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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of philosophy and geomancy that has been used for almost 3000 years to gain harmony and balance in the home. It uses certain principles to create positive energy flow through the surroundings, such as placement of furniture and orientation of house, which can bring luck success and well-being.

Feng Shui 2017 Sheep symbolizes compassion, innocence, luck, and ambition. The year 2017 being a Yin Fire Year resonates with Sheep more than any other sign. Those born under the Feng Shui Element of Earth from 1921 to 2021 will be blessed with good luck at the end of the year if they embrace compassion, keep an open mind about their goals and ambitions, open up their heart for others needs and remain calm. Additionally, others who follow this practice should carry lucky charms such as coins or bells that are associated with sheeps to attract prosperity into their lives. By following these powerful Feng Shui instructions people can affect decisions made in their future as well as determine outcomes.

Uncovering the Meaning of 2017 Sheep

Traditional Chinese philosophy and astrology, collectively known as Feng Shui, is the practice of creating harmony between one’s physical environment and spiritual world. It has been used for centuries to improve wealth, emotional balance, health, and happiness. The traditional practice relies heavily on numerology and the shape of one’s environment which is determined by the year in which a person was born or an event occurred. 2017 represents the year of the Sheep according to Chinese zodiac calendar.

The Sheep rule applies to those born during 2015 (1/26/2016 to 2/12/2017) and those who wish to observe its effects beyond that date. The year 2017 is associated with hospitality, resourcefulness, reliability, creativity, loyalty, gentleness and fortunate opportunity. To explore how these attributes may impact us in our day-to-day lives as well as history and culture they are rooted in requires further examination into various elements at play – history, culture and triggers being three main components.

An analysis of history indicates that 2017 marks the beginning of a new revolution; one that demands radical innovation in outlook coupled with cultural relativism for social change. In 2017 Sheep year we need to move away from mere materialism towards socio-emotional changes by recognizing the interconnectedness of everyone on earth sharing mutual global values: generosity, kindness love and care for all members of mankind regardless of religion or race . This will help us transform into proactive people capable of creating desirable results not just through words but also through actions. Culturally speaking this focuses most prominently on Asians as recipients/catalysts for a range of progressive thoughts & renewal processes through arts – such as cinema & music – modern journalism geared towards mass communication , increased international travel & education opportunities around the world culminating in stronger intercultural relationships that foster energy exchange & peace activism

Finally , when uncovering how this may trigger change , we can look into some key examples such as increasing solidarity among activists & change makers especially regarding refugee rights & new immigration policies worldwide; more artists coming out of their cocoons providing ambient yet strong critiques of current day affairs; expanded understanding far beyond cultural difference by co-creating more common humane spaces online while participating in collective actions ; “localization” encouraging localized principles leading to increased autonomy at small scales i.e villages /towns thereby ensuring accountability , transparency & sustainable economic activities etc .

It thus appears that in order for us to make sense out of 2017 Sheep Year energies it’s essential that we become well informed about our past so that we may be fully engaged in our present times equipped with lasting solutions for rising concerns . This means making sure our communal projects reflect humanitarian logical considerations; become consciously aware about personal biases along with collective agendas guided by ethical standards thus honoring unpredictable obstacles imposed largely due to cultural encasements even though it making efforts towards creating new multi–cultural norms via widespread interactive practices

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Reflections of the Year

In 2017, it is important for us to understand certain qualities of the year, in order to make sense of incidents that may arise throughout the rest of the year. This year, 2017, marks the Year of the Sheep in Feng Shui – a Chinese element that greatly influences each person’s attitude, relationships and fortune. At this time of renewal and growth gets underway, it is useful to understand how Feng Shui principles related to the 2017 Year of the Sheep will affect us..

The success or failure our efforts this year will depend upon how well we comprehend different qualities, traits and characteristics associated with this particular animal. The Sheep has traditionally been fondly regarded as being particularly gentle and sweet—a perfect and compassionate example of how compassion can bring good luck; but those same attributes can be interpreted inversely as shyness, inconsistency and even recklessness.

