Feng Shui My House 2018

Feng Shui my house 2018 is the perfect opportunity to bring harmony and balance into your home. Feng shui is a Chinese practice that dates back centuries and involves arranging objects, furniture, and other items in certain ways in order to encourage positive energy flow or chi.

The purpose of using feng shui is to create a peaceful environment where not only will people feel welcome but also receive blessings from the outside world in terms of health, wealth, wisdom, and joy. To achieve this, practitioners need to look at the five elements of the universe – water, fire, earth, metal and wood – as these will guide them in creating a harmonious living space.

Feng Shui Principles: Examine Your Home for Balance & Harmony The first step when looking into feng shui my house 2018 is to give your home a good examination to assess its balance and harmony level. This assessment involves mapping out the locations of different types of energies by walking around it with a magnetic compass called a Luo Pan.

This compass will be used to get an accurate reading on the energy level (chi) within your home’s boundaries so that it can be properly balanced through rearrangements of Space Organization (Bagua). By understanding how these colors interact with one another help you determine what kind of modifications should be made.

Get Organized & Use Colorful Objects for Wealth To Feng shui my house 2018 start off by decluttering and organizing; important items should be grouped together according to their purpose intentions while unrelated items should be placed farther apart from each other – this way they are not influencing each other’s energies negatively or unnecessarily.

Taking color into consideration is also beneficial when conjuring up wealth – choose shades such as browns for grounding purposes or golds/yellows along with reds/oranges for fiery passionate vibes meant attract wealth and luck.

Thus the newly organized area should include objects like paper cutting with geometric shapes painted in colors associated with wealth whereas plants have been seen to bring natural healing power which ultimately release stress as well as reduce noise pollution inside homes.

Understanding the Five Elements of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a technique used to improve the energy flow and balance of a home or living space. It’s based on the five Chinese elements of metal, water, earth, fire and wood, each associated with its own colour and direction within the living area. To create harmony in your home using feng shui it’s important to understand these five elements.

The Five Elements

  • Metal – White and Grey Colors | West Direction
  • Water – Blue Color | North Direction
  • Earth – Brown Color | Southwest Direction
  • Fire – Red Color | South Direction
  • Wood – Green Color | East Direction

The five elements in feng shui represent different aspects of life such as wealth, fame longevity, engagement or relationships, creativity and health. Associating certain colours, objects or directions to each element can help to promote good energy balance in each particular aspect of life. Understanding where these energies exist in relation to your home is essential for achieving a harmonious living environment.

Knowing which element relates to which direction is important for knowing how best to place décor items around your home that will bring out positive energy flow within these areas. For example, placing a bright red rug in the south part of your room will create an energy boost for money while placing a painting of a river in the north may encourage better luck relating to health concerns.

Similarly when designing furniture pieces deciding whether wood should be firmly grounded or if metal legs are preferable for balance should also be taken into consideration.

Benefits of Applying Feng Shui to the Home

Applying the principles of Feng Shui to home decorating can bring many benefits which upgrade the look and feel of a living space. The ancient Chinese practice really helps to create balance and harmony with nature, bringing good luck and health into your life – all through simple design principles.

Achieving Balance

One thing an expert in the art of Feng Shui can help you achieve is balance through décor. When everything in the home is arranged just right it creates disruption free energy flow around a space which results in harmony for residents of the home. Arranging furniture correctly according to Feng Shui principles ensures that no two elements compete for attention, instead everything works together like Yin and Yang creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Harnessing Positive Energy Flow

The idea of ‘Chi’ or Qi (life force) is central to Feng Shui and this positive energy needs to be moved carefully throughout a home in order reach every part of the house. By properly taking note of every room’s orientation, furniture placement and color schemes one can ensure good chi flows evenly across all spaces, including bedrooms where its importance has particular resonance.

Allowing river-like movement also means that blocked areas are unlocked, thus releasing better vibes around every corner of a house.

