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Feng Shui is important in nursery design because it promotes the wellbeing of the child and encourages peace, balance, and harmony in the environment. A well designed Feng Shui nursery can foster positive energy that can nurture the growth of your child while cultivating a sense of security, comfort and contentment. Many parents want to create an aura of relaxation and love in their baby’s nursery, which they believe can be accomplished through using Feng Shui principles. Through incorporating symbols related to parenting, connecting with nature, promoting healthy emotions and managing energy flow throughout the room, a well designed Feng Shui nursery helps provide a safe shelter for your baby that will support his or her physical and emotional development through childhood.

Benefits of Feng Shui Nursery Design

Using a Feng Shui nursery layout can bring peace and harmony to the room, creating an environment that promotes positive energy and relaxation. It helps create a space that is emotionally peaceful and calming for both babies and parents alike. It creates a space free from clutter, with plenty of open space to relax in, as well as places to store items neatly away.

Feng Shui design also helps create a healthy flow of energy throughout the room, utilizing colors that promote serenity and comfort. Special attention is given to how furniture pieces are placed around the room so that there is enough natural light to illuminate the area for safety and security. Soft rugs provide cushioning for tender feet, while strategically placed toy boxes help keep play areas organized and free from tripping hazards. Utilizing plants also adds a layer of refreshing oxygen which helps promote feelings of tranquility and balance in the nursery. Overall, these aspects join together to create an environment where both baby and parents can enjoy spending time together peacefully.

Five Elements of Feng Shui and their Use In Nursery Design

The five elements of Feng Shui are known as Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each element holds a unique meaning and carries its own energy pattern.

Wood is representative of growth and strength. To bring this energy into the nursery, use natural wooden furniture pieces such as a rocking chair or an Amish-made crib. Paint with muted shades of green to promote feelings of connection with nature and growth.

Fire is all about passion and creativity. To incorporate this element, consider adding vibrant artwork to the walls that speaks to those ideals along with pieces in the colours red, orange or yellow to represent fire.

Earth inspires balance and relaxation. Decor in earthy tones such as browns or tans will bring this energy into the room. Cover the floor in hardwood or other earth-toned materials such as bamboo rather than something like carpeting in order to be closer to nature while still protecting your baby’s feet from cold floors.

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Metal helps create focus and clarity. Silver toned hardware pieces will add acoustic warmth while also promoting these goals while maintaining an airy and connected atmosphere in the nursery room design.

Last, but not least, water stands for soothing energies that encourage peacefulness—perfect for a calming environment for a baby’s sleep time! Introduce water elements such as a fish tank or tabletop fountain for sound and visual cues that mimic being near actual bodies of water; decorate somewhere within sight from the crib so that it can be seen by your little one during nap time or when waking up from their slumber!

Design Tips

Feng shui helps to create a calm and nurturing atmosphere in the nursery by placing various features of the room in the right balance. It is important to let natural light flow freely in the room and make sure all essential elements (e.g. beds, dressers and other items) are organized in harmony with each other. Positioning of furniture within the nursery should be based on being easy for parents and caregivers to reach, such as keeping the furniture around the window so natural light can penetrate through it. Make sure to arrange objects according to their size and weight, with heavy items placed lower for stability and lighter pieces higher up. Artwork, photographs or mirrors should be placed close to eye-level, straight ahead or above the changing table area instead of positioned over the baby’s crib in order to encourage positive energy flow within the space. Finally, opt for colors that promote a restful environment as well as safety accessories like netting over stairwells or anti-tip locks on cabinets which must not be neglected when designing a nursery layout according to feng shui regulations.

Examples and Demonstrations

When designing a nursery, it is important to create a space that not only looks beautiful but also pays attention to the principles of Feng Shui. The best way for parents and decorators alike to ensure that the Feng Shui in the nursery works well is by utilizing visuals and demonstrations.

A demonstration should start with a visual guide of how different elements in the nursery should be positioned according to Feng Shui principles. These visuals might include ideas about where best to locate furniture and items for optimal energy flow, what colors are most calming and how light should enter the room. It may also highlight certain areas that can be specially appointed or given extra attention based on age and gender of the child to honor their special spirit energy.

Video clips can also be used in demonstrating good Feng Shui consideration when designing a nursery. For instance, you could show videos of where clutter needs to be stored away and how various objects can bring positive energy into the nursery space. You could also explain which items bring prosperity while teaching viewers breathing techniques they can use within the nursery as a means of connecting with nature’s energy flow within their environment.

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Demonstrating good Feng Shui techniques when laying out a nursery not only provides tips on how to create an aesthetically pleasing space for both parents and baby but also guides viewers on how they can best use natural energies to feel at peace from within their home.

Resources and Further Reading

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of creating balanced and harmonious environments. When it comes to creating a nursery, Feng Shui can be a valuable tool for parents looking to create a peaceful and inviting space for their new baby.

When designing a nursery with Feng Shui in mind, several principles should be followed. Firstly, the room should foster growth and nourishment; this means that children’s bedding and toys should be placed away from any point of entry such as windows or doors. Additions such as mirrors, plants and wall art can also help to keep energy positive. To aid concentration, the desk and changing table should also be placed away from entrances. Above all, the space must provide comfort and safety above all else.

To learn more about applying Feng Shui to your family’s layout, parents may consult books such as “The Essential Guide to Feng Shui in the Home” by Gina Lazuka, or refer to online resources like The Spruce or Secret Worlds London for guidance on specific elements such as choosing colors or patterns for a nursery space. Furthermore, consulting professional Feng Shui practitioners can also give parents insight into best practices for arranging their child’s nursery in accordance with this ancient Chinese belief system.


The key points of layout for a feng shui nursery are to ensure energy flow and the right proportions between different elements in the room. Orienting the crib, selecting furniture, and utilizing bright colors can help create an environment that is both supportive and energizing. Other decor items like artwork and plants should be placed strategically within the nursery to foster a positive atmosphere. Finally, placing crystals in specific places adds further benefits in terms of energy movement and positivity. By implementing these techniques, parents can create a safe and balanced place where their little one will have plenty of opportunities for nourishment, growth, learning and wellbeing. With this in mind, it’s time to get creative with your ideal feng shui nursery design!

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