Feng Shui Mirror Placement In Office

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy of balancing energies in an environment. By applying the principles of Feng Shui, individuals can create harmony and balance within their space, which can lead to better energy and productivity levels. One approach of utilizing the power of Feng Shui is through mirror placement in office spaces. With careful consideration, mirrors can be used to enhance workplace ambiance in order for employees to experience an improved overall flow.

Positioning and Placement When deciding where best to position a mirror in an office, there are certain elements that must be taken into consideration.

One factor is the amount of natural light that enters the area as this will affect the impact that mirrors will have on a given environment; it is generally recommended to avoid large reflective surfaces if there’s a lot of light present as this may create harsh glare and can cause distractions for workers when sitting or standing close by.

It’s also important that any reflections in a mirror are not pointing towards people; facing any object towards someone in an office space with negative connotations such as aggression or anger can disrupt positive energy flow and could have negative effects on employees.

Benefits of Mirrors In The Office Mirrors placed correctly and strategically around an office have been proven to provide multiple benefits for working environments. Not only do they have positive effects from a Feng Shui standpoint but they can aesthetically add character and make work spaces look more inviting as well.

They can also help brighten up duller areas as well as aid productivity if placed smartly, offering multiple advantages for personnel at an office setting. Working without feeling cramped or crowded can help improve focus levels, increase efficiency and offer other psychological benefits as well such asthe perception that tasks seem simpler while working within an uncluttered space with fewer distractions.

Common Benefits

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of modernizing and organizing a space in relation to the flow of energy, or “Chi”. By implementing Feng Shui principles, offices can gain a variety of benefits. Here are some key advantages:

  • Increases Productivity – Applying Feng Shui principles in an office will help promote harmony and encourage collaboration among its employees. Employees will be able to focus better on their tasks without as many distractions.
  • Improves Health – Spending time in an organized, harmonious workspace can positively impact the overall health and wellbeing of workers. It helps eliminate stress, physical fatigue, headaches, and other ailments.
  • Enhances Creativity – Being in an atmosphere that allows for creativity helps inspire new ideas. This can be helpful when trying to come up with innovative solutions for work-related issues.

Using mirrors is also an important part of Feng Shui design because it can help deflect negative energy while creating positive energy within the space. Placing mirrors correctly is essential if you want to take full advantage of their reflective properties. Here are some tips on how to properly place mirrors for optimum results.

Mirror Placement – How To Place Mirrors For Optimum Results

Mirrors should be strategically placed around the office so that they reflect back comforting images or things that bring joy and delight to people within the space. If you have a view of nature outside your window, such as a garden or trees outside, placing a mirror opposite the window gives you a chance to reflect back the calming scene outdoors into your office.

The size and shape of the mirror should also be taken into consideration when it comes to arranging its placement. Too large or too small mirrors may not be beneficial; finding one that fits snugly in one area precisely is ideal.

You should also consider where people tend to congregate since throwing up larger mirrors there could assist with creating more light-filled spaces them feel at ease in. Here’s a list of where specific types of mirrors should be placed:

  • Large Mirrors: Place at least 8 feet away from walls and set slightly off center for an optimal outcome
  • Round Mirrors: Hang in pairs at different heights throughout your workspace.
  • Square Mirrors: Make sure they are facing eachother when placed symmetrically next to eachother.
  • Small Mirrors: These should be hung on walls near employee desks as they promote increased productivity levels for these individuals.

Key Placement Ideas

One of the most important places to hang mirrors in an office is in a corner. This may sound counterintuitive as corners are where clutter tends to accumulate, but mirrors repel negative energy and place a barrier between any potential negative energy and the user. They help disperse bad vibes and bring balance to the room.

Mirrors also have the added benefit of reflecting more light into parts of the room which can not only feel better, but make it easier for you to see what you’re doing. For this reason they should be hung on adjacent walls or diagonally from one another at opposite corners of the space.