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Brightening Up With Color

60 x 60 Wall Art Wood Panel Print – Olive Trees 3 Piece Set wood wall art decor Choosing colors which resonate with particular areas is another great benefit brought by applying Feng Shui techniques within a living space. Various colors work best in certain rooms such as encouragement for healthy eating in kitchens through yellow shades, calmness promoted with pale green tones in bathrooms and maximum relaxation ensured with dark blue hues adorning bedrooms walls.

Purifying the Home Before Feng Shui

Before engaging in the important process of balancing energy in your home according to Feng Shui, there are certain actions that should be taken to purify and cleanse the living space. This set of protocols is known as space clearing, which aims to remove negative energy and create a positive, peaceful environment.

It can be done through simple acts such as burning incense or sage, creating a salt solution and spraying it across your house, or by playing calming music. Other routines like dusting shelves and decluttering items that are no longer necessary will also thoroughly purge any bad aura around you.

Ctreating Positive Energy Flows

After the elemental deed of cleansing is complete, it is time to begin the actual practice of arranging objects within your home using Feng Shui techniques. Generally speaking, good energy (which leads to better luck and effortless manifestation) flows on a diagonal axis throughout the house. Therefore it is recommended that all interior furniture should be arranged along these pathways in order to take advantage of this influx of positive vibes.

Moreover, certain colors have been scientifically proven to induce happiness an motivation. Consider painting walls in warm shades like pastels or whites if one wishes to promote productivity within their work area; similarly subdued blues can give off relaxing vibes – those frequently used for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Choosing Appropriate Decorations

In addition installing decorative items inside the home can further assist with making one’s living space look more aesthetically pleasing while subtly providing symbollic inspiration from its design choices. It could be something as simple as a statue of an eagle for ambition or a Buddha-like ornament that strongly evokes feelings of peace.

Ultimately everyone’s taste will vary but at its core these efforts should always aim “to create come interesting visualizations [that] will silently remind us why we selected certain objects for our interior décor” (Feng Shui Institute).

Utilizing Colors, Materials, & Textiles

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on creating balance amongst the elements in a physical space. To Feng Shui your home in 2018, it is important to keep up with the turbulent times by utilizing colors, materials, and textiles to create a calming and tranquil atmosphere throughout the house.

The incorporation of colors into one’s home is an essential part of Feng Shui. Soft hues such as pale blue and pink are said to reduce stress while bolder hues like red and orange can encourage activity and growth. Strategically placing neutral tones between these can balance energy throughout the room for a more peaceful environment to relax in.

In terms of materials and textures, quality should be the main focus here. Investing in high-quality furniture made out of natural materials will have a long-term effect on both improving the look of your home as well as its energy levels according to Feng Shui principles.

It’s also important not to forget about items made from metal or glass which can often be used as decorative accessories or furniture pieces. Wood works great too as it can provide both form, function, and a great aesthetic value for any rooms where it’s placed.

Textiles such as pillows, curtains, rugs, blankets etc., should also be taken into consideration when Feng Shui’ing your home for 2018. Woven fabrics like cotton or wool over synthetic fabrics are a great choice for their durability and ability to hold color which adds vibrancy to any room without adding too much visual chaos. However, these fabrics must be kept at a minimum throughout the entire house for maximum impact on calming down energy levels within your walls.

Examining Your Current Furniture & Accessories

Adding Feng Shui to your home can be a fun way to create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Before you decide how you want to change up your environment, it is important to examine what pieces and accessories you currently have in place.

Start by taking a look around the room; get an idea of the items that are most present. If there is a lot of clutter, clean up and arrange the essentials so that everything has a designated place in the room.

Once this is accomplished, consider each item individually from a Feng Shui perspective. Do certain pieces draw attention or seem out of balance? Are items auspicious or yin-yang energy? Try to determine where there may be imbalances in furniture positioning, taking into account both color and style of the piece as well as its purpose.

