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Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of personal energy and space alignment. For couples looking to strengthen their bond, incorporating Feng Shui into their weddings can be a huge benefit. By selecting auspicious wedding dates based on Feng Shui principles, one can increase the luck, abundance and joy that comes with this special union. The goal of Feng Shui is to ensure that positive energy flows through the event in a harmonious way. By identifying any potential obstacles or “negative” stars in the horizon, couples can use Feng Shui methodology to focus on opportunity instead.

There are many different auspicious wedding dates in 2013 based on traditional and modern methods of Feng Shui. Traditional Feng Shui calendar applications take into account the Five Element Theory (wood, metal, fire, water and earth) and employ symbols known as trigrams from The Book of Changes (I Ching). Modern applications look deep into Eight Houses of Destiny charting for relationships among eight directions, eight elements, eight planets and eight numbers in order to map out an individual’s destiny for a particular month or year. Careful analysis of these charts will allow you to seek out special dates that bring serendipity and bliss with them.

Auspicious Dates In 2013

Every wedding ceremony is a unique event, celebrating the joy of two people entering a new phase in their lives together. As such, many couples often take great care to select an ideal date for the wedding that not only celebrates their own special day but also offers them the best chances of having prosperity and long-term commitment. For those who believe in Feng Shui, prospective brides and grooms can turn to the wisdom of this ancient Chinese practice, particularly when it comes to selecting auspicious wedding dates in 2013, as these dates include some of the most favorable times for one’s union.

Feng Shui can be utilized as a tool for interpreting these auspicious dates for weddings by examining the core elements at play: the year’s energy field (known as Qi) and its zodiac sign compatibility with one’s birth year. Based on this analysis, couples can decide which dates in 2013 are most beneficial and offer potential opportunities for good luck and harmony throughout their marriage. For example, 2021’s Qi is believed to be bright and vibrant due to its Dragon Zodiac sign (which is also associated with loyalty and long-term success). On top of that, its compatibility with Earth makes it especially favorable for any Earth sign individuals looking to marry this year – including those born under the Ox, Snake or Rooster directional signs – and many actually consider 2021 one of the luckiest years for weddings! However, every zodiac sign has its own symbolic meaning which corresponds to different types of marital bliss: from passionate relationships built on warmth and trust to more grounded unions built on dependability and integrity. Ultimately however, Feng Shui experts suggest that careful consideration should go into each decision when selecting an auspicious wedding date in 2013; while honoring both tangible elements like family heritage or cultural traditions as well as intangible beliefs such as positive energy fields.

Element Eau Feng Shui

Eastern Feng Shui

The practice of Feng Shui has been used in eastern cultures for centuries, and in recent times has become popularized in the west. For those looking to marry, Feng Shui can offer guidance on when the best time is, what prime direction should be chosen, as well as analyzing different numerical combinations to determine auspicious wedding dates.

Eastern Feng Shui provides several methods of determining auspicious wedding dates in 2013. Some of these include using the eight characters BaZi or date selection charts to make sure that both parties have compatible elements. Additionally, there is Five Element Theory which seeks to examine how two individuals will coordinate with each other regarding their Five Elements – Metal, Earth, Fire, Water & Wood. Date choice is also greatly influenced by the twelve Chinese zodiac animals – Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep/Goat Bird/Rooster Dog and Pig – as these are assigned different luck forms such as good luck or bad luck. Finally there is a method called Zhaorong selection chart which factors Month-Days-Hours in order to calculate an auspicious day for marriage for two people. There are favorable directions for 2014 associated with these calculations including North 2:45-3:45PM; North East 5:45-7:15PM; South 3:45-5:15 PM ;South West 7:45-9:15 PM; North West 9:15 – 10:45 PM; East 11:15 – 12: 45 AM; and West 1:30 – 2:30PM . As these directions are associated not just with weddings but also with l early marriage and future health it is important to carefully choose the best times and locations.

Western Feng Shui

Western Feng Shui is a form of geomancy that uses the principles of yin and yang together with astrology to determine the best time for someone to get married. It looks at how the energy surrounding a wedding can be maximized for luck, love, adventure and growth. Western Feng Shui breaks down elements into three components: Earth, Fire and Water which symbolize the energies that make up a person’s life force.

Auspicious wedding dates are determined primarily based on an natal chart that is customized for each individual couple, but other factors such as location and time of year come into play as well. The focus remains on invoking positive energy associated with nature and its rhymes, cycles and seasons in order to bring out auspicious circumstances throughout the new marriage. Unfavorable periods should be avoided or minimized while nurturing relationships, finances and sound decision-making improves opportunities leading to long term success together.

In 2013, it is believed that because six stars will be active in August (also called ‘double luck season’), this would be an ideal month for settling marriage matters or to have your actual wedding ceremony. Furthermore, due to planetary movements in 2013 traditional dates such as February 4th, October 19th and December 20th are exalted above all else as especially fortuitous dates due to their unique sequences of planets aligning with what is deemed by Chinese astrologists as being particularly propitious times for marriage celebrations. With every star alignment providing overlapping numerological significance that could signify deeper meanings than could tangibly be measured these important dates cannot truly brook contention about more widely held social mores upon commitment and marital unions. Overall Western Feng Shui promises certain success if practiced properly; it’s up to couples decide whether they want this form of esoteric guidance when planning their nuptial events!

Cat Symbol Feng Shui

Accessories for Weddings

When choosing a date for your wedding, it’s important to consider auspicious Feng Shui as it can have an effect on the luck of your marriage. 2013 has plenty of beautiful and meaningful days for couples to choose from. In order to further enhance their celestial harmony, and bring luck to their future together, many couples are opting for symbolic accessories and favors.

These vary from items such as lucky Chinese coins or red envelopes filled with sweet treats, which symbolize wealth, fortune and abundance. Other popular choices include intricate paper cutouts in the shape of dragons or cranes that represent longevity; as well as love doves carrying a red wish ribbon for good luck. Keepsake boxes adorned with floral designs symbolize prosperity and good fortune; Peony paintings signify romantic love; while green jade pendants convey beauty and long-lasting relationships. Whichever items you chose, they’re sure to bring a fun element of tradition goodness to your special day!


Incorporating Feng Shui into a wedding can provide numerous benefits. Most importantly, it can bring harmony to the couple, attract good luck and fortune, and create auspicious beginnings for their future together. Couples who choose to use Feng Shui need not feel limited either, as there is a wide selection of dates from which to choose which will bring them prosperity. By consulting an experienced Feng Shui pratitioner or even searching for information online about auspicious wedding dates in 2013 according to the Chinese Almanac, couples can ensure that their wedding day is stress-free and filled with positive energy.

With so many possible benefits available from incorporating Feng Shui practices into a wedding, more couples are considering this option every year. Resources like books, websites, and articles provide abundant information about the best practices in choosing advantageous dates for a ceremony. Furthermore there are numerous people available who offer consultation services to help make sure that couples are starting off their union with harmonious intentions and optimum luck.

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