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The Phoenix Dragon Feng Shui Store has been in business since 1996, offering a wide range of items for customers to help bring balance and harmony into their homes and workplaces. Our goal is to empower our customers with knowledge, insight, and natural energy in order to achieve harmony within their environment. We provide guidance on using symbolic objects, tools, artwork, and furniture to create the perfect atmosphere for living and working. From the modern ambiance of contemporary furniture to traditional Chinese masterpieces, we have something that will fit each individual’s style. Customers come from all different backgrounds looking to cultivate balance in their lives; whether they be seasoned feng shui practitioners or first time buyers. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer questions and help guide them through every step of creating a peaceful home.


The Phoenix Dragon Feng Shui Store is conveniently located in the heart of the booming city centre. Situated on an easily accessible main street, traveling to and from the store requires very little effort. The store is a short 5-minute walk away from the central bus station, making it easy for customers to access public transportation. Additionally, nearby roads and highways provide plenty of parking for visitors who prefer driving instead. The store can also be reached within 10 minutes by taxi if needed, offering greater convenience for those not keen on walking or public transportation.

Interpretation and Purpose

The Phoenix Dragon Feng Shui Store is a unique establishment founded on traditional Chinese philosophy and culture. This store draws from the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, which focuses on achieving harmony between man and environment using patterns of energy in decorating or arranging spaces. The store offers items that help to bring out the positive flow of energy in any given space.

Cultural influences are especially strong within the Phoenix Dragon Feng Shui Store. Some iconic figures present within the store include the dragon, a symbol associated with power and strength, as well as Taoism with its representation of the yin-yang balance in nature. Additionally China’s five element theory is depicted throughout the store, showcasing its association with spiritual practices like feng shui.

When it comes to making purchases at this store, certain cultural customs should be taken into account related to feng shui. For example, objects believed to bring good luck or fortune should be placed in accordance with specific directions which coincide with its associated energy or element. It is also customary for buyers to use items meant for sacred purposes such as ceremonial settings or spiritual meditation practices without discounting their value by using them for practical means.

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The Phoenix Dragon Feng Shui store offers a variety of products to promote positive energy and well-being. From the ancient art of Feng Shui comes a selection of beautiful art pieces, sculptures, and statuettes with auspicious symbols. Figurines depicting mythical creatures like dragons and phoenixes are thought to bring peace and harmony. Wind-chimes, bells, crystals, water fountains, incense holders – all designed to add peaceful ambience to any home or outdoor space. Tall potted plants full of vibrant greens that represent long life, prosperity and direction in life can be found along with decorative jars filled with natural elements, such as sea shells or colored stones. For special occasions there are paper lanterns sure to make any event extra magical. And for those looking for unique gift ideas a variety of specially crafted jewelry pieces in brass and gold are sure to please anyone. The Phoenix Dragon Feng Shui store has something special for everyone no matter their design taste!


At the Phoenix Dragon Feng Shui Store, we offer a wide variety of packages tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Our most popular bundle is the “Feng Shui Starter Package”, which includes a detailed 92-page guidebook on Chinese feng shui and two helpful objects geared at promoting balance and harmony. We also have special discounted packages that include various categories of items such as “Bedroom Packages” or “Protection Packages”. These packages are designed to provide customers with all the necessary elements for their chosen feng shui project. Lastly, we also provide a selection of seasonal specials and discounts that allow our customers to get the best deals possible.


The Phoenix Dragon Feng Shui Store is committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and selection. Our store offers various points of contact, including email, chat support, and telephone line for assistance. We guarantee complete satisfaction with our products and services – if a customer is ever unsatisfied, we will work to promptly remedy the problem in a way that best suits their needs. Additionally, our store is open 7 days a week from 10 am to 10 pm and customers can shop online at any time via our website. We also feature unique policies such as free shipping on select items, a generous return policy of up to one month after purchase, and exchanges is available upon request. Our staff are highly knowledgeable about all aspects of Feng Shui styles and products so we can provide personalized product recommendations when needed.

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Customer Reviews

The Phoenix Dragon Feng Shui Store has seen tremendous positive feedback from customers across various online review sites. On Yelp, customers have especially praised the store’s knowledgeable and helpful staff, with many noting that they went in looking for advice and guidance and came away feeling very informed and valued. User Lily Yan wrote: “I was truly moved by the way the staff cared about my questions and needs. They gave me a great understanding of feng shui and helped me make decisions that I’m confident in.” Other reviewers remarked on how friendly the store employees were and concluded that it was an enjoyable experience to shop at the store.

Google users had similar experiences when visiting the Phoenix Dragon Feng Shui Store. Many commented on how patient employees were, often spending time answering questions just for their own enjoyment rather than as part of a sales pitch. Mary Su noted: “They could easily have sold something to me but instead they patiently answered my doubts. The team is really awesome!” Other Google reviews mentioned that all staff members were professional and accommodating, offering advice that provided real value to shoppers. Customers shared stories of positive results following advice given by employees, further reinforcing what a great place this store is for anyone looking to improve their luck with feng shui energy.


The Phoenix Dragon Feng Shui Store is proud to be one of the leading providers of quality feng shui products, services, and guidance. For years we have been dedicated to helping customers find creative solutions to their feng shui needs, while supporting the ancient tradition of this ancient Chinese practice. We consistently strive to offer unique and authentic feng shui items from around the world at an affordable price, along with personal advice from experienced professionals who understand both Eastern principles and Western trends. Our goal is for each customer to find a connection between their own lifestyle and this ancient wisdom, enabling them to live harmoniously with nature. With our exceptional services, commitment to quality products and reliable advice, the Phoenix Dragon Feng Shui Store is a trusted source for enhancing your life through feng shui.

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