversed Flying Stars can appear in certain locations, especially if there has been an extended period of time without attention from a qualified practitioner. Negative energy influences can include health issues and financial difficulties as well as general challenges in every day life. To interpret these negative Flying Stars one must understand their significance according to the traditional principles of classical feng shui.

For example, many practitioners view each star number of its related element; 1 for Water, 2 for Earth and so on. And then depending on its position it will generate either positive or negative energy. A particular area could have 4 White Star (represented by Metal element) which signifies creativity and abundance but if it’s accompanied by 5 Yellow Star which would represent negativity bringing obstacles such as legal disputes and disagreements due its connection with Soil element. Working together with your practitioner to identify both the positives and negatives is essential in getting an accurate assessment of what is happening with the energy in a specific area. By gaining an understanding of how each influence affects overall comprehensive approach can then be discussed and planned between client and consultant to determine optimal outcomes in terms of prosperity, peace, harmony and ultimately balance within environment concerned..


The Feng Shui 9 Flying Stars is a powerful tool that can be used to improve the chi energy of a space. The first step to utilizing this system is to identify the position of the annual stars and monthly stars in your environment. Once you have done this, you need to assess the energy flow within the environment and evaluate where its weaknesses lie. This will allow you to locate areas that need adjustment or areas that may require additional remedies.

Once identified, you can use Feng Shui remedies, cures and enhancers such as talismans, feng shui symbols and amulets etc., to tap into the favorable energies of each sector in order to bring balance and harmony into your environment. For example, if there exists an inauspicious star configuration for wealth luck, then appropriate wealth enhancers such as Dragons, Turtles or Coins could be placed in those sectors to counteract any negative energy these stars bring forth. Additionally, it can also be used together with specific feng shui activities such as ritual offering drinks (fruit juices) at auspicious star positions to further attract positive energy.

You should also remember that although substantial improvements can come from simple changes like position change of furniture pieces or placing appropriate enhancers at designated locations; it is often best achieved when combined with other feng shui methods so that a comprehensive approach produces greater results over time.

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Feng Shui 9 Flying Stars is a powerful tool practitioners use to energetically transform an environment. By following the Flying Star Chart, practitioners can assess which stars are activating in different locations and suggest remedies to harmonize the environment. To create harmonious energies with Feng Shui 9 Flying Stars, practitioners should assess the positions of stars and the qi of each location. Additionally, they should understand how chi interacts with five elemental forces (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) and how it affects harmony or disharmony in a space. Depending on the current position of flying stars in a space’s Ba-Gua Map or locational chart, practitioners can recommend certain cures like mirrors, symbols, wind chimes, incense burners, hanging calligraphy scrolls amplifiers, crystals to invoke balanced energy for healthf wealth and joy. Also because the nine stars move in a cycle every 20 years it is pertinent to have an accurate analysis done periodically to ensure that these small modifications remain effective year-round.


1. Feng shui 9 flying stars have been used to determine when a building should be constructed to maximize positive energy flow within the structure. For example, in some cases it is believed that certain stars must be accurately aligned during specific years in order for the building to be an environment of abundance and prosperity.

2. Feng shui 9 flying stars are also used to enhance various aspects of an individual’s life, such as health, wealth and relationships. The practitioners of this ancient art counsel individuals on how to utilize these stars and their different holistic combinations for personal gain.

3. Another popular use for feng shui 9 flying stars is to identify good luck days or times for engaging in certain activities or making important decisions in one’s life. When used in combination with other feng shui practices, it can even help one choose more auspicious days to embark upon new endeavors and make important changes in life.


Understanding the Feng Shui 9 Flying Stars empowers us to make positive life changes by helping us to identify and ward against sources of negative energy, as well as take advantage of any opportunities that exist within our environment. By understanding how these energy stars interact with each other, we can find solutions to many of life’s most pressing issues, such as how to secure fortune, bring luck or success into our lives, and resolve challenging relationships. Understanding the principles of the Nine Flying Stars can be used to strengthen relationships with family members or colleagues, attract wealth and prosperity into our lives, improve overall health and well-being, and even set up a harmonious home. Taking into account the location where these energies manifest themselves allows us to take full advantage of the positive energies around us while avoiding the potential dangers associated with negativities from overreaching star combinations. Feng Shui further helps us establish balance in our homes through proper placement of specific items like mirrors and water fountains for renewal; plants for fertility; vibrant colors for active Chi (energy); balanced air flow for tranquility; proper bed location for optimal sleep quality; correct window treatments for natural light access; clay pottery to release stagnant energy; uplifting artwork to promote openness; room organization inspired by pattern recognition techniques; plus many other techniques that all help produce favorable results in our lives when practiced correctly.

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