2018 Feng Shui Colors


This year, look to the ancient science of Chinese astrology and feng shui for insight into the best colors to use in your home decor. Based on energy-influencing elements, numerology and the Lo Shu Square, a traditional diagram of the constellations utilized to define auspicious directions, 2018 brings fresh ideas for reenergizing your home’s atmosphere. Using shades of nature may be just what you need to get yourself through this new year without feeling inundated by stress and anxiety. From timeless shades of gray, green and pink to unexpected bold hues such as yellow and purple, there are plenty of ways to embrace 2018’s Feng Shui inspired color palette in your own home. Learn more about how to evoke harmony in your private space while introducing these powerfully positive energy fields into your environment.


One way to incorporate Feng Shui colors into your living space is by painting a wall with a nude chartreuse or ochre orange. Another idea would be to use accessories and textiles in reds, purples, mauves, and golds. You could also hang art pieces that have shades of blue-green or teal-gray. Additionally, using plants in the area such as ferns, palms, or lucky bamboo can add a sense of organic energy while bringing green into the room – great for activating the Money gua! Finally, adding traditional Feng Shui symbols and items such as a Laughing Buddha can heighten the energy of your living environment and add accent colors through its placement in strategic areas.


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Practical Tips

One way to balance the Feng Shui elements in your home is to use color. Each element has its own hue, so if you want to bring balance and a sense of harmony, choosing the right colors for each room can be important. The following are some general tips when selecting colors:

Wood Element – Green and brown shades are associated with this element. These natural, earthy tones will help to bring energy and growth into your space.

Fire Element – Reds, yellows, oranges, and purples are associated with fire element. Using these warm tones will create a sense of warmth and creativity in your home.

Earth Element – Neutral shades such as tans, beiges, or light green will bring grounding energies from the earth element into your space.

Desk Next to Bed Feng Shui

Metal Element – Metal hues like silver, white, or grey should be used for this element. These clean and tranquil shades promote clarity and focus in any area of your home.

Water Element – Blues, black hues should be used for this element as they bring a calming and peaceful energy into the atmosphere.


Frequently Asked Questions About Feng Shui Colors

Q: What are the colors associated with Feng Shui?

A: The important colors associated with Feng Shui are red, green, purple, yellow, black, and white. Red symbolizes strength and good fortune; green symbolizes health and harmony; purple symbolizes wealth and magnificence; yellow symbolizes joy and mental clarity; black is said to produce a calming effect that helps amplify other colors around it; white represents purity and serenity.

Q: Does one need to use all the colors associated with Feng Shui in their home for it to be effective?
A: No. Each color plays its own specific role in Feng Shui energy but it is not necessary to have all the colors in your home for the practice of Feng Shui to be successful. It is important however to remember that each color has its own meaning and should be used accordingly – for example, red can bring good luck but too much can cause an imbalance in energy. Ultimately you should select what works best for your lifestyle.

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