Feng Shui Writer'S Office

Mirrors can also be placed near sources of natural light like windows, to reflect even more light and energy, again helping reduce negative influences and creating more positive ones. Additionally, if two people share an office it can sometimes create tension; for this reason plants and feng shui mirrors should be used as room dividers because they will promote peace between co-workers while also providing privacy.

Lastly, consider hanging mirrors over workspaces such as desks or counters as they act almost like a canopy protecting a user from any harmful influences entering their environment. Utilizing these reflective surfaces in combination with strategic placement of furniture will help form essential shapes when seen from above resulting in an efficient flow through your aura.

While items such as pens or other tools sitting in the same spot for some time can generate imbalances that block productivity; thus allowing for items to be continuously shifted around beneath your mirror canopy allows uplifting energies unrestricted access within your work area ensuring success.

Mirror Placement Rules

The number one rule for optimal placement of mirrors in an office space is to ensure that the mirror reflects something pleasant and peaceful. This means avoiding affixing a mirror to the wall opposite a desk or chair, as it may create a feeling of unease if it reflects an occupant’s face all day. If done correctly, however, these reflective surfaces can enhance natural light sources and bring energy and life into the workspace.

Mirrors should be placed strategically around your office to boost productivity and concentration levels. For example, putting a small mirror on your desk so that you can quickly take stock of yourself midway through working can help you feel prepared and stay focused on the task at hand. This type of positioning also prevents negative thoughts from creeping in.

Another rule to consider is not placing any mirrors close to the entrance door as this could potentially draw negative energy into your workplace environment by reflecting incoming guests or customers before they even enter. Ideally, mirrors should be kept out of direct sight from the door in order to avoid any unwelcome reflections indicating signs of aggression or distress depending upon body language present upon entering.

Additionally, taking caution when positioning near fire exits as it may cause distractions whilst evacuating in an emergency.

With the correct placement comes great reward; Feng Shui Mirrors are emotional stimulators which when held appropriately can create vibrancy within an environment boosting both work performance and confidence levels amongst employees.

Placing a larger wall mounted mirror behind desks have been said to be beneficial for increasing focus during tasks as well as providing additional comfort due to being able to observe oneself without having to turn around physically or emotionally disconnect from work activities by viewing themselves in detail too often throughout the day.

Methods of Mirrors In Office

Feng Shui is the practice of channeling energy in positive ways to promote wellness, prosperity, and harmony. A mirror placed within an office environment can significantly affect the flow of energy within these walls. Therefore, it is important to consider the most effective placement of a mirror when using Feng Shui in order to maximize its positive influence. Here are some principles for placing mirrors in an office according to Feng Shui:

  • Place a large mirror behind the desk chair facing outward.
  • Avoid having watching devices (security cameras) or alarm clocks face a mirror as this will cause disharmony.
  • Moreover, avoid having direct reflections that show chaotic movement such as your doorway or other areas with high traffic in them.

Another way to enhance the energies associated with using a mirror according to Feng Shui is through choosing its material and design. For instance, choosing a square or round shaped mirror rather than one with angular sides would be ideal. Additionally, opting for materials like brass or metallic glass will energize even further its positive reflections because they’re associated with attributes such as optimism and strength.

In addition to material selection and design considerations, it is also important to take note of specific positions which might activate dormant energies within the room. Some experts suggest placing an 8-sided shape called a “Ba-gua” map near where you place your chosen mirrors. This could serve to symbolically match up areas of your life with those mentioned on the bagua for more favorable outcomes from energy manipulation.

Finally, there are also aesthetic considerations such as size and color that should not be overlooked when using mirrors in Feng Shui office placements. Mirrors larger than two feet wide attract extra attention so choose wisely if you need subtlety or prefer a bold statement piece. Also hue has meaning too: blue encourages inward-reflection while red signals ambition and clarity of purpose – perfect for an inspiring work environment.

Impact of Mirrors In Office

Praising the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui and how to use it, here’s an insight into how strategically placing mirrors in your office or work areas can bring wealth, health and abundance. Mirrors hold a powerful source of energy and its positioning plays an important role in attracting harmony and balance in your life. Here are some interesting ways regarding how the placement of a Feng Shui mirror can help you achieve success:

Riches & Abundance

1. Place a mirror opposite or near your fist position in the home/ office – this will create clarity of thoughts and bring focus on what you want to accomplish.

