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The Feng Shui Store Seattle hosts a variety of events throughout the year to help customers learn about, and gain skills in, using Feng Shui principles in their own homes. We invite our customers to join us for interactive workshops, informative lectures and seminars that focus on how to use Feng Shui to bring more positive energies. Our experienced instructors will lead you through the basics of Feng Shui while also introducing you to new methods of applying these ancient practices. Through our events at the store customers can gain knowledge on how to best apply Feng Shui philosophies in any space or situation. By attending one of our events, customers will also be entered into giveaways and special promotions such as discounted items or even free services. Along with information, many of our events provide opportunities for relaxation, stress relief and self-discovery through activities like meditation sessions and guided yoga routines. With a gorgeous evening in store we invite everyone who’s interested to come join us for a unique experience–one that allows complete personal expression surrounded by individual growth.

Educational Resources

The Feng Shui Store Seattle offers a variety of educational resources to help people understand and properly incorporate the principles of Feng Shui into their home. Their website provides links to numerous tutorials, expert interviews, articles and exploring various schools of thought on the subject. They also offer consultations with a certified feng shui master, who can provide personalized advice on how to make positive changes in the home that help create harmony and balance. Additionally, customers can purchase books or magazines devoted to incorporating feng shui into daily life or decorating with traditional elements such as wind chimes, crystals and other pieces. Finally, visitors can join discussion boards or take classes at local institutions to further learn how to enhance their living space using the principles of feng shui.

Behind the Scenes

At Feng Shui Store Seattle, we are proud to have a dedicated and passionate staff. Our wonderful team is made up of people who believe in the ancient Chinese principles at the core of Feng Shui philosophy, and bring this knowledge and passion to each customer interaction. To delve deeper into their stories, we decided to interview our store staff and get an inside look at why they love what they do.

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One of our long-term employees, Paulina Johnson, shared that her love of interior design drew her to working at the store. She loves having the chance to use her expertise in home styling to help customers transform their spaces into sanctuaries that promote balance and peace. Additionally, she finds personal satisfaction from being part of a family-owned business, as she can build relationships with patrons to provide them with tailored advice for balancing their home environments.

Another employee, Roxy Myers, said some of the best parts about working here come from seeing customers leave feeling satisfied after finding something perfect for their home decor needs. She especially enjoys helping newlyweds find furniture pieces that reflect the energy they want in their lives—something often overlooked in traditional furniture shopping experiences. Overall, Roxy finds joy in empowering customers to take ownership over their own Feng Shui practice.

At its heart, the store has always been involved in inspiring harmony within individuals’ homes through daily rituals and thoughtful display pieces—it just expands beyond physical goods; it engages with peoples’ personal journeys toward creating spaces where one can relax, unwind and revitalize mentally through inviting energized feng shui objects into one’s living space. Every staff member truly reflects this sentiment by providing friendly service with warmth and compassion for all individuals who enter the store.


The Feng Shui Store Seattle offers customers the ability to see how their products will look in their home with their Gallery. This online gallery showcases customer photos that feature Feng Shui products in their own homes. Customers can view the photo submissions from other customers and get inspired for how to best use their items to create a positive energy balance in their own space. They can gain insight from how others arranged, organized and decorated with the store’s items. Additionally, the Gallery allows customers to connect directly with each other as they share stories and advice in order to help each other create beautiful environments of well-being and balance.

Blog Roll

The Feng Shui Store Seattle blog roll is an incredible resource for anyone looking to learn more about Feng Shui and how to incorporate it into their home decor. This list includes a variety of blogs from different sources, giving readers a wealth of unique information. Each blog offers insights on various topics related to Feng Shui, including how to properly incorporate it into your home’s layout, the best colors that lend to creating a harmonious space, creative ideas for bringing more serenity into a room and much more. Readers can also explore blogs focused solely on home decorating and interior design trends that relate to the philosophy of Feng Shui. Whether you’re new to the practice or an experienced practitioner, this list provides plenty of inspiration and ideas that can help you make your space even more beautiful—and energized!

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Social Media

The Seattle Feng Shui Store is excited to offer its customers an array of social media accounts where they can stay up to date on store events and new products, connect with employees, share their own stories of success using feng shui products and communicate with other store enthusiasts. Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts serve as the primary communication tools for the store. Customers are invited to follow, like and share content related to the store or specific products. We also encourage customers to comment on posts, join conversations and enter contests we hold throughout the year. We love engaging with our customers online!


Q: What types of products do you sell at the Feng Shui Store Seattle?

A: We selling a wide selection of Feng Shui products and services, such as incense, crystals, spiritual books, space clearing tools and custom consultations with certified Feng Shui experts. Additionally, we offer a variety of specialty items for space transformation, such as wall hangings, furniture and decorative items.

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