Feng Shui Backyard Bagua

# Feng Shui Backyard Bagua

Feng Shui, or the “Way of Wind and Water,” is a traditional Chinese practice that helps us to create a living and working space that is connected in harmony with the movement of Qi (Chi) within our environment. The Bagua, which is the Chinese concept for cosmic balance and tranformational energy, helps us to create and design our backyard to be in greater harmony with nature, thus offering us an environment that is healthy and life-affirming.

## What is a Bagua?

Bagua, also known as “bagwa”, is an octagonal diagram that divides a space into eight sections that are then associated with different areas of our lives, including Love and Marriage, Creativity and Children, Money and Abundance, Career and Reputation, and so forth. Each section of the Bagua corresponds to a specific direction and element, and by strategically placing Feng Shui “cures” in the appropriate places, we can create an environment that will enhance good energy flow and bring greater harmony and prosperity.

## Incorporating the Bagua in your Backyard

To incorporate the Bagua in your backyard, it’s important to first understand the eight sections and their associated elements and orientation. You can then apply the concepts of the Bagua within your backyard, keeping in mind how each of the sections relates to its core function or element.

The following is a brief overview of the Bagua sections and how you can work with the major elements to bring greater balance and vibrancy to your outdoor space:

### Health and Family

This Bagua section is associated with the wood element and is located in the North area of your yard. To incorporate this section, you can add trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants to bring life and health to your space. Consider incorporating peony, rose, begonia, or magnolia trees and shrubs to promote well-being, fertility, and harmony in your backyard.

Pink Peonies Feng Shui

### Wealth and Abundance

The Wealth and Abundance section of the Bagua is located in the Southeast area of the yard and is associated with the Fire element. Place some bright, lively colors into this area, such as a fireplace, torches, candles, shades of red, orange, and yellow. You can also add water features such as fountains or ponds to attract prosperity and abundance.

### Fame and Reputation

The Fame and Reputation section of the Bagua is located in the South area of the yard and is associated with the Earth element. To activate this area, consider adding elements that show status, such as decorative banners or flags, special lighting fixtures, or art pieces. Additionally, consider placing an intricate and detailed gate or fence to show your status and create boundaries for privacy.

### Love and Marriage

The Love and Marriage area of the Bagua is located in the Southwest area of the yard and is associated with the Metal element. Place a romantic seating area here and add small structures such as a gazebo or a pergola. Additionally, revamp the seating on this area with inviting cushions, pillows and blankets. Also consider incorporating candles, lanterns, and even a bubbling fountain in this section of the yard.

### Creative and Children

The Creative and Children section of the Bagua is located in the East area of the yard and is associated with the Wood element. To add life and energy to this area, consider incorporating lush green plants and brightly colored flowers, as well as playgrounds, swings, and slides. Hanging plants, climbing plants, and other green elements will help bring a sense of growth and renewal.

### Helpful People and Travel

The Helpful People and Travel section of the Bagua is located in the NorthEast of the yard and is associated with the Earth element. Place benches, outdoor furniture, and garden decor, such as a wishing well or a birdhouse, in this area. You can also create pathways that lead to different parts of your yard and add statuary pieces, such as a turtle or a tortoise, to symbolically protect you from harm.

Feng Shui Hallway Colors

### Career and Life Path

The Career and Life Path section of the Bagua is located in the West area of the yard and is associated with the Metal element. Here, you can place metal objects, such as fountains, sculptures, wind chimes, and trellises. Adding elements made of stone or granite to this section can also help to bring focus and stability, and will also create a sense of safety and permanence for your backyard.

### Knowledge and Wisdom

The Knowledge and Wisdom section of the Bagua is located in the Northwest part of the yard and is associated with the Water element. To activate this area of the yard, incorporate features such as fountains, ponds, streams, or reflecting pools to represent the Water element. Incorporating elements such as stones and rocks and water plants can also help to increase the energy of this area, as can the addition of small benches or even statues.

By paying attention to and utilizing the Bagua in your backyard, you can create an outdoor space that increases the flow and balance of chi energy and brings greater harmony and renewal to your life.

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