Feng Shui Office Front Door

2. Hang a bright mirror on the outside wall of your office – this helps to attract luck and good fortune for long term financial stability.

3. Position two mirrors facing each other near the entrance of your office/work area – This is believed to amplify positive energy which can help to increase profits for business owners based in that area.

4. Position a round mirror in an east direction­ – This helps bring recognition from people as their eyes will be drawn towards it, bringing business opportunities and progress through communication channels such as networking, interviews etc.

Wealth & Harmony

1. Place two small mirrors across each other behind the chair with the back facing straight throughout the day – This will calm frayed tempers hence increasing efficiency by reducing stress among co-workers and colleagues alike.

2. Position one big round mirror beside or behind your desk – this attracts positive energy increasing productivity levels as well as helping tackle with challenges with an open mind thereby creating opportunities for wealth easily.

3. Hang up a small round mirror under fluorescent lights – Light reflects brightly through these especially during meetings so potential partners feel welcomed into their environment which increases chances of signing favorable contracts.

4. Hang one tall rectangular shaped mirror beside windows – This aids in dispersing harmful energies outwards hence reducing any ill effects caused due to disarrayed furniture or poor interior design elements inside the workplace.

Tips and Advice

Mirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials which can make them ideal for achieving a wonderful aesthetic in the office. However, if not placed correctly they can become more of a nuisance than an enhancement to a room. Here are some tips on how to successfully place mirrors properly in the office:

Never Place Mirrors Opposite Each Other

The most important rule when it comes to office mirror placement is that mirrors should never be directly opposite each other. This could lead to an awkward reflection of the space as well as potential negative energy that could disturb those working in the office. Instead, mirrors should be angled slightly away from each other or placed diagonally across from one another.

Hang Mirrors on Walls Away from Desks

Where possible, avoid hanging mirrors directly behind desks. Not only does this make for a distracting environment, but it also increases the possibility of creating uncomfortable shadows or glares while people work. Instead, hang your mirrors as far away from desks as possible and position them according to your Feng Shui requirements. This will create a much more positive working environment overall and help ensure that energy is flowing properly through the space – ultimately aiding productivity.

Consider The Light Reflection

When hanging a mirror in an office setting it’s important to consider how different lights will affect its reflections throughout the day (particularly if there are windows in the vicinity).

If placing near natural light sources, such as through windows or open doorways with direct sunlight then it’s best not to locate your mirror directly facing these so as to avoid any glares or harsh shadows cast onto walls and furniture which could disrupt workflow and possibly cause eye strain among employees or visitors alike.


Placing mirrors in office according to Feng Shui guidelines can have powerful energetic effects on a work environment. Practicing Feng Shui with office mirror placement can bring clear reflections of supporting energy, enabling ideal conditions for creativity and productivity, and expanding the potential for a successful business career.

The placement of mirrors can help to create balance and harmony in an office space, which will increase positive energy flow while displacing stale, stagnant energy. Mirrors can be used to deflect or disperse negative influences from outside sources while creating additional areas of happy reflection.

Additionally, mirrored surfaces are good at dissipating any disruptive energy from the workspace while amplifying the overall positive vibrations within it. The presence of such reflective surfaces also helps to create a pleasing atmosphere and blend different aspects together harmoniously – this will provide an auspicious workplace that reinforces best practices without detracting too much from day-to-day operations.

Finally, when placed properly in accordance with Feng Shui rules, mirrors increase the light available throughout the office – even small decorative pieces will help disperse natural brightness as well as artificial light more evenly across all sections of the workplace. This stepped-up illumination improves visibility and enhances clarity, promoting better concentration and efficiency while inviting vibrancy into the atmosphere that benefits everyone in it.

All in all, anyone looking to inject more positive aura into their office can try out Feng Shui mirror placement rules to bring some harmony into their surroundings.

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