Feng Shui to Bring Money Into the House


Feng Shui is a Chinese art of placement that dates back thousands of years, and is used to enhance the flow of energy in and around your home. When applied correctly, it can bring harmony and balance into a space, as well as attracting health and wealth. By making some small changes in your home with Feng Shui principles, you can create a more harmonious living environment where money flows more readily.

To attract money into your home through Feng Shui principals, start by keeping all exits clear; blockages here can prevent money from coming in so make sure all doors with locks open outward easily. Keep pathways uncluttered so there isn’t anything blocking the entrance to the house; also pay special attention to doorways, windows and archways as these are prime entry/exit spots where money is believed to enter or leave the dwelling.

Next, get rid of anything old or broken because it will signify that your family lacks financial security – keep everything tidy and well maintained for the same reason. In addition, select appropriate colors for each room – reds or oranges are believed to attract wealth while blues are thought to repel wealth; use lighter colors in areas where you want money to come in such as the entrance or dining room. Other helpful hints include placing live plants near entrances as well as having round-shaped elements such as coins or wealth balls to drive away any bad energy impeding your household’s finances.

What is Feng Shui and How Can it Help Bring Money Into Your Home?

Feng Shui is an ancient system of harmonizing one’s environment to bring harmony and balance in life. In its most basic terms, Feng Shui means “wind and water,” and the practices involve arranging different elements in a space to flow in accordance with the principles of good fortune, abundance, and wealth.

Feng Shui believes that objects placed in your home can influence the energy—or chi—in the room. By placing certain items such as coins and other symbols of luck in certain areas of your house, you can create positive energy for yourself as well as invite money into your home. Other items that could help include lucky bamboo plants, symbols of prosperity like wealthships or dragons or even citrine quartz crystals. For example, placing coins around the entrance of your home invites money into your living area. Additionally, mirrors can help by reflecting energy back out into the room not only to increase vibrant energy but also create a sense of abundance that will draw in more money towards you.

In combination with rearranging furniture and adding decorations according to the principles of Feng Shui, mediation can also prove beneficial when trying to manifest money into your life. Sitting quietly and focusing on having an abundant and wealthy lifestyle creates a strong mental pathway which allows positive energies (such as receiving money) to travel much more easily. Therefore, it’s important to open up channels through both mindfulness as well as tangible materialistic objects before seeking financial gain through hard-work or luck alone.

Activating Your Space with Financial Enhancing Symbols and Colors

Some of the main ways to use Feng Shui to bring money into your home is to activate your space with financial enhancing symbols and colors. A few ideas that can help include using images, symbols and colors believed to have a positive effect on money flow. Images such as coins, wealth, or abundance-related pictures should be hung in the hallway or walkway; this will visually stimulate wealth energy. Also, you can use coins by placing six coins tied with red string near the entrance of the house, near a window which faces the road, or inside an aquarium filled with water. Additionally, adding clocks with a clickety clock sound to wealth sectors can also encourage increased monetary flow.

Using natural elements such as crystals and fountains are also effective for increasing prosperity and money luck in your home. Crystals like jade stones, quartz crystal clusters and black tourmaline all help purify spaces while promoting stability within your environment. Fountains can be used either inside or outside, however they should not be higher than knee-level and must face towards open space in order to create more energy in your house. Also keep items such as candles, fireplaces and lamps lit during evening hours and always keep lights illuminated during morning hours when returning from work or school. Finally, paint walls in bright colors like yellow (the color of prosperity) and green (the color of growth) to activate fortune within the space. This combination will serve to attract money into the home when standing in areas associated with wealth such as corners of living rooms or entryways – just remember never point these energies directly at any doorways!

Declutter Your Space for Financial Abundance

Decluttering your space is a key step in boosting your financial abundance according to the principles of Feng Shui. This means letting go of any possessions that no longer hold value, releasing emotional and physical clutter that can impede a flow of positive energy. When done effectively, decluttering can also free up space for new opportunities and create energetic shifts in our lives. Features such as mirrors, water features, and bright colors can also be used to draw in money and wealth into the home. As these symbols entice good luck and fortune, introducing them through feng shui baguas or other Feng Shui principles will bring you closer to financial luck. Additionally, objects associated with wealth such as coins, quartz crystals and even jewelry can also be placed around the house to draw more luck into the home’s atmosphere. Alongside this tactic in feng shui money magnets are thought to invite good financial energy into the house when placed at specific water elements on a diagram such as a fountain or aquarium. Furthermore it is thought that plants serve to circulate vital energy throughout the home and enable an increased flow of money by drawing wealth-inducing energies into your environment. With this combination of effortless steps it’s possible to manifest greater abundance both inside and outside your life -all thanks to ancient wisdom of feng shui!

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Working with the Five Elements to Create Balance in Your Home

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy aiming to harmonize people and their environment to bring balanced energy and prosperity into the home. To achieve richness in your life, you may want to apply some of its principles. Creating harmony will create a space for increased abundance of money flow into the house.

The five elements — water, wood, metal, fire and earth — are essential for finding balance in a home or workspace. It is believed that when these five elements are kept in harmony, it brings positivity and good vibes into the house. For example, placing pieces of wood in the North sector of the space represents growth; a sheet of metal symbolizes wealth placed in the West; red candles encourage passion and excitement – use them in the South; an indoor fountain indicates cleansing water for the East sector; and crystals signify grounding stability — keep them in the centre of your home/room. Additionally, any objects that reflect light or have rounded edges should be included as they represent related aspects of energy flow: sun-like mirrors increase brightness while round cushions provide softness.

