Feng Shui And Mirror Placement

## What is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice based on the belief that the arrangement of individuals’ living environment can affect their lives. It involves the proper placement of objects in order to create positive energy flow, health, and equilibrium in a home or office space.

## The Role of Mirrors in Feng Shui
In terms of the practice of Feng Shui, mirrors are used to increase the amount of light, energy, and space in a room. Placing mirrors strategically helps capture and move energy and shift the energies in a positive direction.

## How to Place Mirrors According to Feng Shui
In order to create positive energy flow, mirrors should be placed in certain areas and positions. Here are some guidelines for mirror placement according to Feng Shui:

* **Choose Positive View:** Choose an area of your room that exhibits something pleasing, such as a garden view or a view of the room’s main doors.

* **Opposite Walls:** Place the mirror on an opposite wall from the source of positive energy.

* **Avoid Placing the Mirrors Opposite Each Other:** Opposing mirrors create a reflective loop that can cause confusion and stress.

* **No Broken Mirrors:** Avoid placing broken mirrors in your space. Broken mirrors can create negative energy and cause misfortune.

* **Keep the Mirror Out of the Bedroom:** Mirrors and Feng Shui don’t mix in bedrooms. Mirrors should be kept outside the bedroom in order to avoid associated negative energies, like insomnia.

## Benefits of Correct Mirror Placement
The placement of mirrors according to Feng Shui principles can bring a number of benefits to an individual, such as:

Inspired Living Feng Shui

* **Balance:** Mirrors create a balance of energy in a space, and can help create harmony between spaces and even between people.

* **Increase in Light:** The additional reflective surface provided by the mirrors reflects additional light into dark corners of the room.

* **Amplify Visual Space:** Mirrors make a room appear larger and can amplify visual space, giving the space a feeling of luxury and grandeur.

By properly utilizing the ancient art of Feng Shui, you can create positive energy flow in a space and greater balance in your life. The combination of positive energy and proper mirror placement can bring harmony and abundance into your life.

What type of mirror is appropriate for feng shui?

The best type of mirror to use in a feng shui setup is a round or oval-shaped mirror with a beveled edge. These types of mirrors are believed to bring energy and goodwill into your space. Avoid using harshly-shaped mirrors such as square or rectangular as they are believed to create negative energy.

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