Being mindful of these dualities can help us determine strategies for handling both challenging times as well as pleasantry. An adept understanding of what drives these effects on every aspect of our lives is essential for people who want to foresee positive changes during this period. To successfully navigate through turbulent waters in daily life requires deep knowledge into where strength lies within these energetic schematics. One potential avenue towards success lies within partnering oppositions together to gain an advantage over a specific area in one’s life– whereas exercising caution when facing erratic direction could mean preserving good health in all areas of one’s life. Ultimately though, with proper understanding comes much power; it is up to us whether or not we choose to use it optimally or face misfortune due to missteps taken with incorrect advice.

Applying to Your Life

2017 is the year of the Sheep, which introduces a gentle and tranquil energy. Governed by Yin Earth, this energy can be used to promote a peaceful atmosphere and to encourage cooperation in all areas of life. Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art with applications to many different aspects of life, is a powerful tool that can help individuals personalize the energy of 2017 Sheep and harness the power it brings.

To apply Feng Shui principles while maximizing the blessings of 2017 Sheep, one must first evaluate their home, environment and lifestyle habits. Specific areas of focus include decorating with objects that bring forth good Chi (beneficial energy) according to Bagua Map principles; employing crystals or spheres for protection and protection from negative energies; burnng incense; keeping plants that bring abundant vitality inside; applying color therapy; relocating furniture if needed for better balance and flow; placement of artwork strategically placed representing symbolism important to the individual’s desired goals.

While some might find these tasks tedious, proper implementation should result in transforming an individual’s life by creating abundance and harmony between themself and their surroundings. The goal is bringing joy into everyday life through increasing positive energies from within as well as around us — we have so much control over our lives than what many are aware of! Ultimately, by practicing Feng Shui with 2017 Sheep in mind, we have the potential to manifest our desires in many different ways into reality.

Looking Ahead

The year of the Sheep according to Chinese astrology is coming to a close, and with that it’s time for Feng Shui 2017 Sheep followers to look ahead and start preparing for 2018. It’s important to understand what this upcoming year can bring both in terms of potential opportunities as well as challenges. With careful analysis combined with traditional Chinese principles, the Year of the Dog in 2018 can be met with confidence and enthusiasm.

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Although each zodiac sign will have its particular auspicious or inauspicious influences, one could safely anticipate that overall it should be a good year with an abundance of blessings. Special attention should be paid towards securing fortune/luck as well as protection from harm – using prescribed Feng Shui recommendations such as placement of essential items (lucky coins, trolls, etc) or specific location selection when beginning new projects or activities. A proper understanding of cosmic energy flows (in the form of Qi) helps determine beneficial positions to support beneficial outcomes. Timing may also play a role in building positive momentum and carrying one forward into a successful future. Besides this subtle but powerful channel, other more practical approaches might include properly orientating oneself through dress, thought process and speech so that any action taken is assertive yet considerate; ambitious yet temperate. At the same time, it is paramount to remain conscious at all times so potential pitfalls may be swiftly avoided or effectively managed by leveraging the collective wisdom provided through the Year of the Dog – these will largely manifest in one’s finances which require focus and awareness in order for success to come about.


The Year of the Sheep is a time full of opportunities to take advantage of. While the Sheep as an animal may appear timid and meek, it’s a great time to make bold decisions and seek out new opportunities. This is especially true in the Year of the Sheep 2017, when all signs point toward progress and progress through making changes both big and small. With planning and discipline, this can be a year to take risks, venture into uncharted waters, and gain great insights along the way.

By strategizing with Feng Shui techniques from experts, you can harness the best luck possible in 2017. Staying mindful of where your sources of wealth, influence, and relationships present themselves is key for understanding where one should focus for success. This means organizing your home so that energy will flow smoothly to attract positive energy – or chi – into certain areas of your life such as career growth or romantic endeavors. Additionally, taking advantage of lucky colors consistent with those associated with dragons, horses, rabbits and sheep should give you an edge in achieving your goals. However it is also important to remember that success depends greatly on balancing both mental clarity and physical stability throughout this year’s journey toward abundance.

Concluding thoughts: Finding opportunity in 2017 Sheep and beyond means evaluating what works best for you within any situation while tailoring plans around Chi currents identified by Feng Shui principles: create plans that work for each person’s unique ideals both emotionally and practically speaking. Taking a holistic approach that considers how every positive decision has an effect on other aspects of one’s life will lead to personal growth regardless of what comes in 2018 or beyond.

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