In addition to using these elements as reminders of balance and focus energies on inviting abundance into our lives, other strategies such as decluttering also reduce blockages from stagnant energy affecting our finances. Keeping windows open or doors unblocked creates an opportunity for new circumstances thus encouraging greater financial prosperity. Certain items representing your desired fortune can be used for Feng Shui too like images of coins or a ship to imply wealth on its way. Finally, adopt an attitude that demonstrates confidence with money which attracts more towards you through Feng Shui practices such as taping green paper money corners under tables or portraying artwork depicting wealth illustration


Feng Shui can be used to encourage the flow of money into one’s house, but visibility is a key component. Keeping financial flows active means creating an environment that is conducive to money staying in the home. Here are some tips for making sure that your home has plenty of visibility when it comes to money and finances:

•Position furniture that faces outward. Placing furniture so that it faces outward rather than into the wall will help ensure that money stays in the house and does not leak out.

•Place savings jars or boxes in public areas. Designate at least one area of the home where savings jars and boxes are visible, such as on shelves or counters. This sends a positive message about financial responsibility and intention to keep finances stable.

•Keep colorful decorations throughout the home with symbols of wealth and prosperity. These could include artwork, coins or crystal items placed in prime spots in different areas of the home. This also helps focus energy on accumulating wealth since physical representations can always remind you to work hard towards achieving a goal or result.

•Put away cash in safe locations throughout the house such as storage boxes or locked cabinets. This makes it easy to access funds when needed but also serves as a reminder of what you do have versus what you need.

•Display picture frames with images of your vision board, dreams, or milestones achieved – these can serve as a physical reminder of what is possible with financial success and be motivating to continue striving for more!

Identifying the Money Corner of Your Home

Using the principles of Feng Shui to bring money into a home is a great way to increase wealth and prosperity. To start this process, it’s important to first identify “the money corner” of your home. The general rule of thumb states that in any given home, the corner directly opposite its main entrance houses the area considered most conducive to money flow. This corner is known as “the command position” according to Feng Shui beliefs.

Knowing which corner is considered “the Money Corner” is just the first step in harnessing wealth through Feng Shui. Once identified, there are several recommended methods for activating this part of a home and encourage money flow. Placing items like plants, crystals or windchimes in this area are all said to help promote wealth and abundance. Other recommended tasks include painting walls with earth tones like yellow or brown and keeping furniture neat and organized for optimal energy flow throughout the space. Art pieces depicting water or “abundance scenes” can also be hung up around this area for added effect. Finally, its encouraged that windows and curtains stay open in order to allow Chi energy access into this region of the house, allowing wealth and financial success to follow suit naturally.

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Creating Abundance with Intention and Gratitude

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that teaches us how to arrange our living and working spaces to bring harmony and abundance into our lives. To draw money into the house with Feng Shui, one must first understand what Feng Shui values: clarity, intention, and gratitude.

Clarity is incredibly important in creating abundance through Feng Shui. One should clear out any clutter that may be blocking the energy in their home and make sure all pathways are clear for energy to flow freely throughout. It is also important to focus on what kind of energy one wants to bring into the home. Visualize that energy flowing freely without obstruction and create a space filled with positive energy.

Intention setting is very important because it sets the tone for bringing money in through Feng Shui. Focus on what kind of wealth one wants to attract. Is it financial abundance, spiritual abundance, or both? There are many resources available to help generate ideas for intentions when it comes to attracting abundance; deep breathing exercises can also be used to center one’s mindset while they do this work.

The last step in bringing wealth in with Feng Shui is being grateful for everything one already has. Gratitude attracts more things to be thankful for by manifesting those positive energies into reality; manifestation doesn’t happen overnight but setting an attitude of contentment will surely improve one’s life over time. Taking the time each day just show appreciation for whatever we have—even if it doesn’t seem like much—creates a ripple effect, amplifying the good vibes throughout all areas of life including finances!

Intentional Action Steps to Invite Financial Stability

1. Clear Clutter: Clutter represents a stagnant energy that blocks creative flow, so step one is to clear out any unwanted physical items in the home and keep it clean, neat and organized. This helps to make room for abundance in the finances of the house.

2. Hang Wind Chime: It’s believed that hanging wind chimes can help to attract money into your space. Place wind chimes near windows or entryways near your front door, as this is said to bring financial luck into your home.

3. Choose Rich Colors: Incorporating certain colors into your living space has been said to increase financial stability and prosperity in the home. A good combination of colors are the shades of red, gold and blue which have been known for their ability to draw luck and fortune in Feng Shui practices.

4. Create Vision Board: Create a vision board that encompasses everything you strive for financially in life, with positive affirmations alongside aspects of your desired financial stability able to come true with hard work and dedication – such as “With patience I will save up for my dream home/car etc”

5. Set Intentions: Finally, set intentions on how you want money or any other form of abundance to come fully in your life by writing it down or vocalizing what it is you wish for before investing energy-be it time or cash- into anything related to success or wealth building projects. This will help manifest what it is you truly desire from the universe and attract strength without sacrificing moral integrity at any cost!


For generations, practitioners of Feng Shui have managed to bring wealth, prosperity and good fortune into the home by making specific adjustments to the environment. Incorporating basic principles of Feng Shui with finding motivation and determination can be an effective way to attract abundance into your life. You need to make sure that your home reflects that you are deserving of wealth and good things. Work on keeping clutter down, such as old run-down furniture or piles of paper. Paint walls a lighter color, like cream or light yellow – this will create a more positive energy in the air. Remove all items from broken appliances from view, as this symbolizes a lack of abundance in a home. Organize all cabinets, closets and drawers for the same reason. Finally, including bounty symbols like coins or a waterfall image around your house will encourage the energy of abundance! By following these basic techniques – as well as continuing to motivate yourself – you can set up a home full of healthy energy ready for wealth small and large alike!

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