Focus on Objects & Colors

Objects in your home can have great significance when arranging with Feng Shui principles in mind. Take into account objects that symbolize wealth, health, and happiness such as prosperity coins, plants, and pictures depicting family members smiling. Consider introducing glass elements onto tabletops or shelves for reflection along with lighter colors like yellow or white to promote feelings of greater peace within the space. Conversely, darker colors tend to create heavier vibes; opt for softer hues if possible.

  • Group similar shapes together including crystals and semicircles.
  • Large furniture should be located near walls while smaller pieces should maintain an inviting distance away.
  • Limit electronics usage and keep TV’s out of bedrooms.
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Maximizing Positive Energy in the Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which incorporates the natural energy of space and design to create a balanced environment. By applying Feng Shui principles, homeowners can create an atmosphere of harmony and well-being in their home. The objective of Feng Shui My House 2018 program is to maximize the positive energy that can be found within a home’s existing architecture, location and layout.


Homeowners should begin the Feng Shui process by decluttering and removing items from their home that no longer bring them joy or have sentimental value. Pay special attention to cupboards, state surfaces, hallways, closets and any other areas where objects may collect over time.

Aim to simplify your home as much as possible so that air can circulate freely throughout each room. Additionally, it is recommended to move large pieces of furniture away from walls to promote better circulation and adjust location if needed for improved feng shui flow.


Lighting plays a key role in creating balance within the home environment. Place plenty of light fixtures around each room for visual clarity and focus on warm colored tones such as coral or yellow for accent lighting; these provide warmth for family gatherings and nourish the soul while still being gentle on the eyes.

Ensure all lights are working properly and dust off bulbs periodically to refresh them. It is also beneficial to place mirrors in darker areas or corners as they reflect natural elements back into a room while uplifting energy levels within given spaces.


Choosing classic neutral colors like warm whites, creams or pastels will bring harmony into any living space while creating an inviting atmosphere too. Introducing bolder colors such as reds, greens, oranges or blues are advised but try not to overwhelm smaller rooms with this palette – keep hues subtle and use sparingly across each area instead.

Furthermore, pick up three prominent colors that will feature in every space across the house; this provides easy continuity through all sections without making any one particular zone look overly saturated with color variations.

2018 Feng Shui Trends & Predictions

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to bring balance to a home or office through the strategic placement of furniture, colors and objects. Every year, new Feng Shui trends emerge based on the energy of that year.

The Year of the Dog in 2018 is associated with the element earth, which means that it is a time for building foundations and improving stability. A variety of Feng Shui tips can be used to ensure balance and positive energy in a home in 2018.

One key way to maintain harmony in a home during the Year of the Dog is to attract good luck by incorporating wood into its design. Wood is the element associated with life and growth, so it will symbolically represent prosperity throughout the coming year.

One great tip here would be to introduce wooden furniture or pieces such as tables, chairs and cabinets into any interior space, particularly ones oriented towards wealth like an entrance hall or living room. Alternatively, natural elements such as plants can also channel positive energy into a home while promoting overall health if placed strategically around an energetic area such as near windowsill plants or a window box garden.

Another way homeowners can utilize Feng Shui’s energies for their benefit this year is by creating an inviting flow throughout their homes. This means ensuring items are moved out of high traffic areas like doorways and pathways to allow smooth movement through each space and streamline workflow between rooms.

Items should not be blocking doors either; this blocks positive energy from entering the area it surrounds. Pursue organizing existing furniture rather than buying new pieces, as adding too many new items that cannot fit well together can actually cause more chaos within a space than help enhance its flow – it’s all about finding harmony first before making changes secondarily.

In addition to creating an inviting flow, homeowners should strive to create personal calm spaces within their homes during 2018 with soft furnishings and accessories like plush rugs or cushions which allow us to unwind from any stressors we encounter in our daily lives easily after getting back from work each day (or maybe even midday).

Knick-knacks that reflect our personalities can serve as gentle reminders of why we need these special pockets of peace just for us every once in awhile too – nothing beats having something tangible yet calming visibly nearby when times get tough.

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